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So, coming up with this interesting topic really makes me feel quite connected with you all.


Ok, let me tell you while we all surf over google we stay curious for knowing how this google is earning revenue. And that’s a genuine question from your side. Because whatever we are using, we have the right to know about it. Somehow, we all are familiar with this idea so isn’t seem that whoever reading this article would feel connected. Fine enough even if you are not feeling a link, no worries. I’m really feeling connected with you.

The point is on google we make our sites we promote our brands our work and then we earn revenue with the clicks, with the reach of our site. But then how google gets the benefits.


Before moving on its revenue part, I must tell you that

Founder of Google - Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Might be you all are aware of the CEO – Sundar Pichai




Google is particular about showing relevant ads and the major part of the revenue that Google earns comes from the advertisements. The site owners give a handsome amount of money to google to show their site at the top level. Every time somebody clicks over any particular site, the amount gets deducted and directly goes to google.


“Google ad sense works on a method of Cost Per Click in which the website owners give a handsome amount of money to google to publish their materialistic output”

Other subsidiaries (Google Play Store, YouTube premium content, etc) contribute 10.5% of earnings whereas Google Cloud and Other Bets offer them 5.5% and 0.41% respectively.



A valuable point to add on-

This shows that the top sites we see on google don’t mean that they are correct sites or good sites for your search. Instead, it also means that they have provided a bulky amount of money to the google

Google also earns its revenue from YouTube as you all know before watching any movie you get to see some ads so if you watch the whole ad you contribute towards more revenue but if you are skipping the ad then money gets deducted.


Below you will see how this money gets divided between creator and google.

It is necessary to mention how YouTube Super chats / Super stickers and Ad Revenue looks-


YouTube Super chats/ Super stickers = 70% goes to the creator

                                                                      30% goes to the YouTube


Now the premium thing is also there so I guess the amount you will pay for not seeing ads would also give them benefits. I mean it’s obvious.


But it is not that much easy for the site owners to get the place at google. Google has its own guideline’s which one must have to fulfill to be on the google page. For this google do some inspection which is called indexing of google.


What is indexing done by Google?

Indexing of google deals as a crawler. It means whenever someone makes his website, google starts crawling to their website for Quality Checks and whether the guidelines have been followed or not.


In the above article, I have briefly explained google and its sources of earning revenue and the methods in which google sites work, how to google checks whether one has fulfilled the guidelines or not. There are a lot of things to start something and all the guidelines stay to build a healthy environment and for security purposes only. So, if you also want to start something and you also want to create something then you must follow the appropriate guidelines.











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