History And Timeline Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

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Here in this article, we will showcase to you an updated, ancient history and Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline, which will include all the old events from the new movies and the MCU series. There have been quite a few articles done on movie timelines, which only talked about Captain America onwards, but here we will begin with the celestial’s origins, their creation of the universe, the dark elves who existed before the universe began, as a god in history and up till The 17th century, where we see the trial of Agatha Harkness, which sets up the story for wonder vision and Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline. So, let’s get to Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline,

Before 13.8 billion years ago, The dark elves originate from the vast primordial darkness that existed before the creation of the manifest universe where they reigned absolute and unchallenged before 13.8 billion years ago, It is unknown as to the exact origins of the celestials, but since they created the current cosmos, they must be older than the thing they created. Their creator is yet unknown. 13.8 billion years ago, celestials created the universe, bringing light from the darkness, and created the first stars planets, and solar systems essential for life to arise 13.8 billion years ago. Infinity stones are created before the universe began, six singularities existed, the big bang then formed concentrated crystals out of them and sent the six stones hurling throughout the universe.

After 13 billion years ago it is unknown as to the exact timeline, but the grandmaster and the collector are born sometime after the creation of the universe, making them one of the oldest entities ever. 4.5 billion years ago, Planet Earth and the sun are created by the celestials, with the main objective of sealing the planet in the future, with a nascent celestial seed, approximately one billion years ago, the deviants are created and they are genetically engineered by the celestials to ensure the development of sentient Life forms on the planet seeded with celestial seeds by wiping out the planet’s apex predators.

Moving forward in our Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline 500 to 1 billion years ago, the Eternals were built and programmed by the prime celestial. They were sent to planets with implanted celestial seeds with orders to protect and help evolve, sentient life-forms after the failures of the deviants, Around 80 million years ago, a member of the ancient primordial race, known as Celestials Eson.

The searcher came to the possession of the power stone and used it to destroy a planet filled with life. 50 to 80 million years ago, Eson awakes and he came into existence as a flickering brain-like organism, perilous and bottlers floating adrift in the vacuum of space alone, slowly manipulating the molecules around him for millions of years to become a planet.

2.5 million years ago, vibranium falls onto the earth. A meteorite made of vibranium the strongest substance in the universe struck the continent of Africa affecting the planned life around it. It became the basis of the future state of Wakanda one million years ago.

The exact date is yet unknown, but the Kree probably became a space-faring race and started to become an empire during this time, also known as Kree year, one more than 50 000 BC. Even though the Eternals arrived on earth 7000 years ago In the past, the celestial seed is planted on earth way before that, probably in the range of fifty thousand years before them.

Ten thousand to twenty thousand BC, Crow and a group of deviants are trapped in the ice in the northern hemisphere as a result of an impending ice age. They are trapped for centuries until before, The events of Eternals and the emergence of Tiamut in 10000 BC. Wakanda is formed as a result of five tribes of men settling near the ancient vibranium meteorite crater Wakanda develops technology faster than any other empire country or state. During that time, 7353 BC, the Asgardian royal family, was established by the Asgardian buried the first king of Asgard during the reigns of its early kings, Asgard earned a reputation as the keeper of the peace within the nine realms.

Moving forward in our Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline, around 5700 BC, Agamotto the first sorceress supreme Of earth created and founded the masters of the mystic arts and began training humans in the study of magic and later discovered, the time stone and created the Eye of Agamotto. Around 5000 BC the synthetic beings known as Eternals arrive on earth in their spaceship called the Domo and they arrive to protect humans from the deviants and ensure the future emergence of Tiamut in the future 3460 BC.

A young Odin defeats Serta in battle. The fire demon would then spend nearly 5500 years recovering in Muspelheim before his encounter with Odin’s son Thor in 2017, 2988 BC. The convergence led to malekith and dark elves attempting to use the reality stone to turn the universe back into darkness but was stopped by Asgard’s armies in the battle of svatelheim from 2000 to 3000 BC.

In this timeframe, another realm called tallow that existed in the pocket Universe prospered and achieved a great degree of development in civilization and technology. Around 2000 BC The people of tallow prospered in peace until a dweller in darkness, who is a monstrous dark entity, and his army of soul eaters attacked and nearly escaped into the earthly realm.

In 659 BC, the subjugation of the nine realms was started. It is a conflict orchestrated by Odin, Heller, and their army in an attempt to conquer the nine realms and establish an Asgardian empire in 575 BC, the battle of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia during the neo-Babylonian empire. It was fought between the Eternals and the swarm of deviants who preyed on the city due to its continued expansion and development in 79 AD.

In the events of Loki, the series, Loki and Mobius time travel and witness Mount Vesuvius the eruption and confirming the theory that interference of time traveling in such an impending doom would not change the timeline. In 950 AD The massacre of the Valkyrie was the result of a clash between the Valkyries and Heller who sought to escape her banishment in hell.

The battle resulted in the death of all, but one of the Valkyries in 964 AD, The frost giants, with the cascade of ancient winters began to attack the nine realms and also earth in Townsburg, thereby incurring the wrath of Asgard ending with their defeat.

In the battle of gertenheim in 1000 AD, roughly a thousand years in the past, the Skrulls refused to submit to kree ideologies, and thus was the beginning of the Skrull Kree war that still reaches on till this day.

1316 AD roughly this year, The ancient one was born. She would later become the sorcerer supreme and use powers from the dark dimension to stay alive. For 700 years Eternals witnessed the fall of the Aztec empire by the Spanish invaders. It was also during this conflict that they believed to have killed the last deviant until the present day when the deviants frozen in ice re-emerged in 1693 AD trial of Agatha Harkness in Salem, who used dark magic, but this turned sideways and the other witches who imprisoned her Their powers were absorbed by Agatha and they were all killed in the event.

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