How To Set Up Home While Working From Home?

Set up home while working from home?

Ikhsan Bani Bukhori

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Due to Covid-19 pandemic, working from home or anywhere has been popular and could be the trend for the future. It means, you have to be creative to set up home office to be a nice place for working hours. Remember, you have to work there, not spending time for something else.

Working from home are always expected to have high productivity and efficiency. It totally becomes something to set up home office to enjoy working and keep productive. You need to stay in good mood since many jobs need to get done. In the following, you should find some tips to execute here.

Make sure you have enough place

The first thing to set up home office is enough place or room Probably you need small cabinet to save important document while working from home. Make sure also you work in quiet environment because some distractions can disturb your working hours. Don’t forget to have good lighting and stable air circulation.

Prepare work necessities

While set up home office for working from home, you should prepare these things. Sticky notes, pens, notebooks, webcam, microphone, desk lamp and so on. Looks simple but if it is not available, then you will be confused or even frustrated. Set and make sure you can get them quickly when you need on desk.

Hardware setup

Prepare your hardware set up when you are working from home. Firstly, move chair and desk to work spot. Make sure it is comfortable so you will enjoy over there. Laptop or home computer becomes irreplaceable since you work with it. Connect to the internet via WiFi or internet wire is okay. Good internet connection means you finish it well.


Ready to working from home

Already prepare all? Finish setting up home office? Means you are ready to start working from home.

Spend working hours only and afterwards, spend your time with family. Remember you are at home, try not to do overtime jobs. That is why you should prepare anything to make you work effectively and efficiently.

Are you ready? Get ready for new trend of working from home!


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