Which Turn Did Humanity Take In This Pandemic?

The Pandemic changed everything!

Pratyusha Biswas

10 months ago|2 min read


The Covid-19 Pandemic shook people all over the world in the past one and a half years. 

The outcome of this pandemic has been tragic- millions of people are affected and thousands have died. The socio-economic consequences of this Pandemic would have to be dealt with for years.

Which Turn Did Humanity Take In This Pandemic?

Despite this tragic outcome, a bright light has been thrown on us and the value of humanity is found out in this Pandemic. 

We were able to realize the importance of our health sectors and all the health workers associated with them, who have been a boon to us during this time. However, people have shown oppression and hostile nature towards doctors due to the death of their family members.

People also got the opportunity to upgrade their personal lives. 

As they were quarantined at their homes, they got the chance to spend time with their families, develop bonds, learn new skills and try to develop as a whole. However, there also has been an increase in gender inequality, cases of domestic violence, etc.

Many people lost their jobs and those who had been infected were unable to get treated. But we showed our human nature in this regard and tried to help each and everyone as possible.

The value of freedom is also identified and we can perceive now that how we used to mistreat the animals around us and wreck their way of living. As all the human beings were left locked up in their houses, animals found peace and thrived in their habitats, thus ameliorating nature.

So, in conclusion, did this Pandemic affect humanity for good or bad? Well, that’s a personal opinion and I will leave it for you to decide.

We, humans, are social animals. The quarantine and Pandemic have stopped our very basis of social lives but have given us time to self-introspect and self-evaluate ourselves and our relationships with people in our lives. 

Who knows, after this Pandemic, people will be fearing to shake hands or not care to give an affectionate hug. But we will always stand together by showing our humanity because that is our priority.

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