60 Happy Valentine's Day Love Quotes For Your Special Someone

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Valentine's Day is not just a day for chocolates, flowers, trips and gifts, but also a time to tell your Valentine how much you love them. The day is incomplete if you don't express your feelings and emotions before your special someone.

Valentine's Day Love Quotes

We understand that it becomes tough when you are to put down your feelings in words and even more difficult when you have to convey your feelings by words. Hence, we have listed some heartfelt happy Valentine's Day Quotes for your help.

Though the beautiful feeling of love is difficult to capture in words, we are lucky to have these romantic Valentine's Day love quotes for help. Don't keep waiting and read along to find a quote that tells your special someone how you really feel.

Here we begin with our list of happy Valentine's Day quotes:

1) You whispered to my heart and kissed my soul when you first met me. Your love has changed me forever.

2) Your presence is my food, your breath is my wine. You are everything to me.

3) Every year on Valentine's Day, my heart fills with love and gratitude because you made me a part of your life.

4) Love is a partnership. When two individuals come closer, they bring out the best in each other. They know, they are wonderful together.

5) For me, each day when we are there for each other, even if we are not together, is Valentine's Day.

6) A love relationship is like a key. If you choose the right one, it can open any heart and lock any mind.

7) My best memories have you cuddling me with warmth, peace and comfort on Valentine's Day.

8) One day is not enough for me to show how I love you. Let’ celebrate valentine’s day each day, every day, and everywhere.

9) Until I met you, I had no strengths and a lot of weaknesses. Now, you are my only strength and my only weakness.

10) Hey Valentine, you give me the same kind of feeling people write novels and make movies about.

11) It’s not dollars but your love, my valentine, that makes me rich.

12) I don’t want to spend Valentines Day thinking and dreaming of you when I can spend it hugging, kissing and loving you!

13) Valentine’s Day comes every year to remind us that there’s nothing more precious in this world than love.

14) I wish to be one of those couples who will hold hands and laugh each year on Valentine’s Day for the next fifty years.

15) I am happy to give it my all for you because being with you and loving you is the only reason I am living this life.

16) The best feeling in the world is to realise that you are loved so much more than your imagination.

17) Every Valentine’s Day, the rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.

18) We have been together for years, but you still give me the love at first sight feels of high school days.

19) I never knew dreams could come true until I met you. I never knew love could heal until I found you.

20) My feelings for you make me mad because I spend more time thinking of you than doing other stuff.

21) On our first Valentine, you held my hand for a while and took away my heart forever.

22) I start every Valentine’s Day thinking of the day when we first bumped into each other. And I end it praying we never ever leave each other.

23) There’s my heart and then there’s you. I don’t think there’s any difference between the two. Happy Valentine’s Day.

24) If your love is a grain of sand, my world is a beautiful beach where we lie down together enjoying the winds of Valentine.

25) When you do so much for Valentines, I wish to make myself better year after year, only for you.

26) No matter how many years go by, I will continue to admire you and appreciate you for being in my life.

27) When you are cold as ice and someone gives you warmth, that someone is worth melting for.

28) I met a thousand people before I met you, but my heart never skipped a beat. When it did, it knew there is no heart for me like yours.

29) Because you were as weird as I, we came together to grow our weirdness into love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

30) The winds of Valentine whisper to me that the whole universe existed just to bring us together.

31)  Your love is an eternal flame for me, which shines bright on Valentine’s and keeps me warm throughout the year.

32) Your cuddle, a glass of coke and a movie on Netflix are what make my Valentine special.

33) Let’s Fight today so that I can persuade you, can sing for you and can make love to you.

34) 7 days of this Valentines week is how I wish to live with you till the end.

35) There are 3 important days of Love for me. Your birthday, our anniversary and this 14th February. Let’s make them special.

36) It’s you and me in this beautiful world. That’s how I have imagined my romantic book.
Let’s start the first chapter as our Valentine’s Day.

37) Let stop this watch today, travel the whole world and celebrate Valentine’s Day each day.

38) The only thing that makes me excited about Valentines is your presence!

39) I can’t blame gravity for falling in love with the same person every year on Valentines.

40) I have planned our life as I have planned this Valentine’s Day - long drive in the morning, your favourite food in the evening and loads of love at night.

41) Let’s be honest this valentine. You and I fought this far, only to go till the end.

42) What’s life without love? It a year without Valentine.

43) You holding my hand is still the safest, purest and bravest feeling.

44) Love and you are synonyms that I have known from the day I saw you.

45) At the end, all love stories live happily ever after. Let’s promise to be an uncommon couple of that common story.

46) Hugs are a way to let people know you love them without saying.

47) We are young but this feeling of love seems very old. We might have met recently, but it feels we are celebrating this day since ages.

48) Your smile brings me the greatest joy. Your smile is what makes my Valentine.

49) Let’s bind our soul on this day of love to be of each other forever.

50) I know love. It’s you.

51)  Loving you is not only my right but also my duty.

52) Even poets have failed to measure the deepness of love. Will you be my fellow explorer to discover this?

53) Let’s make a list of all the things that we have not done yet and make sure we do them until the next valentine.

54) How you have changed my life is how Valentine’s Day changed the shortest month.

55) Love is the highest level of friendship. It became so special that it changed its name to love.

56) We have walked till here. We will walk far ahead. Let’s celebrate our journey of love this Valentine’s Day.

57) Love: one soul, two bodies.

58) My madness and your love complete us.

59) I spend days planning our Valentine’s Day date just to see that big smile on your face, which is rare and special.

60)  Being loved by you gives me strength and loving you gives me courage.

This brings us to the end of our happy Valentine’s Day quotes list. However, this is not the end at all. The ritual of spending time with your Valentine and expressing your affection should be followed religiously. With the help of these quotes, make your Valentine’s Day special.

You won't find bouquets, chocolates, travel plans and cards here, but these happy Valentine's Day quotes will compensate for that. Your partner in crime, your most significant other, your one and only will surely love these Valentine's Day love quotes.

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