45 Best Standup Indian Comedian Who Made Us Laugh Louder

Kyunki hasna bhi zaroori hai.

Hosanna Balwani

Mar 5, 2021|9 min read


Standup comedy is an art form in which a comedian performs on a live platform and nowadays digital too. Recently we have seen the rise of many Indian stand-up comedians. Besides venting out their frustration, these Indian stand-up comedians ensure their content is relatable enough to make the audience laugh.

Indian Standup Comedians
Indian Standup Comedians

Needless to say, the stand-up culture has gained the upside pretty quickly. Comedy content is available on almost every platform and these videos or comedy shows are like fire that caught wind. 

But before we begin, two things that you have to know no matter what are- first, try not to jokes personally and secondly, forget everything while watching these and simply just laugh.

The Indian stand-up comedians are a treasure of artists and if you want to laugh hard for just no reason, these stand-up comics come out as the savior. Given below are the top Indian stand-up comics that will make your day a hundred percent happy:-

1. Zakir Khan- “The Sakht Launda”

‘Badal bohot important hai’

From judging a comedy to show to becoming one of the most trending standup comedians of the nation, this guy has covered it all. He is one of the most hilarious and amazing comedians and also, a bit bias towards quote-unquote single guys. The 'Sakht Launda' is one name you cannot forget while talking of the Indian stand-up comics.

2. Abhishek Upamanyu

‘Main kya karu, job chhod du phir’

A part of numerous memes, this is another extremely talented comedian. Abhishek Upmanyu knows exactly how to keep you on the edge of your chairs and make you laugh until you actually roll down laughing.

3. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Hum log balloon se nahi khelte

This comic is from Kolkata and is known for his uncommon Hindi-Bengali accent. But no matter how he speaks or what he is famous for, one thing which is sure is that he can make you laugh with his in-sync body movements and jokes.

4. Kanan Gill

‘Focus on your education. Be more like me.’

Whether you call him the guy who got robbed or the guy who needs to be reminded to drink water, he will still stay as funny as he always was.

5. Kenny Sebastian

‘Shoes. What a word.’

Kenny Sebastian knows how to make you laugh in a way you might have forgotten. And to be honest it does not take a lot for example just by saying the word ‘chappal’ he made an entire room of people laugh in a comedy special. I mean….

6. Abish Mathew

‘The city planner of Noida was a big fan of sudoku’

From hosting comedy shows to actual stand-up comedies Abish Mathew is a real jewel. His recent show (son of Abish) with collaboration with Netflix includes his witty comedy with interviews of many celebrities and is a must-watch.

7. Aditi Mittal

‘I don’t like any picture I take’

One of the most natural and funny comedians, this girl knows how to present problems in a manner that will make you laugh even though you are facing it too.

8. Neeti Palta

'And they think it's okay to get personal…'

One of the most open and top favorite comics is Neeti Palta. She knows how to work up the crowd and how to hit the joke exactly at the bulls-eye.

9. Rahul Subramanian

‘Because they have subtitles…’
He is one of the most interesting Indian stand-up comedians and is a must-watch recommendation from my side.

10. Anubhav Singh Bassi

‘Bahut zyada’

This lawyer slash comedian is definitely one of my personal favorites but one thing which is really different about this comic is that he has a life that is so interesting that it makes him and us laugh.

11. Vir Das

‘It is like an edible Mumbai road’

This comic and actor, Vir Das, is absolutely hilarious. He can be spotted in his various Netflix specials each one of which can get you hooked to the screen. 

12. Sumukhi Suresh

‘Hai hai!’

This comic has the ability to and will question each and everything even if that comes to your identity. Just Kidding, but she is definitely a comic you should see.

13. Amit Tandon

‘Mujhe love marriage waale log acche bhi nhi lagte’

This guy has the talent to make you laugh with just his words i.e. no expressions, accent or anything just words and that is it.

14. Vipul Goel

‘Itna bada issue kyun bana hua hai yaar’

Your daily life problems usually make you sad but when heard via this comic they can make you laugh so hard that you might forget about them for a while.

15. Nishant Suri

‘Vo anti-kidnapping squad mein tha’

This comic is so well aware of the jokes that his audience needs no matter what their moods.

16. Tanmay Bhat

‘They are holding nonviolent protests!’

This comedian has been seen up on stage a lot of times and can currently be seen virtually on youtube channels like Netflix and AIB. Also, for people who like to see gaming content, this guy is the perfect fit.

17. Atul Khatri

‘What a drop’

You know how we narrate our incidents to either our friends, family, or somebody else. That is kind of what happens here but with a major difference in the same process, this stand-up comedian makes us laugh which is not what happens in the regular ones.

18. Sapan Verma

‘He never gets the context right’

Another comic which if once heard will make you stick to your phone or computer screens which is why you must listen to at least one of his standups.

19. Daniel Fernandes

‘You guys are amazing! You are the best!’

To be completely honest, this comic takes up issues that are a bit deep and meaningful and then digs them up to their roots but that absolutely does not mean he can't make you laugh.

20. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

‘Javed Akhtar ko beat karde ye’

This famous stand-up comedian has a whole set of opinions that you need to hear before forming an opinion of your about any and everything. And if you have seen all his comedies one thing you will know is that how much he hates ‘Aloo Vadi’.

21. Sorabh Pant

‘Arranged love mirage’

This stand-up comedian knows how to narrate everything with the most on-point and appropriate expressions. I think he knows what you are thinking and keeping that in mind he gives expressions and plans. Although, I hope you know that’s not true!

22. Varun Thakur

‘Just call me tom, it’s okay’

This comedian has some serious takes but not that serious that you won’t laugh. My recommendation would be to check out his amazon special because it is the mast and a must.

23. Urooj Ashfaq

‘I am always relationship’

Urooj Ashfaq is another talented stand-up comedian who has mastered playing with her expressions. And if you carefully pay attention all her standup are somewhat relatable to everyone.

24. Anirban Dasgupta

‘So, I pause I get a sherwani, and then I resume’ 

A stand-up comedian who has jokes to actually die for well, not literally though

25. Vaibhav Sethia

‘Kya had boring hota hai shaadi karna’

If you want to cry real hard this is the comedian you need to watch, not because he makes you cry but because he makes you laugh so much that you actually start getting tears in your eyes.

26. Sahil Shah

‘And I felt a tremor…’

The only words I have to say for this Indian standup comedian is that he is absolutely hilarious. And each and every line of his is completely relatable in one way or the other.

27. Nishant Tanwar

‘Door se dekh kar thodi pata chalta hai’

This comic knows how to irritate every damn person around him except his audience and that is what is so damn funny.

28. Naveen Richard

‘Dude your internet is damn slow dude’

If you ever just wanna hear jokes about anything and everything this is the perfect standup comedian you need to watch.

29. Rahul Dua

‘Petrol pump par hawa bharwa ne ke baad…..’

This comedian participated in the amazon comedy special Comicstaan. He has a very distinct comedy style but he can definitely make you laugh your heart out.

30. Aishwarya Mohanraj

‘You know the butterflies in your stomach’

Another comedian graduated from the Comicstaan school. Just Kidding. But this comedian is a must-watch and as a stand-up comedy fan myself, I recommend it to each and every one.  

31. Prashasti Singh

‘True love is guaranteed’

From the real-life jokes to the made-up ones, each and every one of them hits differently to a particular individual.

32. Shreeja Chaturvedi

‘I take it as a signal…’

This particular comedian takes you to another level with her comic skills. I don’t know about you but I still love watching all of her performances from Comicstaan and each joke still hits like fresh ones.

33. Joel D'Souza

‘Main phek dunga…..’

This comic will make you laugh so hard that you will be rolling on the floor before the stand-up actually ends.

34. Rohan Gujral

‘Zameen ke andar se metro hee nikaal diya’
Just to add some flavor to his absolutely hilarious jokes this comedian has expressions that are more than just spot on.

35. Aakash Gupta

‘Rahul, Akshay, Shampoo’ 
You can watch this comedian over and over but his jokes will never seem like they are old.

36. Samay Raina

‘Koi bhi pighal jaata matlab koi bhi’

If you have never heard of a stand-up comedy before, this is the absolutely perfect comedian to start with. This Comicstaan winner can definitely make you laugh harder than ever before.

37. Raunaq Rajani

‘But i can't take him seriously…’

If you are looking for a comedian who builds up to his last joke from the beginning of his videos, then this is the comedian you have to watch.

38. Angad Singh Ranyal

‘Title ka font acha nahi lag raha tha’

This stand-up comedian has some really high-quality content you just have to keep paying attention and keep laughing

39. Ashish Shakya

‘Room full of losers, nice!’

This stand-up comedian has some honest opinions that you need to hear right the hell now. And also, they will make you laugh more than a hundred percent.

40. Kautuk Srivastava

‘Of course!’

The only word I can think of after/while listening to his stand-up comedy is Hilarious. He is a great comic but he also knows how to bring his jokes to life which makes him an amazing performer.

41. Neville Shah

‘They are just so happy all the time. why?’

If not for comedy, then for description skills you have to watch the videos and specials of this Indian stand-up comedian. He really has the skills to literally lure people towards his comedy.

42. Kaneez Surkha

‘Now other accents waali annoy me’

This comedian has a distinct style which is making jokes about herself and then laughing on the stage with the audience on herself. Distinct, discrete, or something else, huh?

43. Karunesh Talwar

‘Usne bhajiye tal diye’

Whether it is the alien Jaadoo or a Master Chef contestant, no one can escape from becoming a part of this man’s great comedies. Like the other comics, he knows how to make you laugh but what he also knows is how to include everything within the given performance.

44. Rohan Joshi

‘8pm doorbell rings’

Making us laugh through his sad life stories is kind of the special power of this stand-up comedian.

45. Gursimran Khamba

‘Never dona a full blown tour’

This stand-up comedian is pretty underrated but to be honest he is very hilarious and will not fail to make you laugh.

This is pretty much all for this list of Indian stand-up comics, but that does not mean there are no more Indian comedians there. There are many more comedians who have the talent to make you laugh hard too, but these the some of our personal favorites. We also hope to see many more Indian comedians rising in the future.

However, if you are someone who has never heard of stand-up comedies, you are off to a great start. If you are having a bad day or maybe want to laugh really hard or just wanna watch something comic or comedy-related, you can always refer to this list. 

And as a fan of stand-up comedy myself, these great artists and comedians are literally a must-watch for each and every one of you.

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