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Once you are happy, life changes.

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We all know that we are gradually moving towards a very advanced world where there is the value in time and work. Human emotions don't matter much when we move into this space of advancement.

But do you ever realize what is the most thing you are losing?

What is the biggest loss in this development?

Even though with loads of bucks in your pockets, why aren't you feeling content?

The reason is the loss of emotions and one such emotion we all are losing is the smile, and the main reason behind this is we are not aware of how to be happy. Below, video describes it precisely, that how to attain happiness and how to be happy.

Video Link: Benefits of smiling | How to be happy

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Smile is just a five-letter word but do you have any idea what a little practice of this smile can do to your brain and body. A smile is not only an emotion but a way to lead a more prosperous way of life.

Incorporate smiling in your daily routine and you would be amazed to see all the positive changes in your life and overcome negativity. In the video, all the benefits of a smile are explained and why you should smile more often.

A little bit of a smile can change a lot for a person. A smile is the reflection of a persona built on confidence and positivity, which also incorporates in their better health and mindset. If a person knows how and when to smile, he/she inhibits the personality of a great leader and of a better human being.

We all are aware of the basic notion that when we are happy or amused, we smile. Though, before that, we need to be aware of the benefits of smiling, and even before, how to be happy always. But as told in the video, you will discover a vice-versa system. What does this mean?

It means that when you smile even in a grave situation, you will feel happy. A smile will also help you increase your Happiness Quotient easily. Who doesn't want to be happy? But do we all know that it could start at a base root level and we don't need to dig up hard on our happiness?

Well, it is all explained in the video how to be happy and how a smile can lead to happiness and positivity. The more you smile, the more healthy you are. Health is proportional to how you treat your brain and if you have a healthy brain, you will definitely be healthy inside out. A smile can help you tackle various health issues as elaborated in the video.

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