30 Propose Day Quotes To Grab Your Valentine’s Heart At Once

Time to exchange the rings!

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Feb 5, 2021|3 min read


The second day of Valentine's week, Propose Day is the most difficult day in a lover's life. It is a deciding day for the acceptance of the proposal and a 'happily ever after' life. You make the best efforts to propose your beloved in a way they can not forget.

Many of you must have started preparations for Propose Day long ago, but if you are still missing out on the charm of the plan, consider adding a Propose Day quote to it. We have listed Happy Propose Day quotes here for your help!

These quotes are sure to make your proposal the cutest of all proposals. It will be totally unforgettable and memorable for the two of you. Let us start with our Propose Day quotes!

1) You are someone I cannot be without. Happy Propose Day.

2) I want you to be the last person I see when I sleep every day at night. Happy Propose Day.

3) Would you mind sharing your days and nights with me?

4) I propose to rise together in love with you my sweetheart.

5) Will you hold my hand and set out on this beautiful journey called life?

6) As long as I have you by my side, I have a reason to live life. Would you be by my side forever?

7) Come, live in my heart, my Valentine. I'll not charge a penny from you.

8) Let's hold on for a lifetime together.

9) When I look into your eyes, I see my present and my future with you. Happy Propose Day!

10) I wish to live with you in your weird world.

11) Meeting you was fate and falling in love was beyond my control. Stay with me forever.

12) No matter whatever happens in life, we will face it together.

13) Would you sit with me on the rooftop on a moonlit night and share a hot bowl of Maggi when we are about to lose our teeth?

14) You are in my thoughts all day long. I want you to be in my life until my last breath.

15) You are my dream. Will you be my reality?

16) I'm a flower, you are a butterfly. How about a date on a sunny day?

17) Please find attached my heart with this ring. Happy Propose Day!

18) Believe me, nobody knows what's in my heart better than you. Do I need to say more?

19) I want to propose my love today so that our love lasts forever.

20) Mom once told me that there's someone special for me on this Earth. I think it's you.

21) Will you be mine forever always?

22) Let’s take our love to another level. Will ‘you’ become “us’ from here on?

23) I know you are the fierce queen that will always protect me. I bow down to you and ask this question: will you be my protector and queen forever from here on?

24) The world may not be enough to hold your craziness. So, I propose to let me be the one responsible for it forever. Will you be mine forever?

25) I have fought battles by your side and I want it to be the same, always, forever.

26) You are my second wish that came true. Will you make my first wish come true by being with me forever?

27) Yesterday I saw the shooting star and wished the hand which I hold today always remains in my hand forever.

28) Will you live with me till we see 30th Feb together?

29) Let us walk together till we reach the moon.

30) It is you or no one. Please say ‘yes’.

The Happy Propose Day quotes have a unique charm, which adds depth to your proposal and translates your feelings into words. Love birds, who are going to present proposals and get committed for a lifetime are certainly in need of them.

Even the already committed couples with their partner can also use these Propose Day quotes and make the second day of Valentine Week special. The success of Valentine’s Day greatly depends on the success of Propose Day.

We hope and pray, your proposal gets accepted. Best of luck!

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