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Everyone has heard of the phrase that success doesn't just come or visit anyone like a guest but rather it has journey made by a person working extremely hard day and night. In this video, that personality is Stuti Changle.

So who is she exactly?

Video Link : In conversation with Stuti Changle | Writer of Bestelling Books On The Open Road and ‘You Only Live Once

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She was also stuck in an never ending cycle of Rat Race in this high paced world of corporate life, where she has no idea about How To Write, and yet anyone could stumble on the question, like how did she took a complete U-turn from a degree in Computer Science, and MBA to the literary field. How did she became the bestselling author and published two books, On The Open Road and ‘You Only Live Once?’, while third releasing in April, 2022. How did Stuti Changle decided to have a book with her name on it, not just as an author but as a Bestselling Author.

The video is full about the knowledge and awareness one need before stepping into the world of publishing. And as Stuti stated that Writing is only 30% of the work done. The biggest hustle lays ahead when you look out for a publishing house to publish your book. That is no less than a nightmare for anyone.

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The society had a bubble around which propagated that self-published authors aren't worth reading but this woman changed it completely for many and opened doors of opportunities and acceptance in the literary world.

In the video, Stuti talks about her journey of quitting to eventually deciding to write and be an author and then getting stuck when not finding a Publisher.

She also sheds light on the importance of marketing and audience in the literary industry. Any budding writer can easily seek answers to their queries if they watch out the complete video as it could prove to be a game changer for many.

No one has an idea about the absolute tomorrow and neither did Stuti. She became a hit in the market when she expected it the least- in the lockdown of 2020.

The video will inspire many to lift their spirits and search for that lost hope of being an author or even anything or anyone for that matter.

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Stuti Changle is a well-known Bestselling Author now with so many publishers approaching her day by day and as stated by her, it didn't happened overnight. Watch the complete video and know about her commendable journey and learn about the Literary and Publishing World.

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