21 Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Family During Quarantine

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Because of the coronavirus outbreak, people worldwide are trapped inside their homes. We've been isolated for more than two months and spend all of our time at home with our families. All the while, our hectic job schedules seldom enable us to take a break and spend meaningful time with our loved ones. However, because of the lockdown, we have plenty of opportunities to reconnect with our loved ones and create some memorable memories.

While you are quarantined at home due to the coronavirus epidemic, try not to spend all of your time staring at your smartphone. All the while, none of us realized how the smartphone was separating us and altering our relationships with our loved ones.

Forget about your phone for a bit, journey back in time, and relive those days. Make use of this opportunity to create beautiful memories with your loved ones, to revisit the days when you spent precious time with your family and played enjoyable games with your children. One advantage of the coronavirus outbreak is that you have time to spend with your family, which you should not waste.

If you can't think of any enjoyable games, here's a list of 21 fun, engaging indoor games that everyone in your family, whether kids or adults, will love playing. Continue reading.

Indoor Games

1. Tombola

This game is quite addicting! You won't be able to quit playing tombola once you start! Remember when a video of Delhi people playing the tambourine on their balconies went viral? There is no more excellent game than tombola when eliminating boredom. It's a great game that everyone enjoys.

Tambola is a type of number game (1-90). One player yells out the numbers from 1 to 90, and the other players mark those numbers on their tombola tickets. If you are searching for a cash reward game, sell all the tombola tickets for a specific price. Otherwise, you get prizes for all winners.

There are several winning points in the game, such as early 5, first row, second row, third row, temperature, corners, and whole-house, to name a few. Choose your winning points and have fun!

2. Word Wizard

Now, this is a terrific game to involve the youngsters in the family; it is an entertaining game that also aids in your child's vocabulary development. A dictionary, paper, and a pencil/pen are required for this game. Each player has the opportunity to read a word from the dictionary and ask the other players to write the definition of that word on their page. The person who receives the dictionary chooses a term they believe the other players are unfamiliar with. In this case, the definition that most closely fits or is near the time wins. The player with the most points wins the game.

3. Frozen

This is a delightful game! One of the players will play the music while facing the wall. All of the other members will be dancing to the music, and when the music stops, they must all freeze in that posture, no matter what. The one who fails to freeze their position loses and must now perform the music.

4. Name and location Animal Thing:

All you need to play this entertaining mind game is a sheet of paper and a pen. Separate your document into four sections: Name (1), Place (2), Animal (3), and Thing (4). (4). Now, one of the players will choose a letter at random for you, which you must write in all of the columns. This is a fun game for both children and adults alike. If you fill in the blanks with the correct answer, you get the point; else, you don't get anything. The player with the highest score will win the game.

5. There are Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is an oldie compared to today's indoor games, but there's always something intriguing about it. This game will kill boredom while the complete family is seated together. Make one person think about anything, whether it's an object, a person, or nothing at all. The rest of the family is given 20 questions to estimate what that individual is thinking about. Isn't it fascinating?

6. Dumb Charades is number six on the list.

It's a lot of fun to play the movie guessing game! The participants are not permitted to talk. Instead, they must act out the film's title using various gestures and body language. You may give the players the title of whatever movie you choose, and they must ensure that the rest of the squad understands it while acting. You may play a guessing game about books, famous people, or even TV series if you don't like movies.

7. Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi (King, Soldier, Knight, and Thief): Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi (King, Soldier, Knight, and Thief):

This is a four-player game that you must try! Make four chits and write the following four names: Raja, Mantri, Chor, and Sipahi. These chits should be shaken and thrown. The one who obtains the Raja is safe. The Mantri must figure out who the chor is. If his guess is correct, he wins!

8. Let's Play Pictionary

Pictionary is a fun mind game in which you must guess the correct word from a picture drawn by a player on the other team. Divide your family into two groups or have each family member create an image of anything on a piece of paper or aboard, and then guess! The team or person that answers the word accurately wins the game!

9. Card Game: Your deck of cards may be used to play various exciting card games. Everyone enjoys the card game, and it is a great way to spend time. There are no set rules for this game, and anybody may play it in the family up to a maximum of two people. Rummy, teen Patti, patte pe Patta, satti paan, and blackjack are just a few of the games available.

10. Passing The Pillow:

Do you remember how the enormous family in the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun played this entertaining game? Make a circle for everyone to sit in. One individual takes a position against the wall and begins to play music. Begin passing the pillow around the rings as soon as the music starts. When the music is turned off, the player with the pad must follow the instructions of the other players.

11. Recognize the Sound

Guessing games are usually entertaining, and this one is no exception! You must gather some sound-making objects in this game. Please place them in a box and blindfold all of the participants. The thing will be made into a sound by one player, who will then ask the other players to guess. Blindfolded participants must guess the object, and the first one wins the round. Carry on with the rest of the things.

12. I Went Shopping

This is a fun memory game to play with your kids. The game's object is for the participants to recall what they bought. The game begins with the first player stating, "I went shopping and got a ___," (they may say anything, such as chocolate), followed by the other player replying, "I went shopping and bought (name of the first player's item) and then another item purchased by them." Any player who forgets the objects in between will be eliminated from the game. The game is won if the last participant recalls all of the things.

13. Make Your Balance Beam

Use this time to help your youngster develop their balance skills. Learning how to balance might help your child avoid being hurt while playing. You may also encourage children to practice balance at home. Make a straight line in the living room with tape. Ask your youngster to step across the video, one foot over the other. You can also instruct your youngster to walk in the other direction.

14. Get Involved With The-Dots

I recall playing this game the last time I was in school. The game's exciting feature is that your single line may determine whether you win or lose. You need a piece of paper and a pen. Draw distant dots across the page, then unite them to form a box. The player will win if he has the most boxes.

15. 4 Papers

This guessing game will also be a hit with your kids! Choose a category, such as movie titles or famous people's names. Make four paper chits for each player now. On these chits, they will write the name of the celebrity or the film's title and then collect them in a bowl—form two groups, with one player from each group coming forward to choose a chit. The player will have to explain what is written on the chit to the opposing party. During the game, the player is unable to make any sound. This process continues until all of the papers have been completed. The team with the correct guesses wins the game.

16. Simon Says

You've been missing out on something if you haven't played this classic game! As a result, one of the participants takes on the role of Simon. All of the other players are seated in a circle around him. Simon will direct you to do something, such as touching your nose. You must immediately follow Simon's instructions. You're out if you do something other than what Simon says. The team's Simon will deceive all players, causing them to become confused and do the wrong action. For the next round, the player left at the end of the game becomes Simon. It's all about being spontaneous in this game.

17. Treasure Hunting

If you are thinking to keep your kids entertained, this is a terrific game to play. Hide treats or money about the home and offer your children tips and cues to find them. You can conceal chocolate in their cereal box or beneath their bed, and they'll have to search for it.

18. Whisper in Chinese

This is an enjoyable and challenging game. First, Sit in a circle, and one person begins by whispering something into the person's ear next to them. Make use of lengthy sentences. This message must be repeated until it reaches the last recipient. It becomes more complicated when the sentence is long and intricate.

19. Musical Chairs

This game is ideal if you have a large joint family. So, if your family consists of ten people, place nine seats in your living room or on your patio. As the music begins, the participants begin to stroll around the chairs, and the player who does not acquire a chair is eliminated from the game. This continues until the final chair is occupied. The player who sits in the end chair will win the match. To make the game more enjoyable, you can issue a dare or a penalty to all players who continue to lose during the game.

20. Game of Blindfolds

Blindfold is an exciting and pleasant game to play if you have a large veranda or patio. This game is popular among children, and you may play it with them and have a good time. Blindfold one player and ask them to locate you using their other senses. It's a lot of fun when they run into things or even players in between. This is a basic blindfold game of hiding and seek, but the blindfold game may be played in various ways.

21. Indoor Bowling

Do you pray you could go to your favorite bowling alley? It's time to transform your house into a bowling alley. Play in your veranda or patio if you need some free space. Place empty bottles or cans on the table and strike them with a plastic or paper ball. You may stack these bottles on top of one another or keep them separate as you go about the room.

We hope that these entertaining activities not only help you get through the quarantine time but also help you create great memories with your loved ones! Don't forget to tidy your house in the meantime. To avoid any health issues, make sure your living place is disinfected. Throughout the day, keep washing your hands.

As you are free with your near ones in this scenario, the games to be played at home are mentioned. Make memories and spend time wisely with your guys!!


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