If No Heart Would Be In Chest..

Living without heart only with brain...



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Pumping heart or working brain...

If no heart would be in chest,

What would happen in this life.

If only brain would be the rest.

What the situation would be that,

Where there would be no emotion no feeling

Only imagination and thinking.

No entry way would be for gaiety,

There would be no cry, laugh, joy, fun,

Whatever would be, would be created by creativity.

There would be no meaning of anxiety.

There would be no existence of timidity.

What there would be, would be of artistry.

There would be no confusion,

There would be no compulsion,

Whatever would be, would be natural or by own mistake.

No wish, desire, demand, dream would be,

No glee, feel, guilty, satisfaction would be.

Whatever would be so-called would be.

No one would know about word love,

No one would pass from heaven - hell,

It would be, happen'd, okay, let's move,

No detachment or enthusiasm of present.

No optimism or pessimism of future.

No merriment or depression of past.

What would be, all is what is thought.

Without heart in the chest,

What's the use of rib-cage,

And without it what's the use of rest.

Brain does the great work.

What's great without the sake,

What's it's use without heart work.

Without both life is fake.

. . .

Special thanks to Nishi rana (happy bird)

My friend for giving such great idea to write this poem.




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