Happy Birthday Poems To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special.

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Birth anniversaries always carry a special place in our lives, as that is the only day we are made to feel special and more loved by our family and friends. So, here are few 'happy birthday poems' you will need to make your loved ones feel good and happy on their birth anniversaries.

This happy birthday poetry is written by me, for my dear friend. You may use it for yours as well!

To the chubby son of a beautiful mother,
Who keeps feeding him food which he doesn't bother.

To the pampered little brother in you,
Who gets nurtured with the love of a charming sister and a caring brother too.

Acquiring the bravery of his father & his mother's pious heart,
He vanishes the obstacles from his life apart.

To the diehard fan of Chester Bennington,
Who dreams to visit the festival of Sunburn.

Teasing each other & gossipping about every itsy- bitsy talks,
We crack-up together on all the meme stocks.

A couple got blessed on this auspicious day to remember,
A cute little devil was born in the month of September.

May God Bless You, I will always pray,
For you are 'a boundless Sky' I will always say.


This happy birthday poem is composed by me, on my cousin's birthday. You may offer your best wishes in the form of rhyming words too, like this.

To the lady, who has a strong heart,
To the one, who keeps family & workload apart.

To the woman, who excels in her profession,
To the one who is a perfect wife in all the dimensions.

The beauty who knows how to elegantly pose,
The one who steals away all her shows.

The lady with the golden heart & pure soul,
She is the beauty & brain in one bowl.

A couple got blessed once with a fanciful Fairy,
A cute angel was born in the month of January.

Acquiring the bravery of her father & her mother's pious heart,
She vanishes the obstacles from her life apart.

May The God bless you, I will always pray,
For you are 'my sweetest sister' I always say!

This birthday poetry is also one of my compositions, which I generally use for wishing birthdays to my family and friends.

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/happy-birthday-poems-by-vartika">Happy Birthday Poems by Vartika Srivastava</a>
Happy Birthday Poems by Vartika Srivastava


Why is this day so propitious & jolly,
Which festive has made it so lovely?
The birds are chirping all around,
Harmonizing together in a beatific sound.
The sky too is so clear and azure,
Oh! Look at the nature's allure.
The atmosphere is redolent with the fragrance of someone's birth,
Seems like a fairy has been sent on the earth.
Happy Birthday!!!😊😊😊

This poetry is always close to my heart, as it was gifted to me by my dear Aunt.

On your lucky day,
I wish you the happiness of heart , mind n soul...
N that you achieve your most aspiring goal...

May your readers get multiplied with each of your post,
May your poems n write-ups be liked the most...

Your creativity is enhanced with each passing day...
Your drawing n caricatures have so much to say...

A medico with literary skills is an attractive combination...
May you excel in both with a marked perfection...

When it comes to beauty with brain, 
you are a perfect example of it...
May you rise to glory 
And May the sky be your limit...

Happy birthday dear!!!