35 Rose Day Quotes To Start Valentine’s Week On A Sweet Note

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Feb 4, 2021|4 min read


Valentine's week starts with Rose Day on 7th February every year and wishing your Valentine on this day is very important. Every couple must have started preparing themselves for the Valentines celebrations and a different romantic experience altogether.

Happy Rose Day Quotes

To give your Valentine a cute surprise, you can write beautiful happy Rose Day quotes along with a rose and gift it to your love. It is undoubtedly going to take romance notches higher this year.

We have collected some fresh and unique happy Rose Day quotes for all the love birds out there. Let us begin:

1) You bring freshness and fragrance to my life like a fresh rose. Happy Rose Day!

2) I am sending you a bunch of red roses, coloured with my love and respect for you.

3) The rose you gave me on our first Valentine is still preserved in my personal diary of that year. It's a memory I want to keep forever.

4) Just like the rose and the thorn, joy and sorrow come together with love.

5) The yellow rose to show our friendship, a white rose to show our honesty, and a red rose to show our love, make my rose day bunch for you complete.

6) These red roses whisper my passion and white roses breathe my devotion, my love.

7) The hand that gives the rose and the hand that receives it contains its fragrance for a long time.

8) As the yellow rose turned red, our friendship turned into love. Happy Rose Day.

9) Not every flower can express love. Roses are special.

10) Whenever and wherever I see roses, I'm reminded of you.

11) Our love will grow like a rose and flow like water.

12) Every sweet-scented rose has been a witness to the most precious moments and tells the secrets of love.

13) Thank you for making my life a bed of roses. Thank you for being there all the time.

14) Millions of love birds and billions of roses make the presence of love felt on this earth.

15) You are a rose and I'm the dew stuck on its petals, afraid of falling apart.

16) All beautiful things are red - Love, heart and this rose for you. Happy Rose Day baby.

17) The raindrop on this rose is the second most beautiful thing, first one is you holding it. Happy Rose Day.

18) May you love me always the same as love these red roses. Happy Rose Day.

19) Let’s travel to the beautiful rose garden,  my rose.

20) The love and joy that this rose makes you feel. I Promise I will be your year-round rose.

21) It is rarest to see the two most beautiful things in the world together. You and this rose.

22) You are my rose that I see every time and become awestruck every single time.

23) The wind and rose sing the hymns of our love. I wish you a happy rose day and lots of love.

24) Rose is the start of ‘I and you’ becoming ‘We’.

25) We are like a rose. I am the thorn and you are the beautiful petals.  

26) When I have the most beautiful rose in my life, why would I need a rose to be happy?
To my beautiful rose, happy rose day.

27) You are my single rose that makes my life beautiful.

28) All my life I was searching for the beautiful rose in the garden then I met you.

29) This baby rose plant will witness our growing love and will become rose someday.

30) Every Rose reminds me of you.

31) This one I will keep forever, as the rose will fade not the love.

32) With each passing day my rose becomes much more beautiful.

33) O Rose’ If you want to see the beauty please see the person you is holding you, She is the prettiest in the world.

34) A single rose can be my garden and a single person, my world.

35) This rose will tell the earth, the time, the sun and the moon. There was a boy who was madly in love with the girl. This very rose which you are holding in your hand. Happy Rose Day.

This brings us to the end of happy Rose Day quotes, but for a good reason. You can choose the quote you wish to send to your Valentine and get going with wishing them. It is sure to touch the heart of your Valentine and take your relationship to the next level.

Give a nice start to your Valentine's Week with these happy Rose Day quotes and make your relationship more intimate with the lover. Happy Rose Day!

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