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Storytelling In Prose Poem

Victoria Mineva

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Life is a gamble that we do not always win. I looked for something, then left it in between.

Maniac stories for the topic of love always win. It’s not that exactly, it seems.

Valery met Kingston – she was proud he was her soulmate. But he didn’t share her alluring beliefs. Looking for twin flames is life’s preposition. Both lovers got physical, but not more than that. When Kingston had all, he wanted, Valery gave all that she had. In the end, they separated with various emotions in their hearts. One person wanted a partnership till the end of the time, but the other wanted just to have fun at the night. Different pages that seemed alike. It’s not that exactly, it seems.

Universe has a weird sense of humor. Giving a lover, then took it away from the other, leaving mirrors of shattered glass. Illuminations for the happy end of the love birds. Birds love flying with a different compass. One with another, not likely because it was just a bypass. It’s not that exactly, it seems.

So, there were Kingston and Valery Black. They met in virtuality, a beautiful world. Where they believed their fate was like those of the bards. The song was fulfilling, with a passionate romance. They wondered daily will their mutuality would have the pass to a better living. It’s not that exactly, it seems, Alas.

Both fowls become wanderers of the ceremonial farce. Kingston was in love, but not with Valery Black. She loved her knight deeply, protecting him with her might. In the end, she was the one leaving him because of her feelings of pride to be a woman that can bury the Dark light forgiving. It’s not exactly that, it seems.

Kingston was chilling – then he became cold as a stone speaking to his ex-thing of love with the formality of the tone. After the breakup, Kingston said that he felt neither good nor bad.

It proved that he put a knife in Valery’s back indifferently. The woman cried out. Why did God send her a lover, then take him back? He was never hers, in general. The bubble of mutual loving feels what was not adequate. Where is the beauty of love? It’s not exactly that, it seems.

Not all love stories have the happy ever into the sunsetting’s end. People do not always go to the beach hand in hand. Look at Kingston – he moved far away with his next, beautiful darling that made him forget the short-flaming Valery Black. Look at the woman – even she left, her heart was broken because she was made by the man she loved to go away for the better. Responsibility is in transfer to separate by the words of pardon for being hurt by his ways of cowardness. Is this bravery? It’s not exactly, it seems.

Time went by. Valery Black stopped to cry from the pain that had torn herself from inside. She wrote a notebook with all the pain and the screw from the past unrequited love story. She sometimes fantasies how things could be if Kingston gave her a chance to be his woman outside her sexuality. But that would not be the boy he seemed to be. The lack of audacity and the will for comfortability made him the rational man want to be. It’s not exactly that, it seems.

Sometimes Kingston wonders what if he was together with Valery, and when he wakes up with sexual infidelity. He has always wondered how could she love him for who he was in eternity. Did Kingston miss her? Lying next to his bride, he looked in the distance, searching for Valery’s sparkling eyes. Whenever she saw him, she smiled. But he made his decision and went out of Valery’s sight. Was that alright? Still, Kingston tried to speak with Valery aside. But things he wanted from her, he denied. Crawls of the empty feeling inside arose. Kingston thought he was good in his comfortable home. It’s not exactly that, it seems.

The way the stories in virtual dating lives, cannot be compared with true love’s bliss that flips between fingers of non-courageous fists that make people frugal. They have their fears lie in the unexpecting abyss of the unknown people that are like magnets toward each other but run away from the risks. So many romantic stories go deep down in the brain’s fixes, and persons stay real. It’s not exactly that, it seems.


Victoria Mineva

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