33 Hill Stations Near Delhi Perfect For Summer Vacations

Places that will bring you peace.

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Who does not like a respite from the scorching heats of Delhi and what better ways to make memories and escape the temperatures than to go and find your peace in the hill stations? 

India has a lot to give, one of the things is its scenery. 

So, here's the list of all the hill stations near Delhi, ways to reach the place, and all the fun activities you can do there. 

1. Lansdowne 256 km. (Uttarakhand)

Lansdowne 256 km. (Uttarakhand) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Famously known as 'Home of the Garhwal Rifles'.One of the most popular hill stations near Delhi, Lansdowne is a retreat to loving nature. It is different from other places as it has Motorable roads but isolated in its way. Lansdowne has beautiful oak and blue pine trees, that's great for the eyes. 

Transportation: Railway station nearest Kotdwar 40kms. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun 148 km. 

Time of the year: Mostly throughout the year except for the monsoons. 

Activities: Trekking, boating in Bhulla Lake, birdwatching, War museum in Lansdowne, Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, etc. 

Food to eat: There are many fewer restaurants here as this place remains unexplored but you could find Chinese food.

2. Rishikesh 256 km. (Uttrakhand)

Rishikesh 256 km. (Uttrakhand) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Also spelled as Hrishikesh, is a hermit's abode. It is amongst the holiest places for Hindus to visit. The Ganges river flows in eternity in this city. This hill station is popularly known as  'Gateway to Garhwal Himalayas'  or 'Yoga Capital of the World'. 

Transportation: The nearest station is Haridwar and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun 21 km. 

Time of the year: Summers and mild winters. 

Activities: Pilgrimage, Yoga and meditation, Rafting and Adventure sports such as surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, etc. 

Food to eat: Indian food aLong with Punjabi and Garhwali food. Everything is vegetarian as non-veg and alcohol is strictly prohibited in Rishikesh. 

3. Dehradun 270 km (Uttrakhand)

Dehradun 270 km (Uttrakhand) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a glittering jewel in Lower Himalayan Region. It is the getaway to hill stations like Missouri and spots of pilgrimage of Haridwar and Rishikesh. 

Transportation: Railway station is Dehradun. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun 29 km. 

Time of the year: Throughout the year it is a pleasant stay. 

Activities: Trekking, cycling, golfing, water springs, wildlife, pilgrimage in Missouri, and many more. 

Food to eat: Apart from our general North Indian, Chinese, etc; it also has Thai, Tibetan, and the famous Pahadi cuisine which is worth a try. 

4. Kasauli 287 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Kasauli 287 km. (Himachal Pradesh) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Kasauli is also the birthplace of the famous and one of the most loved authors, Ruskin Bond.  With lush landscape, snow-covered, mountains, Kasauli is a quaint town. It is a nature lover's paradise and Hiker's nest making it as one of the superb hill stations near Delhi.

Transportation: Nearest railway station Kalka 40kms, Chandigarh airport 70 km. 

Time of the year: Best advised in summers from April to June and winters like October to February. 

Activities: Hiking and nature walk.

Food to eat: The major restaurant to try in Kasauli is Ross common restaurant and Shelly restaurant.

5. Bhimtal 293 km. (Uttrakhand)

This lake city is named after the mighty character of Mahabharat Bhima. This city has a view to die for because of the island at its center. Like this was not enough, the island has an aquarium which was a restaurant before. 

Transportation: Kathgodam railway station 30 km and Pantnagar airport 56 km. 

Time of the year: Perfect for any time of the month. But it attracts most of the tourists in winters and the rates go up the roof. 

Activities: Boating, paddling, birding, and nature walks. 

Food to eat: Bhimtal is scrumptious in North and South Indian food. Street food can be enjoyed as well as momos or Maggi and coffee by the lake. 

6. Mussoorie 294 km. (Uttrakhand)

Everyone has once in their lifetime dream of going to Mussoorie. This is a wonderland to keep it liberal. Mussoorie is not only a place for a getaway but also has great institutions like universities, churches, offices, etc. 

Transportation: Dehradun railway station 36 km and Jolly Grant Airport 60 km. 

Time of the year: Throughout the year, except the monsoons. 

Activities: Shopping, adventure sports like hiking, zipline, cave-walking, rock climbing and nature walks, etc. 

Food to eat: International cuisines to relish like the Italian, Thai, Continental, and Chinese, etc. 

7. Parwanoo 295 km (Himachal Pradesh)

Filled with greenery, religious centers, and resorts, Parwanoo is one of the best hill stations in Himachal. It has a great view of Shivalik hills and orchards. 

Transportation: Nearest railway station Kalka 3 km away and airport Chandigarh airport 40 km. 

Time of the year: March to October when the weather is nice and pleasant. 

Activities: Trekking 

Food to eat: Street foods as well as in-house hotels offering multi-cuisine foods. 

8. Nainital 307 km. (Uttrakhand)

Nainital 307 km. (Uttrakhand) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Nainital is one of the most beautiful and the most visited hill stations of Northern India. Situated in this lake city is the Naini lake which is the view in itself. Nainital has fandom from all over the foreign countries as well. 

Transportation:  Kathgodam 41 km and airport is Pantnagar 72 km. 

Time of the year: March, May, June, September, and October. 

Activities: Picnic sports, Ropeway, Hiking and Trekking, shopping, etc. 

Food to eat: The Mall Road of Nainital has food joints with a beautiful view of Naini Lake. 

9. Pangot 317 km. (Uttrakhand)

Just 1t km from Nainital, Pangot is a Paradise for bird watchers. It has over 300 species of magnificent birds. 

Transportation: Railway station 41 km and nearest airport Pantnagar 75 km. 

Time of the year: Summers and winters. 

Activities: Camping, Bird Watching, and adventure sports like trekking which leads to Naini peak or Corbett National park. 

Food to eat: You have to look for good restaurants as it is very difficult but has roadside dhabas for Desi Food. 

10. Ramgarh 318 km (Uttrakhand)

Ramgarh is growing in popularity nowadays by the people who are visiting this place. Ramgarh is also famously known for its orchards of apple, apricots, peaches, and pears as 'Fruit Bowl of Kumaon'.

Transportation: Kathgodam railway station 45 km. And Pantnagar airport 76 km. 

Time of the year: It is pleasant to visit all through the year. 

Activities: Birdwatching, trekking, nature walks, and camping. 

Food to eat: For tourists, it is best to dine in their in-house restaurants as Ramgarh is a blooming place. 

11. Kanatal 332 km. (Uttarakhand) 

This hill station is the perfect getaway from your tiresome weekends. It still is unexplored which makes us more beautiful in itself surrounded by coniferous trees and sun-exposed peaks of the mountain. 

Transportation: Nearest station Dehradun 78 km and Jolly Grant Airport 92 km the nearest airport 

Time of the year: The perfect time to visit is the winters here. 

Activities: Camping 

Food to eat: It is a remote area and so there are no food choices. Although there are food joints and restaurants to fill your appetite. Mostly multi cuisines Chinese, Continental and North Indian. 

12. Chail 335 km (Himachal Pradesh)

Laden with pine and deodar trees, Chail is a gorgeous hill station situated against the backdrop of Shivalik Hills and boasts being the biggest cricket ground. 

Transportation: Kalka railway station 81 km and Chandigarh airport 117 km. 

Time of the year:  Summers is the best. 

Activities: Trekking, Hiking, Rope walking, and Rock climbing. 

Food to eat: The famous Soni Da Dhaba has the best North Indian food. 

13. Shimla 342 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Shimla 342 km. (Himachal Pradesh) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

As the capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is perfect for nature lovers for photography and scenes that are all picturesque. It is laden with beautiful trees like oak and pine. 

Transportation: Kalka Railway station 89 km and Jubbarhatti airport 25 km. 

Time of the year: Shimla is beautiful throughout the year, but if you're interested in camping, it's best to go between March to June when the weather is pleasant. 

Activities: Camping, Paragliding, heli-skiing, etc. 

Food to eat: 

14. Almora 345 km (Uttrakhand)

Almora has the most beautiful view of the snow-clad Himalayas to welcome visitors. Almora is different in the vast cultural diversity that it has. 

Transportation: Railway station Kathgodam 83 km. Pantnagar airport 115 km. 

Time of the year: The best time is the summers and mild winters like September, October, and November. 

Activities: Cycling, shopping, nature walks, and adventure sports. 

Food to eat: North and South Indian, Chinese and continental; Almora's people are all over it. 

15. Mashobra 352 km (Himachal Pradesh)

Tucked away under the blanket of lush greenery, Mashobra is a budding alternative to Shimla. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations for a refreshing summer break.

Transportation: The nearest airport is Chandigarh airport 66 km and Shimla Railway station 11 km. 

Time of the year: April to June are the best months to visit Mashobra. 

Activities: Camping

Food to eat: It has no extraordinary cuisine, just the oriental influence that it is under enough to fit your budget and appetite. 

16. Kufri 355 km  (Himachal Pradesh)

Famous for its snow-clad peaks, its Kufri zoo, and skiing, Kufri is at a pony ride distance. Mahasu peak and Fagu Valley are a delight. In fact, it can be counted as one of the best hill stations for a family holiday in India.

Transportation: Shimla railway station 15 km and Jubbarhatti airport 15kms.

Time of the year: November to March are the best times to visit this hill station when the snowfall is at its best. 

Activities: Horse riding, hiking

Food to eat: It's a small place and thus doesn't promise much food but there are stalks for momos and Maggi in the snow. 

17. Ranikhet 367 km  (Uttarakhand)

Stated in the Almora District, like its name Ranikhet means Queen's Land, is soothing for the eyes as well as the heart. This place gives the best view of the great Himalayas. 

Transportation: Railway station Kathgodam 96 km and Pantnagar airport 115 km. 

Time of the year: March, April, May, June, September, October, November. 

Activities: Golfing, Fishing, trekking, and Hiking. 

Food to eat: It has North Indian, Chinese, continental to Local Kumaon dishes. 

18. Auli 372 km. (Uttrakhand)

Auli is a gorgeous hill station of Uttarakhand fully white. It's a ski resort in India 

Transportation: Nearest railway station Rishikesh 264 km and nearest airport Jolly Grant Dehradun 286 km. 

Time of the year: It is mostly visited in the months of winter. 

Activities: This is famous for skiing. It also has cable cars, romantic vistas, and everything about ideal tourism. Mostly Helicopter Himalayan Darshan. 

Food to eat: Being isolated from other areas, Auli does not offer many cuisines, but if you're staying at Joshimath, Gahrwali cuisines like Kachmauli, Bal mithai, and Sangori is a must-try. 

19. Binsar 387 km. (Uttrakhand)

Binsar is one of the scenic views of the Kumaon region in the state. The hillside is surrounded by the Binsar Wildlife sanctuary. It has a great view of Panchachuli and the famous Kedarnath. The game-changer is its panoramic and majestic view of the Himalayan Mountains from Binsar Zero Point. 

Transportation: Railway station Kathgodam 119 km and airport Pantnagar 152 km. 

Time of the year: Any time of the year is suggested except the harsh winters of January and December. 

Activities: Best place for Hiking, camping, and nature walks, and exploring the heritage. 

Food to eat: Binsar has inaccessibility of food so that is one thing you have to look around for. 

20. Uttarkashi 414 km.  (Uttrakhand)

The 'Shiv Nagri’ as well call it. It keeps in itself the famous Vishwanath Temple. It has great adventure sports for enthusiasts. It has a wide variety of vegetation like pine, medicinal shrubs, and herbs, cones, etc. 

Transportation: Railway station Dehradun 145 km. Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun 182 km. 

Time of the year: Throughout the year except for the monsoons. 

Activities: Trekking, adventure sports, and mountaineering.  

Food to eat: Vegetarian food along with Chinese and Garhwal dishes. 

21. Kausani 420 km (Uttrakhand)

'A writer's cave' as it is called, Kausani is buried under thick greenery and a great frame of Himalayas and Panchachuli peaks is visible. 

Transportation: The nearest railway station from this hill station is Kathgodam 132 km and the airport is Pantnagar, 192 km. 

Time of the year: Ideal time is the winter. 

Activities: Sumitranandan Pant Museum, Kausani tea estate, shopping, temples, etc. 

Food to eat: The best is the in-house hotels and restaurants as it is a bit difficult. 

22. Mandi 443 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Laden with thick green pastures like deodar and pine trees, Mandi is also known as 'Varanasi of Hills' or ' Choti Kashi' as the town's hub of almost 81 temples. 

Transportation: The nearest airport is Kullu airport in Bhuntar 60 km and the nearest railway station is Pathankot 210 km. 

Time of the year: The weather from April to October is pleasant. 

Activities: Prashar lake trekking, visiting various temples like Pandoh Dam, Bhutnath Temple, etc. 

Food to eat: It has many restaurants and dhabas that serve multi cuisines.

23. Dharamshala 475 km (Himachal Pradesh)

An ideal place for meditation and learning about Buddhism and Tibetan culture. 

Transportation: Pathankot railway station 85 km and Gaggal airport about 13 km away. 

Time of the year: Between February and June. Spring and summer. Winters are frigid but the snow makes the valley look picturesque. There is a footfall of tourists in the winter as well. 

Activities: You can visit the Dharamshala cricket stadium, library of Tibetan works and archives, St. John in the wilderness church, War memorial, and Gusto Monastery. 

Food to eat: The cafes and restaurants serve amazing local food and being dominated by Tibetan culture, one should try Thukpa and Momos and Tingmo, Bakleb (Tibetan samosa), and other Tibetan dishes. 

24. Mcleodganj 480 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Mcleodganj 480 km. (Himachal Pradesh) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Famous for picturesque Dhauladhar Ranges which provide serenity and peace for the meditation and yoga enthusiast and the vibrant Tibetan culture. 

Transportation: Gaggal airport 10 km away and Pathankot railway station 90 km. 

Time of the year: Between October and February and March to June. Monsoons are not recommended because of heavy downpours. 

Activities: Sightseeing places like Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal monastery, and Bhagsunag temple. Trekking is also a pillar activity. 

Food to eat: It is dominated by Tibetan cuisines and staples like momos, balep, dotted with bakeries, and several cafes that serve delicious Lebanese, French and Italian delicacies. Hot Ginger Lemon tea is very popular as it compliments the weather tastefully. 

25. Palampur 490 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

It is a very good alternative to Dharamshala at a much lower cost with affordable accommodation. 

Transportation: Pathankot railway station 120 km and Dharamshala Kangra Airport Gaggal 40 km. 

Time of the year:  Despite pleasant weather throughout the year, the best time to visit is the onset of the summer season between March and June. Though the winters are freezing, if you're looking for adventure, the time is ideal. 

Activities: You can visit places like Kashi Jong Monastery, tea gardens, Nagual, Khad, and the famous Saurav Van Vihar. 

Food to eat: Pahadi and Jain food are widely available. The popular local delicacies of this hill station are Sepu Vadi, Chana Madra, Trout Fish, Chicken Anardana. With tourism slowly picking up, more cafes and restaurants are opening up to a variety of cuisines. 

26. Kullu 497 km (Himachal Pradesh)

Known as the ‘Valley of Gods’, this hill station is a cluster of beautiful majestic hills covered in Pine and Deodar forests. It has several options for adventures and a lot less crowd than the adjacent places. 

Transportation: Bhuntar airport is around 10 km from the center of the town. Joginder Nagar is around 95 km. 

Time of the year: Summers from March to June are the best to visit Kullu. Winters also see heavy tourists because of the festivities seen around Raghunath Temple and the adventure sports. 

Activities: Rafting in Manali. You can visit the great Himalayan national park, Raghunath temple, and Pandoh dam. 

Food to eat: The cafes and restaurants provide a wide variety of cuisines to cater to the heavy tourists' flow. The local delicacies include bhature, patrodu, sattu, kodra roti, jatu (red rice), and more. You can also try the locally made wine Lugri. And the freshest fruits. 

27. Kasol 520 km (Himachal Pradesh)

A paradise for nature and adventure lovers. 

Transportation: The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railways station 144 km away from Kasol. Kullu Manali airport is around 30 km away from the destination. 

Time of the year: October to June is the best time to visit this hill station. And the best time to explore the wilderness is from March to May. 

Activities: Trekking in the Kheer Ganga trek, Tosh, along the Parvati river. 

Food to eat: The eating joints serve a wide variety of North Indian foods, however, being the hub of a large number of Israelis, Shakshouka is one of the best dishes served in the cafes. Shambhu momo stall near the bridge serves undoubtedly the most delicious momos in the valley. 

28. Manali 535 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Known for its snow spokes and adventure sports and the picturesque location. It is also the starting point for drives to Spiti valley and Ladakh. 

Transportation: Bhuntar airport 50 km. Ambala cantt is 200 km away. 

Time of the year: The period of October to June is the best time because the weather is pleasant and the flowers are in full bloom. Visit in December to February for snowfall and snow sports. However, visiting during the monsoon is highly dangerous because of landslides. 

Activities: Visit the Solang valley and Rohtang pass for their scenic beauty. Adventure sports at Beas Kund Trek and the paragliding range. 

Food to eat: The restaurants serve you a wide range of cuisines from all over the world and an equally rich platter of local Himachal food. Must-try restaurants to visit are Chopsticks and Mayur. 

29. Tosh Valley 540 km. (Himachal Pradesh)

Tosh being an isolated valley is untouched and uninfluenced by human intervention and holds a beautiful place in Himachal's one of the beauties. Tosh has a famous town because of which it is becoming more famous, that is, Kasol. 

Transportation: Joginder Nagar railway station 144 km. 

Time of the year: April to October is the best time to visit. If you are a winter lover, the period from November to February is the best time to visit the snow-clad village. 

Activities: Exploration, partying, Visit the famous Jamadagni Rishi Temple, and trekking. 

Food to eat: The food here is confined to Indian, Italian, and European cuisine. It's a little expensive but the place also has stalls of Maggi and tea at higher altitudes. 

30. Dalhousie 581 km. (West Bengal)

Covered in snow-clad peaks of Dhauladhar ranges, Dalhousie has beautiful meadows, dense forests, greenery, and pine-clad mountains that remind you of the old-world charms and heritage. 

Transportation: You can reach the hill station by air, train, or road journey. The nearest airport is Pathankot airport 75 km away. And Pathankot railway station 80 km.

Time of the year: Dalhousie has ideal weather throughout the year, but the best time would be March to June when the snow begins to melt and the sun rays can be seen from the peak of the mountains. 

Activities: The must-visit places here are Satdhara Falls, Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, river crossing, and river rafting. 

Food to eat: Dalhousie offers Indian, Italian, Tibetan, Mughlai food. You can also relish the local Himachali food. The prices are very pocket-friendly and every dish is served with a nice twist of a pickle. 

31. Srinagar 833 km. (Jammu and Kashmir)

Srinagar 833 km. (Jammu and Kashmir) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Srinagar is one of the most beautiful cities situated in the most beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a feast to the eyes during the stay of Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Char Dham Yatra. 

Transportation: Jammu station 290 km. Sheikh ul Alam airport is 15 km away from the city center. 

Time of the year: January to May and September to December. 

Activities: Shopping and Village Tourism 

Food to eat: North Indian food along with Chinese cuisine as well. 

32. Mount Abu 837 km. (Rajasthan)

Mount Abu 837 km. (Rajasthan) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

Away from the blistering hot weather of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a blessing as the only hill station in the state with its lush green pastures and a gigantic view of Aravali Hills.  The place offers you the experience of Jain culture at its fullest, with beautiful waterfalls and serene lakes.

Transportation: There are two modes of transportation, either by train or by road. 

Time of the year: It is a year-round hill station however, because of the heat it is advised to visit the place in winters. 

Activities: You would love to take up the offer of camping under the starry nights and rowing boat in Nakki Lake. 

Food to eat: Local foods like Dal Bati churma, laal maans (meat), moong dal halwa, and many more sweets are offered. It is advised to try the local foods mostly. 

33. Ladakh 1000 km. (Leh & Ladakh)

Ladakh 1000 km. (Leh & Ladakh) | Hill Stations Near Delhi

It's far, agreed, but no one would pass up a chance to visit this alluring and appealing site of Ladakh. It is the Buddhist Kingdom with Tibetan Buddhist culture and the mountain peaks have rocky outcrops, the multi-colored flags are a scene to observe. 

Transportation: You can reach there by road or train or even by flight. But nature lovers generally prefer road trips as you see the beautiful arenas throughout the road. 

Time of the year: The suggested month is between May and August. May is the most visited month when the activities start. If you are an adrenaline junkie, Chadar trek in winters is what you're looking for. 

Activities: Besides trekking, we also get adventure sports like Biking, water rafting, and safaris. 

There are many more places that you can go to, to break away from the routine life as we know it like Munnar, Ooty, Gangtok. 

Take all the safety precaution measures, ensure your health and well-being, and happy tripping!

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