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Mar 21, 2022 3 min read

This Monday, by this inspirational story, or could be motivational story as well for many, let us realize the power of hand work and determination.

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Everyone knows that it is important to have some bit of luck on their side in order to reach greater heights, but in this video about the motivational story, it is about a man who literally defied the force of luck and went by his determination and zeal to achieve greatness.

The video is referring to the story of Rishi Panini. Now one may ask who is he exactly?

Panini was one of the greatest linguists and he is the founder of language and literature. But he was not always a student who excelled and shined in academics, rather he was a sloth at learning.

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As told in the story, no one thought that he would ever achieve anything in the field of academics but he did, by his determination and hard work, as hard work pays off always.

In this inspirational story, his Guru refused him his right to education as he wasn't good at studying and even elaborated that he didn't have the education line in his palm like the other brilliant students in his Ashram.

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Later, what he did, created history and became a motivational story for every individual, and certainly made everyone realize who he truly was. Watch the complete video to know about his answer when he was told by his Guru to abandon the idea of being a scholar and focusing on anything else.

The moral of the story is that when someone determines his or her strength and decide to work on that, eventually hard work always pays off, no matter what the cost and how much time it consumes, one will achieve what they deserve, then the destiny itself offers the help and the universe opens great doors of opportunities for that person, and it is a big lesson from this inspirational story.

Panini was a child but still had the courage and determination of a grown-up. He proved the world that if anyone gives their time and work really hard towards the achievement of a greater success, then nothing or no one dares to become a hindrance in their path., and their journey becomes a motivational story for others.

Watch the complete video and realize the importance of determination and get yourself motivated to achieve something great.

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