If Felt Like You Were The One!


Ahana chakraborty

4 months ago|1 min read


That day we last met, I wanted to hug you and cry so badly. I wish I could ask you to stay.

It took me time to realize that you aren't my person anymore. Maybe you never were. I was living in a delusion. Whatever it was, I never thought seeing you walk away would hurt so much. So much that I could not speak a word.

For several days it felt like someone took away my reasons to breathe and smile.

I wonder why couldn't you say even after I loved you with my whole heart. Days have passed and I haven't been any better. My own thoughts are eating me alive. I don't want to continue to live like this anymore, at least I don't deserve to.

A time came where I could not accept the fact that you abandoned me. Yes it's still a hard pill for me to swallow. I have learned to live with this fact.

I haven't smiled properly since then. But I wish you're happy. I don't hate you and I never will. I forgive you without you apologizing to me .

In life I want to see you suceed even more than me. But my love when it comes to love ,I hope you fall as deep as I did.



Hi, I'm Ahana chakraborty.



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