47 Hindi Sad Shayari On Life That Will Touch Your Soul

Main Shayar Toh Nahi!!

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Friends, there comes a moment in our lives when we are going through a very sad time. Sometimes the sorrow of being separated from someone special, sometimes the sorrow of losing something, sometimes the sorrow of remembering someone, we are always facing some sorrow. 

Sometimes we also get upset and get into thinking that why do we get all the misery? But does one know that there’s nobody within the world who doesn't have any sorrow?

Although it is a different matter that some people keep thinking about their misery and make themselves sadder. On the other hand, there are some people who know how to fight with sorrow and find a way out of every problem. 

These people don’t sit with just one misery but attempt to fight it and overcome it. We should also try to become like these people, and try to overcome our problems and not sit and mourn them.

1. Kitana Bura Lagata Hai, Jab Baadal Ho Aur Baarish Na Ho, Jab Aankhe Ho Aur Khwaab Na Ho, Jab Koee Apana Ho Aur Koee Paas Na Ho.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Distance is always painful, especially the one that we couldn’t cover physically. This Hindi Sad Shayari on life expresses the pain one goes through when someone has a special person in their life but is not with them.

2. Zindagee Mein Sabase Jyaada Dukh Dil Tootane Par Nahee Bharosa Tootane Par Hota Hai, Kyonki Ham Kisee Par Bharosa Kar Ke Hee Dil Lagaate Hai.

When we rely on people we like, we trust those people, but those people Betrayal our trust, and they leave our lives. This Hindi sad Shayari on life expresses the trusty people who depend upon one another. 

3. Kisee Ne Poochha Itana Achchha Kaise Likh Lete Ho, Mainne Kaha Dil Todana Padata Hai, Lafzon Ko Jodane Se Pahale.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

According to the following Hindi Sad Shayari on life, those couples or lovers who break up with their lovers lose. When a lover is away from our lives in that situation, we feel that way.

4. Bade Hee Ajeeb Hain Ye Zindagee Ke Raaste, Anajaane Mod Par Kuchh Log Apne Ban Jaate Hain, Milane Kee Khushee Den Ya Na Den,Magar Bichhadane Ka Gam Zaroor De Jaate Hain.

The next Hindi sad Shayari on life tells us to cherish the moments spent with our partner. Those people come into our lives, those who are away from each other with their destination. With memories, we remember the things we've lost.

5. Zindagi Sirf Mohabbat Nahi Kuchh Aur Bhi Hai, Zulf-o-Rukhsaar Ki Jannat Nahi Kuchh Aur Bhi Hai, Bhookh Aur Pyaas Ki Maari Huyi Iss Duniya Mein, Ishq Hi Ek Hakiqat Nahi Kuchh Aur Bhi Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

6. Kitna Aur Badloon Khud Ko

Zindagi Jeene Ke Liye,

Ai Zindagi Mujhko Thoda Sa

Mujh Mein Baki Rehne De.

 If you always keep one thing in mind, changes are always better for an accomplished life, and that is to say, nothing is too much to be done if it makes you feel better or worse about the way you look at things.

7. Samandar Na Sahi Par Ek Nadi Toh Honi Chahiye, Tere Shahar Mein Zindagi Kahin Toh Honi Chahiye.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

There is always a change, but it never changes our feelings. Standing alone is best than being around people that don't value you, says a well-liked Hindi sad Shayari on life. 

8. Hamari Dastan Use Kaha Kabul Thi, Meri Wafayen Uske Liye Fizool Thi,

Koi Aas Nahi Lekin Itna Bata Do, Maine Chaha Use Kya Ye Meri Bhool Thi.

Someone like you It’s not your mistake, but there was no point in leaving. People always make mistakes and then get punished for what they do.

9. Ajeeb Tarah Se Gujar Gayi Meri Bhi Zindagi, Socha Kuchh, Kia Kuchh, Hua Kuchh, Mila Kuchh.

When we are thinking about them, they do not get to us, because we are thinking about another thing and we will get another. In that, things will go on as usual.

10. Jeene Ka Hausla Kabhi Marne Ki Aarzoo, Din Yoon Hi Dhoop-Chhaaon Mein Apne Bhi Kat Gaye.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

The next Hindi sad Shayari on life to express Sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow, life goes on its own, sometimes sunshine and sometimes shade are also in the story of life.

11. Jugnuon Ki Roshni Se Teergi HatTi Nahi, Aayine Ki Saadgi Se Jhoothh Ki PatTi Nahi, Zindagi Mein Gham Nahi Fir Ismein Kya Mazaa, Sirf Khushion Ke Sahare Zindagi KatTi Nai.

 This Hindi sad Shayari on life is especially for those people who are in trouble. Every day he struggles in his life but can’t be successful.

12. Zindagi Kee Hakeekat Ko Bas Hamane Itana Hee Jaana Hai, Dard Mein Akele Hain Aur Khushiyon Mein Saara Jamaana Hai.

 That's all we have to understand about the truth of life. We are alone in pain and there is a whole world of happiness. This Hindi sad Shayari on life says when we have a problem, no one is with us, but when we are happy, the whole world is with us.

13. Jyaada Naadaan Insaan Hi Zindagi Ka Maza Le Sakata Hai, Varana Zyaada Hoshiyaar Insaan To Apni Zindagi Mein Hi Ulajha Rahta Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Only a more ignorant person can enjoy life, otherwise, a more intelligent person remains entangled in his life. This is a Hindi Sad Shayari on life for those people who are always busy with their work.

14. Agar Zindagi Mein Bharosa Khud Par Ho To TaakatBan Jaatee Hai, Aur Vahee Bharosa Doosaro Par Ho To Kamazoree Ban Jaatee Hai.

This Hindi sad Shayari on life means that, if you have faith in yourself in life, then it becomes a strength, and if the same trust is in others, then it becomes a weakness. Keep your secrets private.

15. Zindagi Mein Kabhi Bhi Apne Hunar Par Ghamand Mat Karana , Kyonki Jab Patthar Paanee Mein Girata Hai To Apne Hee Vazan Mein Doob Jaata Hai.

This Hindi sad Shayari on life says, never be proud of your skills in life because when a stone falls in the water, it sinks under its own weight. The ego is man's enemy.

16.Ek Ajeeb Si Daud Hai Ye Zindagi, Agar Jeet Jao To Apne Peechhe ChhootJaate Hain, Aur Agar Haar Jao To Apne Hi Peechha Chhod Jaate Hain.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Life is like a strange race, if you win, you are left behind, and if you lose, you are left behind yourself.

17. Sadak Kitanee Bhee Saaph Kyon Na Ho, Lekin Dhool Ho Hee Jaatee Hai. Aur Insaan Chaahe Kitana Bhee Achchha Kyon Na Ho, Bhool Ho Hee Jaatee Hai.

This Hindi sad Shayari on life says that mistakes are right by you. What is the fault of others? No matter how clean the road is, it does get dusty. And no matter how good a person is, mistakes are bound to happen.

18. Rishto Ke Baajaar Mein Rishto Ko Kuchh Is Tarah Sajaaya Jaata Hai, Oopar Se To Bahut Achchha Dikhaaya Jaata Hai,Par Andar Na Jaane Kya Kya Milaaya Jaata Hai.

 The next Hindi sad Shayari on life is to express those people who show a different side of their family in society, but the truth is hidden behind.

19. Zindagee Mein Kabhee Kisee Kee Mazaak Mat Banaana, Kyonki Jab Samay Mauka Deta Hai, Phir Usee Tarah Se Dhokha Bhee Deta Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

This Hindi Sad Shayari on life says that never make fun of anyone in life because when time gives a chance, they cheat in the same way. Live life in your own way, don’t depend on others.

20. Kismat Ke Mauko Ko Dekho, Vakt Ke Gheron Ko Dekho, Kal Ka Aap Intazaar Na Karo, Jo Aaj Hai Aap Bas Usee Ko Dekho.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

This Hindi sad Shayari on life tells you to see whatever you believe in your life and live it.

21. Kal Na Ham Honge Na Koee Gila Hoga, Sirf Simti Hui Yaadon Ka Silasila Hoga, Jo Lamhe Hain Chalo Hans Kar Bita Le, Jaane Zindagi Ka Kal Kya Phaisala Hoga.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Don’t worry about the future, what will happen, don’t see what your future is, live now, and live that moment you want. According to this Hindi sad Shayari on life, neither we nor anyone else will be tomorrow. There will only be a series of limited yids. Whatever the moments are, let's spend it laughing. We know what our decision for tomorrow will be.

22. Bhookha Pet, Khaalee Jeb, Aur Jhootha Prem, Insaan Ko Jeevan Mein Bahut Kuchh Sikha Jaata Hai!

This Hindi Sad Shayari on life says that life will teach you how to live in the world. Many people don't know how to live their lives, but you ask those people who live in this situation.

23. Saanson Ke Silsile Ko Na Do Zindagi Ka Naam, Jeene Ke Ba-Wajood Bhi Mar Jaate Hain Kuch Log. .!!

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

This Hindi sad Shayari on life says to us Don't give the chain of breath the name of life Some people die despite living.

24. Ghadee Kitanee Bhee “moolyavaan” Ho Kintu Samay Ko Vash Mein Nahin Kar Sakatee Hai..Vaise Hee Manushy Kitana Bhee Balavaan Ho Niyati Ko Vash Mein Nahin Kar Sakata Hai.

 The next Hindi sad Shayari on life says, "If you have so many valuable things, that's not important, but the main thing is that you should have an only destiny."

25. Zindagi Ke Saare Mehenge Sabaq, Saste log hi Sikhate Hain.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Only cheap people learn all the costly lessons of life.

26. Tujhase Koee Shikaayat Nahin Hai Zindagi… Jo Bhee Diya Hai Vahee Bahut Hai!

 You have no complaints. Whatever life you give us is enough for us.

27. Dhoop Mein Nikalo, Ghataon Main Nahaakar Dekho, Zindagi Kya Hai Kitaabon Ko Hataakar Dekho!

How beautiful is this life, look at the sky a little, take a bath in the clouds. This Hindi Sad Shayari on life says that if you want to live life, live a little laughter, enjoy everything.

28. Bhaavnaaye Hi To Hai Jo Door Rahkar Bhee Apno Ki Nazdeekiyon Ka Ahsaas Karaati Hai, Varna Doori To Dono Aankhon Ke Bich Bhi Hai…

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Distance is always painful for those people who are in different places, this Hindi sad Shayari on life is expressed with the example is two eyes.

29. Insaan 2 Wajah Se Hi Badalta Hai, Koi Bahut Khaas Uske Zindagi Mein A Jaye ‘ya’ Koi Bahut Khaas Uske Zindagi Se Chala Jaye..

This Hindi Sad Shayari on life says that there are only two reasons for the change in human beings. When a special person enters his/her life. When a special person departs from one's life.

30. Jaise Dodakar “parvat” Nahin Chadha Ja Sakata, Usee Tarah Bahut Zyaada Jaldabaazee Se Badee Saphalata Nahin Paee Ja Sakatee..!

We can climb a hill by running on it, just as we can't achieve our big dreams quickly!

31. Yaad Rakhna Doston Zindagi Mein Safar Aisa Bhi Aata Hai, Jisme Pair Nahin Dil Thak Jaata Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Remember, friends, that the journey in life is also like this, with the heart becoming tired rather than the feet.

32. Takaleeph To Hamen Apne Hee Dete Hain,Varana Logo Ko Kaise Pata Kee, Hamen Kis Baat Se Takaleeph Hotee Hai.

 Trouble is given to us by our own people, not the outsiders. Did people know, What bothers us?

33. Gujaarish Hamaaree Vah Maan Na Sake Mazabooree Hamaaree Vah Jaan Na Sake, Kahate Hain Marane Ke Baad Bhee Yaad Rakhenge Jeete Jee Jo Hamen Pahachaan Na Sake!

This Hindi sad Shayari on life says that people are bad, they don't think about you. Our own people do not know us, they are all meaningless.

34. Dard To Bahut Hai Is Zindagee Mein, Lekin Hame Koee Etaraaj Nahee Hai, Kyon Kee Jo Tha Bahut Khaas, Ab Vo Hee Paas Nahee Hai.

Pain is a lot in our lives, but I don’t have any problems because I don't have anyone special in my life anymore.

35. Chalate Chalate Ham Ye Bhool Gae Ki Chalana Kahaan Hai, Rote Rote Ham Ye Bhool Gae Kee Dil Mein Dard Kaha Hai, Jisane Hamen Itana Sa Kar Ke Gaya,Aur Aaj Bhee Dil Poochhata Hai Kee Vo Kaisa Hai?

 The problem is that trouble always finds its way back to the man. While walking, we forget where to drive, rotate rote, we forget where the pain is in the heart. Which we went through so much, and the heart still wonders, "How is he?"

36. Akela Hone Kee Maje Hee Kuchh Aur Hai Dost, Na Kisee Khone Ka Dar Na Kisee Jaane Kee.

There is different happiness in standing alone! There is no danger of losing or losing one.

37. Mohabbat To Hamne Bhi Kisi Par, Khud Se Zyaada Kiye The, Jab Baat Taqadeer Ki Aayi Tab Haar Gaye Ham.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

I loved someone more than me, but when the time came, my luck was gone.

38. Kabhi Nahi Rula te Apne Hame

Rulaate to Vo Hai,

Jinhe Ham Apne Samajhne Kee Galatee Kar Lete Hain.

It is always our own people that force us to cry and pull us into trouble. We always say that it is our own people, not from outside.

39. Ye Duniya Hi Aisee Hai, Yahaa Pe Dil Se Nahi, Log Zarurat Se Mohabbat Karte Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

This Hindi sad Shayari on life says to us that people always come to us out of necessity. People abandon people in the world after they have fulfilled their necessities.

40. Sath Chhod Jane Vale Kabhi Apne Nhi Hote, Aur Aapne Kabhi Sath Chodke Nahi Jate.

Those who leave are never yours. Our own people never leave together.

41. Mood Off Hone Ke Baad Pata Nahi Kyon; Apne Bhi Ajnabee Lagne Lagta Hai.

When we are in trouble, the mood is off. Don't know why; our own also feel like strangers.

42. Badla Hua Waqt Hai, Zaalim Zamaana Hai, Yahaan Matlabi Rishte Hai, Kya Kare Phir Bhi Nibhaana Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

43. Choti See Hai Zindagi Ise Hans_Ke Jiyo;

Bhula_Ke Saare Gum Dil_Se Jiyo;

Apne Liye Na_Sahi Apno Ke Liye Jiyo.

 Life is short; live it laughing, forget your sorrows, and live your life with your heart. Live for your loved ones, not for yourself.

44. Zindagi Aapki Hai, Kaise Jeena Hai; Yeh Aap Par Nirbhar Karta Hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Life is only as good or bad as you make it, and the choice of how you choose to live it is up to you.

45. Sabhi Ko Sab Kuchh Nahin Milta, Nadi Ki Har Lahar Ko Saahil Nahin Milta,

Ye Dilwaalon Ki Duniya Hai Dost, Kisi Se Dil Nahin Milta,To Koi Dil Se Nahin Milta.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

This is the world of hearts, friends. Because no one receives a heart, no one mixes with a heart. This Hindi sad Shayari on life says to us, not everyone gets everything. Not every wave in the river gets a Sahil, though.

46. Zindagi khamoshi me beet rahi hai,

Dard hame apna bana raha hai,

Tanhai ki aag mein jal rahe hai aise

Jaise koi kagaz aag me jalta jaa raha hai…

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Life is passing in silence. The pain is making us our own. We are burning in the fire of loneliness. like paper burning in a fire. 

47. Zindagi saza si ho gai hai,

Lagta hai khafa si ho gai hai,

Kya bataaye kisi ko apni is zindagi ke bare me,

Jo mujh se hi bewafa si ho gai hai.

Hindi Sad Shayari On Life

Life has become a punishment and seems upset. What should I tell someone about my life? Who has become unfaithful to me and who has become infatuated with someone else.

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