21 Standup Comedy Specials by Indian Comedians To Stream Right Now

Laugh until your stomach starts hurting!

Lakshita Gaur

Dec 9, 2020|6 min read


Humour is hard to find, but once found it is even harder to let itself replenish positive thoughts in you. Whenever we laugh, we feel a new energy in us and forget all the tensions of our life. It is rightly said, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

A good sense of humour is important not only to laugh for yourself but also to make others around you laugh. In this way, everyone can stay happy and healthy.

Keeping this social cause in mind, various Indian comedy shows have started airing. These shows give a nice dose of laughter to each and everyone of us, thereby they have gained popularity. We bring to you the list of Indian Comedy Specials that will not only work as medicine but will even lighten your mood!

Let us begin with the list of Indian comedy shows, which you can watch anytime and get your daily dose of laughter. 

1) Zakir Khan (Haq se Single - Amazon Prime)

This Indian Comedt Special Standup Show was immensely popular and was loved by the masses upon its release in 2017. The show captures India’s best Standup Comedian Zakir Khan sharing his experiences of heartbreak, singlehood trying to make every boy around him a Sakht Londa. This Indian comedy show is known for its relatable content and Zakir Khan's excellent deliver of anectodes.

2) Kanan Gill (Keep It Real - Amazon Prime)

This 1hr Comedy Special had everyone in splits. The topics chosen by the Indian Comedian were very relatable and revolved around the basic problem of every teenager that is “talking to parents !!” The Indian comedy show portrayed situations where we wish to say something else and convey something else. In this show, Kanan focused on keeping it real!

3) Biswa Kalyan Rath (Biswa Mast Aadmi - Amazon Prime)

This Indian Comic Special is by one of the best Indian Comedians, Biswa Kalyan Rath. He makes people laugh with his historical jokes on the audience sitting there and it is truly a mast show by a mast person! You'll enjoy his company in his very Indian comedy show.

4) Kenny Sebastian (Don’t be that Guy- Amazon Prime)

This Indian Comedy Special by Kenny Sebastian was released in the year 2017 and made records upon its release. The Indian Comedian narrated his experiences of life when he turned 26 and his funny experiences with his maids and the never-ending banter of a mother about a maid! Truly Indian incidents are brought to light in this Indian comedy special show.

5) Aditi Mittal (Things they won’t let me say)

Welcome the first Indian lady comedian with her own show in the list of Indian Comedy Specials. This girl is fearless and narrates the best trailblazing events in her life. She comes up with hilarious events from her past like wearing thongs and the high rated Bollywood Movies!

6) Varun Thakur (Vicky this side, Varun that side- Amazon Prime)

This is one of the best Comedy Specials featured on Amazon Prime in the year 2017 and made the audience fall in love with both the characters of Varun Thakur, one being the egoistic Vicky! The show was one hour long and Varun made both the characters enjoy the stage for half an hour each!

7) Vir Das (Abroad Understanding - Netflix)

In this Indian Comedy Special show, Vir Das criticizes people who deteriorate nationalism, globalism, and bad politics comparing Newyork and Delhi. This Indian comedian made a direct connection with the audience and made people understand the correct things!

8) Sapan Verma (Obsessive Comedic Disorder - Amazon Prime)

Well, OCD is not only known as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. You will know its other name when you watch this Indian Standup Comic Show by Sapan Verma. It will make you laugh hysterically and will fill you up with a humor disorder!

9) Sourabh Pant (My Dad thinks he is Funny - Amazon Prime)

Well, this Indian Comedian turned into a father when her wife decided to give birth to a baby rather than adopting a dog!! This Indian Comedy Special made everyone laugh and broke most of the records as it featured on Amazon Prime in the year 2017.

10) EIC (Outrage - Amazon Prime)

This is one of the most popular Indian Stand Up Comedy Specials which featured the whole EIC team, and they talk about the issues which surfaced in the year 2016. When you watch this show, you will not only know about the important raging issues but will also laugh your heart out when you look at them from a different angle!

11) Naveen Richard (Don’t make that Face - Amazon Prime)

This one-hour Stand Up Special show is available on Amazon Prime and Naveen Richard is here to make you tickle with his funny expressions and over-the-top humor which you have been looking for!

12) Naville Shah (What are you laughing at- Amazon Prime)

Okay, so this is the 10th comedy Special which premiered on Amazon Prime and Naville Shah took the comedy level to another standard with his amazing punchlines. The fun part of the event was, whenever he cracks a joke and sees someone laughing he asks the person “What are you laughing at?”.

13) Kanan Gill (Yours Sincerely - Netflix)

In this Indian Comedy Special, Kanan Gill revisits his letters which he wrote as a teenager stating his goals and aspirations in life. He reviews them and tells the audience if he has been able to fulfill his expectations or not! The way he delivers his dialogues makes the show more fun and released earlier this year!

14) Vir Das (Vir Das for India - Netflix)

You might have never watched an Indian Comedian talking about the Vedas to Vasco de Gama or the orthodox Bollywood Plotlines which people have been ignoring for the past few years. But, ding-dong here is a surprise for you in the form of this Indian Comic show by Vir Das, that released earlier this year!

15) Kenny Sebastian (The most interesting person in the room - Netflix)

We all know Kenny Sebastian for the past few years. The way he jokes pulls his parent's legs has often been seen in his live shows. That is the reason Kenny now feels he has lost his comic timing!! Well, Kenny, we are here to watch one of your best Standup Specials! Go watch this and cheer up Kenny!!

16) Rahul Subramanium (Kal Mai Udega - Amazon Prime)

Have you ever seen an Indian Comedian putting up a very bad dance show in front of his/her live audience? If not, then watch this one hour solo Indian Standup Comedy Show to hear the crazy head who puts forward his views on the least important topics, making it a hilarious watch!

17) Nishant Tanwar (Dilli se hu Bh****- Amazon Prime)

This 2018 fun Comedy Special premiered on Amazon Prime. The show witnessed Nishant Tanwar also known as everyone’s “Bhai”. He shared the hilarious events in his life featuring his dad, his brother, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s boyfriend!

18) Anirban Dasgupta (Take it Easy- Amazon Prime)

This is one of the best Indian Comedy Specials released in the year 2018 and revolved around the laws of India such as “Freedom of Expression” and dome of the frivolous cases which took place in his life. This was a black and white show and was loved by everyone!

19) Vir Das (Losing It - Netflix)

This Standup Special by Vir Das was released in 2018. In this special show, the Indian Comedian is seen narrating his journey through Africa, India, America, and various religions that he encountered during his travel! The show made the audience laugh out loud throughout its run.

20) Zakir Khan (Kaksha Gyarvi - Amazon Prime)

What is more fun than remembering the events of your childhood or especially the school you studied in, or the bench you carved your name on! Zakir Khan is back to fill you up with laughter with his Indian standup comedy special where he tells us tales from his childhood and his boy’s school!

21) Queens of Comedy (Netflix)

This is a Indian standup comedy special featuring eight women, where all of them crack the funniest jokes of all times and try their best to defeat the others to win the title of India’s topmost female Comedian.

Have a look at all of these Indian standup comedy shows and make your boredom go away in just a few hours! Don't forget to grab your favorite snacks while watching it and make it the best evening of 2020.

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