Is Monkeys Are Really Clever?

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It is around 3:30 pm , it is a cloudy day. Accidentally I am watching the movie “ 3 Monkeys” at this time. First lets describe the house. There are some steps to go on the roof and in the middle there is one door. Actually what happens on that day , this door is opened slowly slowly monkey came at the last step there is some roasted chickpeas were kept on the newspaper. Monkey came and by luck he found this paper with roasted chickpeas and he started eating these roasted chickpeas. I watched this for 2 minutes . I really like the way he was eating . He pick up the roasted chickpeas one by one , and then he smelled and see that whether it is good or not , and then he eat. This is actually amazing scene and this put the small smile on my face. After 2 minutes of watch i stand and take a stick in hand and then move forward to that monkey , actually monkey thought at this time “these roasted chickpeas are kept on paper if i take this paper along with , i got all roasted chickpeas”.

So in a hurry he take the paper and run , and all the roasted chickpeas fall down on the surface and paper become empty , this really make me laughter for 5 mins , until this not stopped there , As Monkey reached the top of step , i saw monkey , monkey searching roasted chickpeas on paper , this makes too much laughter me.I can’t stopped my happiness for 10 mins.


I thought monkeys are clever, because to take all the roasted chickpeas he used mind he thought he can take whole paper along with him, but for large quantity opportunity he missed the small quantity opportunity (take small amount of chickpeas in the both hands ) .



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Don’t Miss the small opportunities of life for large opportunities because collection of small opportunities itself become a large opportunity. Think in this way if monkey take small amount of roasted chickpeas in hands , and he repeat the process 2–3 times to come and take which give him opportunity of all roasted chickpeas. But he missed the small opportunity in place of large opportunity.

There is no any agenda to harm animals and someone thoughts about animals . So don’t take personally.

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