15 Healthy Benefits Of Tea That Makes It A Must Have Beverage

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Vishakha Panjapi

Jun 4, 2021|5 min read


Tea or should I say the unbelievable magic of plant leaves. Rich or poor, pretty or ugly, younger or older, there won't be anyone who would disagree with not loving tea at some point in their life. 

It's one of the classic beverages that connects everyone in a conversation without looking at their differences. 

We all love to gossip or chit-chat with our friends over a cup of tea. Or when we have to be awake all night for our assignments or some work, tea is our only mate at that time.

People often refer to tea to be an unhealthy beverage if taken in excess but a lot of us disagree with that. Well! to be honest, anything in excess is always bad but here I have listed 15 healthy benefits of tea that could help you in reverting back to those who refer to it as unhealthy.

Healthy Benefits Of Tea

Tea was an accidental innovation by Chinese emperor SHEN NUNG during 2737 BC as he was boiling water. At times, because of the wind, leaves named Camellia Sinensis fall in his water, and a mysterious yet flavorsome beverage was prepared. Soon after that, the drink was named TEA. 

The main difference which is seen in the colors of tea at various places is how they are processed. The drink is now an addiction to people. 

An average of 3 billion cups of tea are consumed on a daily basis and they all are having some health benefits of tea. Generally speaking, there are 100 kinds of tea varieties. 

So, from this let's see which kind of benefits people inherit as they intake the tea. The healthy benefits of tea are as follows:

1. White tea is good for strengthening bones.

The benefit of white tea is more powerful than others as it has many antioxidants and moreover, it's unfermented. 

It is the most delicate variety which also helps to combat skin which aids aging. 

2. Black tea boosts our energy level.

90% of black tea benefits are taken by the U.S as black tea there has more caffeine as compared to other forms of tea.

It improves our immune system and oral health. Black tea also works as an antioxidant that benefits our digestive tract.

3. Green tea is remarkable for living a longer life.

Green tea fights off viva blood sugar problems and treats your skin as healthy. Somehow it reduces the neurological damage and chance of the stroke. 

Definitely, green tea will make you live longer.

4. Ginger tea is recommended to overcome cold flu.

Ginger has loads of benefits such as reducing inflammation, preventing cancer symptoms and motion sickness, etc. When mixed in tea, the combination helps to fight the cold flu in our bodies.

5. Turmeric tea is a great way to detoxify the body.

Turmeric tea with a sprinkle of black pepper improves taste which also manages our stress level.

Turmeric tea even without pepper is also good for well-being. 

6. Fennel tea is majorly used for cleansing blood.

This clearly shows that fennel tea would result in a balance of hormones and treat respiratory problems as well.

7. Cinnamon tea benefits of antifungal properties.

Cinnamon tea boons brain functioning, lowers cholesterol levels, and treats menstrual cramps. Seems like a package of healthy tea benefits to me!

8. Lemon tea especially is a rich source of vitamin C. 

Lemon tea is another variation of black tea with some drops of lemon in it, for improving the taste. 

This indicates that vitamin C keeps our body hydrated and is good for the skin. 

9. Masala tea helps us to stay happy and positive.

Masala Tea is so special to most people because it contains milk with lots of herbal spices. 

It works on stress levels for a bunch of people and helps to keep our hearts healthier.

10. Peppermint tea eases the digestion process as it contains a cooling effect.

Surely you would agree that peppermint, a natural herb, can comfort our day if consumed on a daily basis. 

Peppermint tea could give you a refreshing and ingenious feel for the day as it tastes very bold, fresh, and mint flavored.

11. Lavender tea has a strong point as it assists as an effective painkiller.

Lavender tea has a scanty supply and only focuses on Lavender extract. It boasts a distinct flavor. 

It acts as a painkiller and helps to curb activity, sleepiness problems, and works as antibacterial properties. 

12. Jasmine tea has the advantage of reducing pain and aches.

Jasmine Tea is highly fragrant. Subsequently, it is known as scented tea in China. 

Flavour is sweet because the Jasmine blossom and its fragrance are included. Jasmine tea is good for flu, diabetes and protects against arthritis pain. 

Jasmine Tea also helps in the anti-aging process.

13. Oolong tea satisfies the need for healthy bones.

The benefits of Oolong tea are that it improves mental health and prevents osteoporosis. 

There are different kinds of oolong tea that can promote weight gain and weight loss when differently tried with different tea brands. 

Oolong tea also helps in increasing the body's metabolism.

14. Matcha tea makes peace against infection.

Matcha tea is originally known as Japanese green tea. This drink is a little bit strong and would taste bitter to some people. 

It is clear that Matcha tea has a relaxing effect that could detoxify the body. 

Matcha tea actually prevents influenza and makes the body relax.

15. Chamomile tea cures muscle spasms.

This benefit of tea comes from edible chamomile flowers and named tea as chamomile tea. It is effective for calming nerves and that aids insomnia, wounds, infections, and treat parts like the liver, thyroid, etc.

All of these conclude that TEA itself says TASTE ENERGY ADMITTED. Tea was primarily used as a remedy and has medicinal benefits.

These are just the facts that we can put under the list of benefits of tea as they can be physically proven. But what about the mental peace that is achieved after consuming it!

I'm sure, everyone reading this will relate to some incident when tea acted as a remedy for you.

Hence, try new and different types of tea and inherit some of its benefits. So, have a cup of tea to kick start the day and turn it into a great one.

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