It'S Day 3

Keep it up.... you are doing amazing

Mahima Bachani

6 months ago|1 min read


Wowowo!!! It's day 3 of the new year 2022. I hope you might be following your resolutions religiously. Hahahaha... don't mind if you followed them only for one or two days only... I didn't even try to make a list of my new year's resolutions.

Because I was keen to keep this year quite natural and just go with the flow. Just like the water flows in the river, similarly, I want to flow with the year. I know, I know to achieve something we need planning, strategy, and organized way of discipline and determination. But what's the meaning of living a scripted life just like the show Big Boss a scripted reality show.

Life is unpredictable my friends. No, No. I'm not influencing you to not make plans or discipline. Discipline is the key to success, but if you truly want to live the life, feel the life, experience the life then you must go with the flow and be ready to face every phase strongly. Because the universe won't work according to your plans and strategies. You can surely make people work according to your plans but not the universe. Because when a plan fails, not only the plan fails but with it, the person behind it fails, the ambitions fail, the hard work fails, the determination and aspirations fail. The boat starts sinking in the water. Some things are beyond our power we can only create the script, but the work of creating the movie is of the universe.

It'S Day 3 | 2022

Make plans, strategies, create discipline, and be determined but in this process don't forget to be flexible to changes of universe. Because ultimately change is inevitable and necessary. Be a dynamic personality. Pitch your plan to the universe and allow constructive feedback, then see the magic happen with you and within you. And most importantly Trust The Process.


Mahima Bachani

Hi, I'm Mahima Bachani. I am a human full of positive vibe, enthusiasm, and kindness. With a smile on my Face, I go through every phase of the Life's Race.



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