It Cries A Little, Sobs A Little, Weeps A Little

Teardrops of Heart

Pratyusha Biswas

11 months ago|1 min read


A poem is the best form of expressing your unsaid feelings. Love, sorry, joy, anything! Literally, anything can be beautifully expressed through a poem.

So here's a small composition by me.

It Cries A Little, Sobs A Little, Weeps A Little by Pratyusha Biswas

Under the broken roof
Where it sits still,

Tries to snitch the happiness
Away, but in vain.

They all try to burn
It out,

Not knowing that it's
Already into ashes,

It cries a little, sobs
A little, weeps a little.


The eyes are its mirror,
A friend indeed,

Whenever it's alone, they
Connect to it, reflecting

Every piece, but
No one catches the
Reflection though.


The days are warm,
The nights passed cold and

On the summer nights she
Thinks with it,

How the good days left
Trails behind

Kissing goodbye to it
When they both were into

The depth of the
Human World,

And now they are heading
Ahead following the trails,
Leaving all behind.


Fewer words shadowed more feelings,
Tell to no one, but keep it

A secret.
What if they try to

Ruin it again? What will
They do then?

Fears surrounded
And being in one corner,

It cries a little, weeps
A little, sobs a little.

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