Is It Enough?

Is it enough what I've done till now?



4 months ago|1 min read


How do I know what's done is enough. How can I know when to stop!

Why every day I feel like giving up thinking that it will never be enough.

Who should I go to, compare to, find peace in?

Someone who can tell me you don't need to run anymore or someone who will tell me the truth about running forever

I don't wanna have long expectations that there is one day.

A day that everything will be over, all the sufferings will go away.

But deep down I know there isn't a day like that, there will never be, till the time I'm alive.

We all know that & we keep on marching towards the end, waiting for that day which I don't know how we will remember or be able to feel, but we know it will be peaceful.

We keep on suffering to die in peace. Ain't that a bit funny?







A software developer who can quit at any moment.



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