I Know You Love Me More Than I Do

A Rhyming Way to apologize.

Vartika Srivastava

7 months ago|1 min read


Apologizing is the only way come close to the Supreme Power, for He loves people who accept their mistake to their loved ones and choose to put things in place in order to make things work.

Relationships run smoothly on the golden wheels of honesty, humility, love and accepting the other one with all their imperfections. So, if you are searching for a rhyming way for admitting your mistakes and make your loved one smile by showing how much you admire them, then here is a poetry your heart will melt to.

The rain doesn't wet all but a few,

I know you love me more than I do.

You fulfil my every wish I aspire,

My eyes, my smile everything you admire.

You try to make our relation build strong,

Though I take your efforts many a times wrong.

Still you calmly sustain all my tantrum,

Facing bravely the trouble which come.

The only child has got this much pampered,

That she ruins up your mood and every effort.

Yes she makes u feel low at times,

Fails to cheer u up wen u don't feel fine.

The stubborn girl spoils your mood.

Forgetting all the kisses, she acts rude.

Cuddles and hugs, she forgets them all,

Ruining and inclining the vibes to fall.

The rain doesn't wet all but a few,

I know you respect me more than I do.

I commit a bunch of mistake I know,

And hurt u many a times, though u don't show.

I know I don't put effort for our relation,

But I swear I do love you but never mention.

We are the blend of sugar and salt,

Arguing daily but forgetting each other's faults.

With different opinions and opposing views,

Our fights start, end of which has no clue.

One's wrath is soothed by the other,

We keep our life smooth and move it further.

Promises and love are in the air,

Kissing away the pain with full of care.,


Vartika Srivastava

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