20 Reasons Why Education Is Important

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Niharika Chatterjee

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Education is an investment which you will never regret in your whole life. Gaining more and more knowledge will always be worth your time and effort. 

The importance of education cannot be measured, nor can it be summed up in one or two pages. Education plays an important role in our lives and thus it is one of the crucial parts of human beings. It not only benefits individuals but the nation as a whole.

Education Importance

Education not only implies being qualified and getting a degree, but it speaks by our manners and the way we treat others in our society. Let us know some of the basic and the most important reasons as to why education is important and these are-

1. Builds our character

Imparting moral values is the utmost function of education. Building moral values in children will help in building their character and ultimately developing their society. The right attitude towards your life will make you grow and the right attitude only comes through education.

2. Provides knowledge

The importance of education lies in providing us with an endless amount of information be it social, economic, political, cultural, etc. It gives you a new perspective to look at the world and form your own views and opinions. It imparts knowledge that is very necessary for your existence.

3. Stables your life

Education provides stability in your life by providing you with the knowledge and skills required to live a happy and wonderful life. It gives essence to your existence and adds meaning to your life.

4. Financial support

The importance of Education cannot be fully looked into without discussing this point. Education gives you financial support. It makes you self-dependent. In today’s world being financially independent is very important be it of any gender, caste, creed, or religion. Being independent, you will be able to live on your own terms and choices and escape being a slave to anybody.

5. Grants confidence

Education bestows upon you the confidence with which you can express your own opinions and face the world. Confidence is the most important attire in this world to put up each and every day and in every damn situation.

6. Awareness

The importance of Education consists of delivering us with all types of awareness be it social, political, cultural, historical, etc. Awareness about each and everything happening around us gives us a new perspective to look at our society and its problems. We become capable citizens of our country who can distinguish the flaws or the advantages of society.

7. Provides us with skills

Acquiring skills and having expertise in it will always give you an upper hand in your career prospects. Education involves acquiring different skills and developing them since childhood be it drawing, painting, dancing, coding, etc.

8. Economic growth on a national level

Education not only develops people as a part but the nation as a whole. Educating more and more people increases employment opportunities and ultimately leads to the economic growth of a nation.

9. Impacts productivity

The importance of Education can be seen on a nation’s productivity graph. Educating more and more people will lead to an increase in productivity of society as they will combine the labor and capital force to increase the productivity/outcome with the help of the same input.

10. Helps in taking care of our body

Education helps us understand the value of our bodies. It makes us aware of a balanced diet and various methods in order to keep our bodies healthy. Good health is a necessity for our individual growth as well as progress on a national level. Therefore, in order to be physically fit and active, we need to be educated as that is the only source through which you will be able to learn about essential elements to run your body in a more productive way.

11. Controls population

Sex education holds the greatest importance in today’s world. It creates awareness among people about birth complications, mother and child’s health, infertility, various contraceptives and protection used to control population, various diseases spreading through physical relationships, etc.

12. Ensure mental health

Mental health is an inarguably important aspect of education. Education is important for our holistic development, which is incomplete without sound mental health. Education ensures sound mental health which is very much needed not only on an individual basis but as a society as a whole.

13. Get to know oneself

The importance of education lies in knowing and understanding oneself. Knowing our deeper self, our flaws, goodnesses, multiple talents, etc. is the best thing in the world. Channeling our inner thoughts into actions for better results is what education teaches us.

14. Peace

From a bird’s eye view, education is the only weapon that can provide peace universally. Education teaches us humanity and kindness which is much needed in this generation where wars and weapons have become common and where humanity is at stake.

15. Promotes innovation and creativity

Education promotes innovation and creativity on a whole different level. Our mind can only work with its full potential when it is replete with knowledge and diverse information.

16. Abandons conservative thoughts

Conservative and orthodox beliefs are unseen obstacles of our society, without which our nation can progress at a much faster rate. Education helps in ceasing conservative thoughts prevailing in our society.

17. Promotes growth of the suppressed classes

Education provides us with immense knowledge, through which we do better for our society. We understand the significance of every human being and thus treat them with respect. With knowledge comes freedom, ignited minds, by which we understand the rights of every citizen, leading to the growth of suppressed classes of the society.

18. Protects you

The importance of education can be measured not only by your lifestyle or assets etc, but it also protects you from many dangerous situations. Like if you know how to read and write, you will be able to distinguish between right and wrong and will be able to get out of any kind of touch circumstances by thinking logically and practically.

19. Helps in communication

Education helps in learning different languages which provides us a platform or you can say it is a source by which we are able to communicate with each other. We have evolved and developed so much only because of our communicative skills.

20. Helps in making a great career

The importance of education can be seen from the fact that it helps us in choosing our own desired career paths and live a happy and peaceful life afterward.

As I said earlier, there is ‘n’ number of importance of education and it is such a deep and vast topic of debate and discussion. Education is the only key to progress, without which we are useless. 

Great leaders have understood the value of education and have propagated to make education compulsory to all, irrespective of their gender, caste, community, and religion. Education is the only source through which we can attain great heights and cease all conservative beliefs of our society leading to a happy and peaceful world.


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