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Sonali Negi

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Simply move with the definition of moments. For me, moments are like that last bite of chocolate corn ice cream which we never want to lose. Moments are like those feelings which come to your head every time you see something similar. Moments are the key to feeling peace every time you get a flashback.

Remember that memories could be good or bad but when we use a word like moment then there is something very Precious. There is something which we want to take till the last valuable breath.

Will moments seem stranger things

Well at this point I would say yes it could be a stranger thing too. Like sometimes you have a look with somebody and you find it quite nice. Somebody someone helps you out at a strange place then it is a moment. Sometimes you have a nice smile with somebody and that becomes a moment.

Moments will become memories

See I would say no here because it is my opinion that something that goes with you all the time, would never become a memory. Memory is something that has been passed but the moments never go by. They stay in this head and always make us more cheered. Moments have the ability to make you feel relaxed and stress-free. They are the stress relievers of all the time.

Moments were where nothing feels real

You know at some point we get this thought that it seems like a fairy. It seems like it is something different and I as a person do not want it to take over. I am in a good dream and I want to live it within this phase. Sometimes there is an affection that keeps you stuck and sometimes there is a peace that gets matched with people. In the whole life, we met lots of individuals but there are only a few who took over the whole spotlight of the life’s chapter. If you really want to find out the moments of your life start thing that what is that one thing which you never thought of and is happening. Those things made you feel that they are worth it. Start remembering the moments which is keeping you stuck.

I will conclude with a short beautiful feeling that one day I met a child and that was amazing to see that child’s first look. I felt that might be there are some affections that are selfless. Watching that child laughing or doing something was incredible. I heard a poem regarding beauty where the meaning I been taught was that sometimes A thing of beauty is a human. That child immediately came into my mind. Some moments really say that whatever has been come into life was worth and precious.


Sonali Negi

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