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In this Western-dominated world, Indian clothing has a different place in people’s hearts. Indian clothing is not just about fabric types, styling, or appearance but also about wrapping and draping the cultural vibes and experimental ideas. 

For a long time, Indians have been choosing foreign brands over Indian brands because they perceive foreign brands as more classy and of better quality than Indian ones. But with time this perception is changing and a huge part of this change should be given to the “Make in India” campaign. Made in India, 

Made by Indians is a proud feeling that is making people around the world choose Indian brands for clothes. But at the same time, we should be at a top-notch level with our style and fashion sense to survive with top fashion cities of the world. Somewhere we are so close to being the one as Indian clothing is rapidly making a defined place in people’s hearts around the world. 

Many foreigners come here and take the colors of the Indian cultural style along with them. We have so many clothing brands that originated in India and are providing the best of the world to the apparel industry.

So, here is the list of the Best Indian brands for clothes that offer the true essence of style and culture at affordable prices-

1. Raymond

Raymond | Indian Brands For Clothes

The first on our list of best Indian brands for clothes is Raymond, the world’s finest suiting fabric brand. Since its incorporation in 1925, it has been the leading textile major. Raymond has around 1500 stores spread across 600 cities and around 20,000 outlets in India. It is also the biggest woolen fabric maker in India.

2. Siyaram

Siyaram | Indian Brands For Clothes

Mahaveer Prasad Poddar's venture ‘Siyaram’ is the next Indian brand for clothes to be mentioned here. Starting in 1978, Siyaram is known for being the best suited blended fabric all over the world. Siyaram has around 40,000 outlets across the country.

3. Arvind Mills

Formed in 1931, The Arvind Mill is the next Indian brand for clothes on our list. It is Lalbhai Group’s company. It is one of the oldest manufacturers in India. They produce Men’s wear and especially deal in cotton clothing.

4. Mufti

Mufti | Indian Brands For Clothes

The very next Indian brand for clothes on our list is ‘Mufti’. Founded by Kamal Khushlani in 1998, Mufti is a Mumbai-based brand that offers a variety of jeans, shirts, trousers, and many more for men and women. Mufti is best known for its wide range of jeans.

5. Killer

Killer is the next brand in the list of best Indian brands for clothes. ‘Killer’ is the initiative of Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited. It is the very first international denim brand created in India. Since its launch in 1989, it has been serving the best denim men’s wear.

6. Biba

The next on the list of Indian brands for clothes is ‘Biba’, a major leading ethnic wear brand for women and girls. With its incorporation in 1988 by Mrs. Meena Bindra has succeeded in making traditional attires for women for every occasion whether it is daily wear or festival and wedding.

7. Gini And Jony

The next one on the list of Indian brands for clothes is the kid's fashion brand ‘Gini and Jony’ which was incorporated almost three decades ago by the Lakhani brothers. It deals in kids' clothing and apparel and is currently present in 106 cities with almost 200+ exclusive stores.

8. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo | Indian Brands For Clothes

Monte Carlo is the next on our list of Indian brands for clothes. Monte Carlo was formed by Oswal woolen mills Ltd. Flagship Company of Nahar Group in 1984. They have expertise in woolen knitted garments along with shirts, jeans, trousers, tops, etc.

9. Flying Machine

Flying Machine is the next one on the list. Since its origin in India Flying Machine has maintained its premium quality and provided satisfaction to its customers. It was founded in 1980 and deals in clothing, footwear, and accessories.

10. W

Moving forward in the list of Indian brands for clothes is the brand ‘W’. The brand ‘W’ is a part of TCNS Clothing Pvt. Ltd. and was established in the year 2001 by the Osricha brothers. This brand aims to provide modern fashion to Indian women.

11. Anokhi Apparels

Let's move ahead with the unique brand ‘Anokhi’ as the name suggests. ‘Anokhi’ is a Rajasthan-based brand that provides hand-printed traditional Indian attire to its customers. It is far away from the glamorous shine of the fashion world but still succeeded in making women feel astonished.

12. Anavila

Anavila | Indian Brands For Clothes

The next one on the list of Indian brands for clothes is ‘Anavila’, founded by Anavila Mishra in 2011. It offers a wide range of Indian handloom sarees. Anavila is best known for linen sarees. They sell linen sarees across the globe.

13. Chumbak

Starting in 2011, Chumbak is the next one on the list of best Indian brands for clothes. It was established by Vivek Prabhakar and Shubhra Chadda and presently represents India with its unique and adorable apparel and home décor items.

14. Spykar

Moving next with the brand ‘Spykar’, one of the fastest-growing Indian brands for clothes. Since its launch in 1992 by Prasad Pabrekar, Spykar has been treating its customers with casual wear and hi-fashion denim.

15. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe | Indian Brands For Clothes

Another good Indian brand for clothes on our list is Louis Philippe. Louis Philippe is an initiative of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle and was founded in 1989. It provides luxury casual wear to its customers.

16. AND

AND design is the next on the list, founded by Anita Dongre, a well-known Indian fashion designer in 1995. It focuses on experimental international styling aligned with the Indian roots, and it makes it more appealing for its customers.

17. American Swan

Going ahead in the list with the online fashion brand ‘American Swan’, founded by Sanjiv Gupta, Puneet Johar, and Anurag Rajpal in Gurgaon. Since 2013 it has been providing the best of youth apparel and accessories.

18. Westside

Moving forward in the list of Indian brands for clothes is ‘Westside’. It was formed by Trent’ a part of The Tata Group in 1998. It offers an exclusive range of branded fashion apparel for men and women.

19. Belmonte

Belmonte | Indian Brands For Clothes

Belmonte is the next Indian brand for clothes on the list, it is the best youth men’s wear brand introduced by S. Kumars Nationwide Limited in 2006. Belmonte deals in suiting in wool blends such as wool-silk, wool cotton, etc.

20. Indian Terrain

The very next is Indian Terrain that came into existence by Venky Rajagopal. Venky aimed to provide the best and smart casual wear to men. It was established in 2009 after being demerged with its parent company.

21. Oxemberg

Owned and introduced by the best clothing brand ‘Siyaram’, Oxemberg is the next brand on the list. They provide casual and formal apparel for men and are best known for their top-class quality.

22. Park Avenue

Park Avenue | Indian Brands For Clothes

Continue ahead with this one ‘Park Avenue’. Owned by Raymond, Park Avenue is among the very first brands that offered a ready-wear range. Since 1986 it has been providing the best of the world clothing and it carries the trust of Raymond along with its name.

23. Provogue

Provogue | Indian Brands For Clothes

The Mumbai-based brand Provogue is the next Indian brand for clothes on the list. It was launched in 1998 and initially, it was dealing with only Men’s wear. Currently, Provogue is dealing in men’s and women’s fashion apparel and accessories.

24. Aurelia

The next on the list of Indian brands for clothes is the most leading affordable brand ‘Aurelia’. Aurelia is the initiative of TCSN clothing, that introduced ‘W’. In 2009 Aurelia was introduced as the hub of the most affordable and intriguing apparel for women.

25. Nor Black Nor White

Nor Black Nor White | Indian Brands For Clothes

Coming next is the ‘NBNW’, which is best known among youngsters since its formation in 2015 by Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar in New Delhi. The main motive of the founders is to design and promote Indian crafts to the world.

As our list has ended but Indian brands for clothes have not. India has so many unfolded layers to create magic in the fashion world. Go through all these brands to make your style and fashion on point. And of course, Made in India and Made by Indian is beyond beautiful.

So make your Indian aura aligned with the trend and style to be the best version in the fashion world. Till then happy surfing!

Do comment down your reviews on these Indian brands for clothes. Also, like and share this list of Indian brands for clothes. 

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