How Designers Identify Fonts Without Spending A Cent

Learn to identify fonts without paying

Alex Ron

Alex Ron

5 months ago|3 min read


 You are curious to find out how designers, developers, and marketers (and probably many others) identify fonts with ease, without spending a cent?

Of course, you are, that is why you clicked on this article.

And I will show you right away.

But before telling you the name of the tool they use, why they use that particular tool and no other, and how you can also use it for free, I want to discuss with you why it is important to know how to identify fonts and how this can help you big time.

A brief history of font identification

 Years ago, font identification was a nightmare.

If you saw a font and you liked it, it was extremely hard to efficiently find out its name, its price and where to get it from.

 You would go on forums, share with others the picture of the font you like, and then ask for help. 

That took days, weeks, and even months.

 And all of that without the certitude that you will find out the correct answer.

On forums, you would have got many different answers.

 The same happened if you discussed with several different graphic designers or font guys.

 So how would you know which is really the font you are looking for?

 You could not be 100% sure.

 So, because of the difficult nature of font identification, people started to abandon this idea.

 And when they needed a new font, they would just search the internet and pick one. They wouldn't tried anymore to identify fonts they saw on websites, T-shirts, buildings, TV ads, and so on.

 This happened up until to a point when font identifiers started to become much more efficient than they were.

 Right that point, people started again to identify fonts, but now with the help of font identification software.

 But these tools weren't working as today and it took a while to become better.

 The Most Used and Appreciated Font Identification Tool


The name of this font identifier is WhatFontIs.

 Here is why this font identifier has over 2.6 million visits per month (as SimilarWeb shows):

- It has by far the largest font database in the font identification industry, with over 850k fonts, both free and paid.

- This is the only software that can identify both free and paid fonts.

- 100% free to use.

- Super quick font identification process with under 60 seconds needed to completely identify fonts from pictures.

- It is by far the most efficient font identifier in the industry.

- Its interface is lightning fast and highly intuitive.

- On their website you can do even more than identifying fonts. You can get similar fonts with the ones that you like, you can convert your fonts into webfonts, and even more.

WhatFontIs is a revolutionary font identification tool that the whole world uses with huge success, and that happened because they did a wonderful job.

If you never used WhatFontIs, give it a try right now.

Take a picture of a book cover, upload it to WhatFontIs website, crop the picture if needed and optimize it, and then write down the letters that the software identified.

 Immediately, you will find out the name of the font, if it is free or paid, which is the price, where to get it from, and in plus you will get 60+ free and paid font alternatives.

It is so simple and the whole process won't take you more than a minute.

And you can do it over and over, the software is absolutely free and you don't need to register to use it at its full power.

Nice, right?

Try it now.


 Designers, developers, marketers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs and many others are using WhatFontIs to identify all the fonts they like, from pictures of websites, without spending a cent.

Join this huge WhatFontIs community of font lovers and start to identify all the fonts you like, for free.




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