How To Choose The Ideal Hat For Your Face Shape

Ideal and Best Hat for your Face Shape

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There are so many hat styles available in the market, so many hat styles trending. Is it confusing and overwhelming for you to pick the best hat? This article is all about hat styles and which of them will accentuate your look better according to your face shape. 

How to determine the shape of your face?

Knowing the shape of your face can help you find the best haircut, the ideal sunglasses, a pair of earrings, etc. It can also help you find the best hats and caps like baseball caps, fedora hats, akubra hats, and many more. You can try and figure out your face shape by comparing your face to these three categories:

The widest part: Stand in front of a mirror and try to locate where the widest part of your face is. Is it running across your forehead, cheekbones, or jawline? This can help you identify a particular shape. 

Jawline: Your jawline can help you categorise yourself under a face shape. See if you have a sharp jawline or is it along the shape of your chin and not that noticeable. 

Length: Long, short, or in the middle. Take a look and try to find out if your face, from your forehead to chin, is long or short. 

Choosing the right hat: 

Once you have identified your face shape or at least gotten closer to resembling a shape, you can start choosing hats that will compliment your look the best. By doing this, you can accentuate your strong features and bring a balance to your face. Ultimately, you must enjoy the hat you like the most, but if you want a hat best suited for your face, here’s a list of what you can do. 

Hats For Long Faces: 

When you have a long face, hats can help minimise the length of your face. Hats with brims work the best since they cover your forehead. These can include: 

Wide Brim Hats: Hats with wide brims go well with a long face. For example, straw hats and sun hats. Choose a hat with a brim that fits across your forehead. 

Cowboy Hats: If you’re fond of Southern Style, this is a win-win situation. Cowboy hats have a slight height with a brim that goes perfectly with elongated face structures. Wear it across your forehead to gain the best look. 

Trapper Hats: Trapper hats can help you stay warm. Since trapper hats have flaps on the side, they suit long faces well. 

Hats For Round Faces: 

Hats ideal for round faces can smooth out several features. 

Fedoras: Fedoras feature a shallow crown and angular details. Along with a narrow brim, these elements can help smooth out the features of a round face. 

Angled Caps: Angled caps are available in many styles that suit a round face like a Kangol hat. These angular caps can also help you smooth down your features. 

Beanies: Beanies are a big hit and loved by most of us. It exposes more of your face than hats do, Letting you add balance to your rounded features. 

Hats For Square Faces:

Floppy Hats: Floppy hats fall under the same category as sun hats. It provides a bit of shade and gives you a fashionable touch. 

Wide Brims: Wide brim hats with round brims can suit a square face well.

Cloches: From the crown to the brim, cloche hats have a rounded look and hence they fit round faces well. 

As long as you enjoy wearing your preferred hat that also accentuates your face, you’re good to go!


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