25 Jubin Nautiyal Songs To Play, Cherish And Get Wet In Love

Jan 3, 2021 4 min read

The moment you listen to any of Jubin Nautiyal songs, you make yourself calm and composed from the hustle of your life and drown yourself in the heartfelt voice of Jubin Nautiyal. Jubin Nautiyal is an Indian playback singer, songwriter, music composer, and music director. He was born on 14 June 1989 (age 31 years; as of 2020) in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, India.

If you are searching for the best of Jubin Nautiyal songs, then just pause your hunt and dive into the Jubin Nautiyal songs list given below.

1. Tum Hi Aana

Jubin nautiyal songs are always full of layers of emotion. This song has the emotion of being away from the loved ones, the emotion of reunion and that of helplessness.

2. Dil Chahte Ho Ya

This gem from Jubin nautiyal songs list is just perfect to express the lover's deep emotions and devotion towards his counterpart.

3. Kinna Sona

It would be a great sin to not add this number in Jubin Nautiyal songs list. The music is upright addictive and leaves us wanting for more.

4. Tujhe Kitna Chahein Aur Hum

This masterpiece of Jubin Nautiyal songs evokes the accurate emotion of love and longing being picturized in the movie Kabir Singh.

5. Lo Safar

This musical track from Jubin Nautiyal songs list is an absolute pierce to one's heart by equating the phase of being in love with an amazing journey.

6. Dil Jaaniye

This number of Jubin Nautiyal songs is not only blessed with the soulful voice but also with a heart touching music to make you dream about your loved ones.

7. Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata

This musical track among Jubin Nautiyal songs perfectly resonates with the eagerness of knowing about the uncertainty of life in this chaotic world.

8. Phir Mulaqaat

This hymn among Jubin Nautiyal songs is about the heart in true love, which always hopes to meet the loved one even in the hard times.

9. Kaabil Hoon

This title track from the movie 'Kaabil' is a happy number from Jubin Nautiyal songs list, which can be played in your car during a long drive with your counterpart. Try it once!

10. Boond Boond

A refreshing number among Jubin Nautiyal songs makes you cherish every drop of rain and creates a magic to fall in love once again.

11. Tu Itni Khubsurat Hai

If you have not expressed your deep feelings for your lover's beauty till now, this one from Jubin Nautiyal songs list may help you to do so. Go for it, they will love it for sure!

12. Meri Aashiqui

It is very rare for any remake to give you the same harmony to your ears like the original one, but this number from Jubin Nautiyal songs list will for sure make a special place in your favorite playlist.

13. Gazab Ka Hai Din

This sound track from Jubin Nautiyal songs list came as a breath of fresh air from all the remakes that were being thrown to us.

14. Taaron Ke Sheher

Well, this number from Jubin Nautiyal songs list can never be left only at a single listen. It's guaranteed that you will come back for more.

15. Bewafa Tera Masoom Chehra

The pain of all the broken hearts has been beautifully voiced in this song, which ironically can make you forget your sorrow and can make you nod your head on the terrific music.

16. Nayan

Jubin Nautiyal songs has always a special soothing effect to our hearts everytime you listen them

17. Humnava Mere

This masterpiece from Jubin Nautiyal songs list will surely give you goosebumps everytime you hear it.

18. Phir Chala

This song is a musical remorse of a lover in pain which can be deeply felt by all the broken hearts.

19. Ankh Lad Jaave

A dance number among the Jubin Nautiyal songs which can be played in all your parties to rock the dance floor!

20. The Humma Song

A golden remembrance with the cool breeze of this remake can make you tap your feet on its terrific beats.

21. Pyaar Toh Tha Tab

This song makes you realize that one can never be extremely sure or unsure about the duration of togetherness, but love always prevails in our heart till life.

22. Baawra Mann

A happy song of Jubin Nautiyal, which can make your mood refreshed just by plugging in your earphones and playing it on.

23. Bezubaan Kab Se

This song inspires us to stand for our dreams and go beyond the stars to prove ourselves right even in adversities.

24. Meri Tum Ho

The sweet feeling of possession is actually the choco chips in the cookies of love relationship, which has been musically expressed here in this song.

25. Aatishbaazi

A rocking number from Jubin Nautiyal songs list can make your house party rock on the top if you play it with your friends and dance along.

Unfathomable! We hope that Jubin Nautiyal songs list must have tranquilized your search for the best of Jubin Nautiyal songs. Get your playlist prepared with Jubin Nautiyal songs not only to dedicate to your loved ones but also for yourself so as to listen them in your leisure time and set yourself free in the breeze of love and warmth.

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