It'S The Strength Of An Individual To Create His Abilities.

Finding the strength within yourself.

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It’s the people around someone that creates the cancer that lives within the person, the person is subject to illness others may induce through mental ability.

The person himself is separating himself from the eyes of others, then the body will manage to overcome anything it desires.

It’s only when there’s a combination of your mind and others minds that can damage the body, after that it’s your own strength that can overcome any scenario through the direct connection of the body and mind, not surrounded by anyone and if you give your dog away to someone who doesn’t see the cancer in him, then the cancer will just fall away and the new owners will get such huge pride knowing they healed the dog and you’ll be rewarded for doing so by getting a dog that makes you feel like a stronger woman.

Sometimes you gotta reach out to others to find their strengths because by yourself you’ll only create the life you create through your thoughts, if your thoughts aren’t clear, then your life won’t be clear and it only takes changing something.

The seek of the man should always be to find his limiting factors, then turn them into the strength.

The aim should always be to find new ways to speak to yourself, because when you speak from the same tone of voice and the same thoughts, you produce nothing new that insights you to want to change your tone you use with yourself, but the changing of tone only happens in 3 ways.

1 is you have to find emotions that drive your tone.

2 you can create endurance through mental ability.

3 you can create endurance through physical ability.

These are the three fundamental factors in a human being changing the tone he uses with himself and in doing so, creates change within his life that draw a new picture for thy.

The capacity for any of these three traits requires a want stronger than the want for opposite.

The understanding of this is equal to north and south on a magnet and the drive a person would need to create within himself would be equivalent to pulling yourself from North Pole, to South Pole. Now you have to understand that the fact you’re held onto this magnet, that is your magnetic pull towards life that is in every form of thing you do or are pulled to, so each want have, like eating certain things or doing certain activities, well these are all magnets. If you can pull as many of these out your life so that you can create pull towards new things, because the pull of the magnet is strong always the same, it’s just your strengths you have that create you as a formed shape and it’s this shape that you are, which is held up by your strengths, this shape is connected to everything you do, so you can accept this and realise that the shape will always hold form as long as you possibly want, and it’s only the person who doesn’t keep to the form they want, that they let go and give in.

We just need to separate ourselves from everything we enjoy or like, long enough that we can completely reshape ourselves and then create a new life for ourselves through the newly formed shape that we become in our strive to become greater than we know because we taught ourselves more than we believed we would know, then by standing with this formula, we continue to grow because like anything that has life, it has the ability to grow at the pace it can imagine.

A Chinese bamboo plant takes 5 years of constant care for it to believe in itself before it breaches the soil, but when it does, it grows at 90 feet a month.

That’s the key factor in everything, life is lived through the mind and it’s our mind that creates our experiences for those around us and we have the ability within ourselves to manifest ill health on others we know well, only those we know well, but it isn’t our thought process that creates this, it’s our field of energy that creates this flow and our field
Of energy is created by our true wants, we hardly ever tell ourselves about our true wants because they are always out of reach, because we don’t tell ourselves what we truly want, we instead saturate our lives with the things we know and these are created by the surroundings we surround ourselves with. Telling yourself what you truly want, takes achieving the three fundamental rules I spoke of in the prior chapter.

Endurance is the main factor of any solution, it’s only when you endure the course that you acquire the strength/reward.

Endurance is the capital to every country, endurance is the boarder of a country and endurance is the heart of a country.

We can use the first rule to bridge the gap between rule 2 and 3.

Emotion can create the bridge between endurance, so that an individual can move with more strength towards the endurance he needs, so that he may find greater strengths within himself that lead him up his mountains and build his values to greatness.

This is inspiration for writing.

Thanks for reading.


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