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In conversation with Makeup artist Magical Sehba. I am sure many of you must have heard or seen her videos on either YouTube or Instagram. As she is a perfect example for how to become an entrepreneur.

So who is she?

Video Link : How to become Makeup Artist | Women Entrepreneurs in India

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She is a very passionate and resilient woman or entrepreneur who went to discover what she really wanted for past 20 years and look where she is now with a fame and an audience to entertain.

During this conversation, we realize the value of self determination and the zeal to achieve something, which is foremost for anyone who is seeking an answer for how to become an entrepreneur.

Now, the question is- What exactly Makeup artist Magical Sehba does?

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Well she is a wonderful makeup artist, an entrepreneur, a well know Youtuber who had been approached by Google, IITs and Khadi to provide her expertise as a makeup artist in the space of make-up.

Now, not everyone is blessed to have it all and hence most of us have to work really hard to achieve something in our life. It was never Makeup artist Magical Sehba decision to start a salon but her mother's. She started from a point of zero and gradually grew to be one of the best salon business in the area. It was just because of Makeup artist Magical Sehba skills, as always being available on the spot for her customers. Makeup artist Sehba is the person with very high work ethics so watch the video to know about her work ethics and how she managed work, kids and her journey towards how to become an entrepreneur together.

She is one of women entrepreneurs who never stopped learning and the phrase suits her well- ' There is no perfect age to learn and start'.

The advice of being financially independent given by Mother became her reason to fight against all the odds. And thus, she adopted the path of make up artist. Eventually, she started her Salon business but didn't stop there. She joined many makeup artist courses to polish her skill and eventually find her passion.

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Discovering our passion can be very tricky and that's what happened to this Makeup artist. After trying almost everything, she still wasn't sure about what to do. As a believer of spirituality, she also talks how she felt her energy rising and falling if she got involved into something new.

If someone is willing to move on the path of entrepreneurship and discovering the answer for the question of how to become an entrepreneur, the as per makeup artist Sehba, we all need motivation at some time of our life and this Lady is no short of that. Having seen everything, every ups and down, her decisions and desire to conquer let her win.

She also talks about how she became impatient when results didn't show up like we all do. Sehba is a woman, who is a great example for women entrepreneurs in india with whom we all can relate to instantly when listening her talk about her journey of how to become an entrepreneur. Watch the full video to ace life and it's adventures just like Makeup artist Magical Sehba did.

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