51 Breakup Quotes To Get Over Heartbreak

Pain Makes You Stronger, Fear Makes You Braver, Heartbreak Makes You Wiser!

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It is said in movies that when love happens, then in the background, music plays, heartbeat rises, there is a bell ringing in people's hearts, etc but these are movie things and don't happen in reality. Various philosophers studied love and concluded that love is a feeling with emotions. 

Love is a chemical that is released from our brain in the form of dopamine and oxytocin. Love is a selfless feeling like when we think of other people as a priority. 

Love is a feeling which gives you the sign of compassion, caring, dedication towards another person or partner. When we are in love, then we see nobody, we are mad at that person, we see everything in a positive way, our total aim is to protect that other person Her problems and miseries are all yours. It is a great feeling that one can experience in their entire life.

When we are in love, then we enter into a relationship with both of their mutual consent.

In the starting phase of love, we didn't see anything, but down the line, we realize or feel that there are many reasons in one relationship for a breakup, and we do the same thing when we feel restricted. We broke up and after this, our relationship comes to an end. 

Some people move into other relationships while some of them face heartbreak. Most people easily overcome this pain, but a few of them get stuck in that brooding memory.

I know a breakup is a sad situation and we usually try to isolate ourselves during this time in order to not hurt anyone else. But it is said that sadness decreases when shared with others.

So, here I have prepared a list of all the breakup quotes for the heartbroken people to make them realize that they are not the only ones going through a heartbreak.

These breakup quotes are quite relatable for the heartbroken people and will share their sadness.

1. The longer you live in the past, the less future you have to enjoy.

Breakup Quotes

The first one on the list of breakup quotes asks you to forget the past and move on as soon as possible.

People don't know what they are wasting, time is very precious, don't let time go to some useless one, who doesn't give you respect and leaves you for somebody else. 

We have to focus on the future, give time to ourselves, and be busy redeeming ourselves. The future is waiting for you, for the better one.

2. Forget everyone and live happily.

Breakup Quotes

Change is the only constant. We have to forgive everybody and do good deeds in life. 

And then see what destiny had planned for you.

3. After 5-10 years of life, we peep in our past and laugh at what we do with ourselves.

Breakup Quotes

Time heals everything. It is natural that when we are in love, we give our full time, energy, everything, and when that person ditches you then feel very unpleasant.

But let it be guys, this is not the end.

4. Self-respect is the greatest expression of love.

Breakup Quotes

When somebody is not paying attention and you are ruining your life, by begging that please come back, then we don't let go of our self-respect very easily, but later on, we realize what we are ruining. 

5. Life is too short to stress yourself, who don't even deserve you, who don't value you, your time.

Breakup Quotes

The next one on the list of breakup quotes suggests you to stress less and live more.

6. Relationship is like a thread, if it is broken into 2 pieces then if we tying again with a knot, then also it is not permanently mended. If we start, again and again, there is no use, it will become bitter and bitter. 

Breakup Quotes

7. Don't give importance to that one, who wouldn't cry over you.

Breakup Quotes

There is no chance that a person loves you, who doesn't even care when you cry, when people are even in love then they didn't give you tears, they don't want to see tears in your eyes.

8. Breakup is not the thing to cry on, it makes even the stronger person, with the stronger heart, stronger desire.

Breakup Quotes

This breakup quote shows the positive side of a breakup.

9. Don't cry because it is over, simple and laughs because it happened and there will be a new beginning.

Breakup Quotes

In the starting phase, we cried a lot but, after some point of time, there is new sunshine who is waiting for you. 

It is said that it is over and you have to make a new start.

10. Instead of brooding in the past, prepare for a better tomorrow.

Breakup Quotes

11. Love will fuck you more than drugs ever will. 

It is rightly said that love can make you even worse than drugs. Love is that addiction that we cannot escape from that also, as like from drugs. 

But when there is a will, there is a way. all the things lie in your hand, how to deal with this.

12. Don't lower your standard for anyone or anything.

The next one on the list of breakup quotes suggests you not to lower your standards for some other person.

13. Be like a magnet, so that everybody chases you and works hard for yourself, for your own sake.

Breakup Quotes

14. Begging is the worst option in one relationship, the one who loves you, will never make you cry and beg for love.

When you beg for love and say to your partner that please come back, this is the worst feeling ever. when someone treats you like a princess and suddenly throws you out of their world, then we feel very low, but begging is not an option, after so many requests, then also he/she will not come.

15. Self-love is the most important key in one's life, give priority to you the utmost.

Breakup Quotes

16. Just because somebody leaves, doesn't mean the world or universe leaves you.

This breakup quote says that there are many people in the world, so why stuck on the one who already left!

17. Life has lots of opportunities to welcome you, you have to decide what doors you want to open.

Breakup Quotes

18. Promises are always meant to be broken, don't believe that is your next motto to live.

Promises are always made in relationships, but in most cases, they are not fulfilled. So better to give, don't give any promise in a relationship, from starting onwards your motto should be, be strong.

19. When a mirror is broken, it has several pieces. When somebody is going to fix those pieces they get hurt and there is no value in fixing them. That is the same case with mending relationships or begging.

Breakup Quotes

20. Pain is inescapable but suffering can be escapable.

Breakups are hard. This breakup quote asks you to escape from its suffering as soon as possible.

21. Don't regret your choice in the past, be confident in your decision for future perspective.

After being failed in a relationship, we suddenly start doubting our choice, we said that or curse ourselves that we choose the wrong one, but be confident in our decision, and said to our heart that everything is going perfectly, but when our partner got changed at some point of time then what is your fault.

22. Stop expecting loyalty from a person, who did not give you honesty.

Fidelity is one of the key aspects of a relationship and it is one pillar where a relationship stands, but somebody who doesn't give you loyalty gives you treachery doesn't deserve to be your partner.

23. Giving so much importance to a person, is throwing an axe on your own foot.

By giving so much importance to one, who didn't even deserve is not worthy. He is taking you for granted.

24. Every breakup gives you the chance to do the right thing next time.

Breakup Quotes

25. If nothing is meant for you, it will always run from you.

This breakup quote tells a fact that whatever is meant for us, will cross our way and stay, no matter what!

26. Don't trust somebody easily, salt also looks like sugar.

This is not actually a breakup quote but advice.

27. Love doesn't mean you are like gifting yourself to the other one, love is a feeling, it is mutual consent when on both sides, priorities are fixed.

Breakup Quotes

28. A breakup doesn't mean you are the reason, or you have flaws, it is more than that, the other can't even see you right or properly. 

Don't criticize yourself for the breakup, don't see flaws in yourself, the one who leaves you, doesn't deserve you. So stop cursing or blaming yourself.

29. Don't change yourself for other people. The one who actually loves you loves your identity, what you are. 

Breakup Quotes

30. There are so many things that you learn in a storm.

The time after a breakup for a true lover is none less than a storm. This breakup quote suggests you to learn from your past and never repeat the same mistake again.

31. Everybody is born with his or her destiny. Don't compare yourself with anyone. 

Breakup Quotes

32. Our heart is the strongest organ, it can hold 3 heart attacks, it breaks, heals, and becomes stronger again. 

This breakup quote tells the strength of our heart but that's just a fact. If we keep it happy, it is way more stronger than we actually think of it.

33. Instead of wiping the tears, wipe that person from your life, who is the reason for those tears.

Next on the list of breakup quotes is a harsh one but true. If we can do this, life would have been so easy.

34. Stop looking at your happiness, where you have lost it. 

Breakup Quotes

35. Nobody will come when you are lying on a deathbed, so stop wasting your time waiting for somebody, there is no one who is coming. 

Nobody will come with you when you leave this universe, don't even your parents, so why does one person you think will come, from our parents we have blood relation, that person we have no connection with, came into our lives and we give so much importance to him and start believing in him. 

This is all bullshit, start introspecting yourself, build and groom yourself.

36. If he is stupid enough to leave you, get smart enough to let him go.

If somebody stupid enough to leave you, disregard you, dint pay attention to you, then be smart enough to deal with this kind of world, sometimes selflessness is necessary.

37. It is not compulsory that you are dependent on somebody, don't rely on somebody to take care.

Breakup Quotes

38. Don't be afraid to start all over again. You make your new story better.

Breakup Quotes

39. Inner peace will come when you don't allow somebody to control you.

This breakup quote says you not to give your peace in someone else's hand.

40. Busy in redeeming yourself, improving your own personality, don't be stuck in the past to control you.

Breakup Quotes

41. Overcoming breakup makes you stronger mentally and physically. 

After a breakup, we make up our minds to restart again. We feel after some point of time, very dedicated to our work, motivated, stronger than before, and probably don't repeat the same mistake again and again.

42. Heartbreak is a blessing from god side, it protects you from the wrong one.

This breakup quote asks you to see the positive side of the breakup.

43. It's not your duty to fix everything, things that are broken, never reversible.

Breakup Quotes

44. Never fear letting go of something good for something great.

Another breakup quote suggesting that everything happens for our own good.

45. Don't get emotionally dependent on other people. 

Emotions are inescapable, but we have to control our emotions so that we don't depend too much on somebody, after that when that person leaves you, it is very painful, so we have to make our mind strong and believe in yourself and don't get too much emotionally attached with your partner.

46. Have a life outside your relationship.

Breakup Quotes

47. Grow strongly in your career, build financially, have ambitions in life, have patience, and see someone regret leaving you. 

When you have a stand-in society, you are financially sound, stable, growing in your career, then most of the people have envy on you, that person who left you in the past, also feels the same and feels regret why he left you.

48. Don't let people take you for granted.

A big reason behind a breakup is that people start taking everything for granted. This breakup quote suggests you not to do it.

49. Live your lives with your own terms and conditions.

Feel liberal, go have a party with your friends, loved ones, focus on goals, stop wasting your time crying.

50. We have to believe in our luck like God is supporting us by not letting us go to the other people once again.

God is saving you from the mishaps in your life. We have to believe in our luck, by doing what our brain says, not heart after a breakup.

51. We have to forgive to forget, and forget to feel again.

Breakup Quotes

The last one on the list of breakup quotes says that it's better to forget and live a peaceful life. Until we move on from our last relationship, we won't be able to establish a new one. So to feel the beautiful feeling of love again, learn to forget.

So, feeling love, being in love and relationship is a wonderful thing, but being stuck in pain is not a necessity, it is optional. 

It depends on you, how you let things go. Love didn't tell you that to beg with another partner, give your self-respect to your partner, it is a feeling to prioritize, give respect to both the partners. 

When a relationship becomes abusive, absurd, the right thing to do is to end, there is no chance to carry it forward. 

Pain is inevitable, but after some point of time people have to focus on their future ambition, goal, etc, don't dig into that meaningless relationship. 

So above are the breakup quotes that might help to overcome your heartbreak and will give you a boost in life.

Comment down if you related to any of the quotes. 

Also, like and share this list of breakup quotes with your heartbroken friends. Happy Healing!

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