29 Handbag Brands in India Every Women Should Totally Own

Mar 8, 2021 9 min read

Handbags, an absolute necessity whenever you step outside the house. It does not just help you in carrying multiple items of use, but also is a fashion statement at the same time. Purchasing a handbag for yourself is no big deal if you have the idea as to which brand and its products are more suited for your needs and requirements. 

Handbag Brands in India
Handbag Brands in India


Girls and bags go hand in hand. Every woman needs a loyal handbag in which she could fit all her essentials and move without any hassle. Handbags are any woman's best friend and a woman could feel incomplete without her handbags.

There are countless handbag brands out there when it comes to buying the best handbags for women. There are multiple numbers of new trending styles and bags which are coming in India and dominating the market and are expected to remain a major contributor in the next few years in the industry.

Let’s have a look at some of the best handbags brands in India.

1. Baggit

of the most recognized handbag brands in India, founded by Nina Lekhi in 1990.  Baggit manufactures high-quality handbags for women at affordable prices.  Apart from handbags the company also manufactures and designs belts, caps, multi-utility pouches, wallets, and other related products.  

At Present, Baggit has a net worth of more than INR 60 crores.  Baggit also has a presence on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Jabong. with their trendy designs and reasonable prices, Baggit has slowly captured customers all over India. 

With a wide price range of under Rs.  1000 and Rs.  5000, this brand has fulfilled the requirements from girls to women.

2. Lavie

Lavie is one of the leading lifestyle brands in India unveiled its first bag collection in 2010. followed by a wide range of products Lavie has penetrated the market through its reach in every retail front and offering an accurate product for the Indian masses. 

Lavie sells its products through many retail stores like Bagzone, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Central along with online retailers such as Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Myntra. In the affordable price range of Rs.  1000 to Rs.  7000, this brand has proven to be the choice of the Indian woman.

3. Caprese

Caprese came to the market in 2012 and gradually became one of the most preferred brands of Indian women handbags. Caprese’s handbags are offered at more than 800 points of sale across India. 

These including company-owned stores, multi-brand dealers, franchisee stores, and some of the largest department store chains such as Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, and Central. Caprese handbags generally range from Rs.  2000 to Rs. 8000.

4. HiDesign

HiDesign, a  manufacturer from Pondicherry, has become one of the top handbag brands in the world with more than 84 exclusive retail outlets and a distribution network across 23 countries. HiDesign is recognized for its quality products, and personalized service. 

The brand provides a price range of Rs.  2000 to Rs.  20,000. Hidesign is a sheer example of dedication and grown from a two-man workshop to one of the leading handbag manufacturers in India

5. Da Milano

For more than six decades Da Milano has existed in the manufacturing of leather goods. one of the best handbag brands in India today.  Its unique designs and shape represent state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and enduring sophistication.  

Apart from handbags, the company also offers travel bags, portfolio bags, wallets, and other accessories. In India, Da Milano operates 44 retail stores in 10 cities and has plans to grow to 100 retail outlets across more than 34 cities in India.

6. Esbeda

Entered the market in North India. a leading ladies handbag brand Esbeda launched by Intouch Leather House, in the year 2006. The company offers a broad collection of exclusive bags and accessories ranging from INR 1000 onwards. 

From bridal to formal and solid and printed handbags of all sizes you can find a suitable handbag from this brand. Apart from Indian market the company also have their own manufacturing facilities located in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

7. Lino Perros

Established in 1999  Lino Perros has become one of the leading handbag brands in India and is a subsidiary brand of Sumitsu Apparel, which is well known for its quality products. This brand is well-known for its exclusive designs and high-quality products. Lino Perros make clutches, sling, cross body bags, satchels, hobos available for customers at a very affordable price.

8. The House Of Tara

The House of Tara was founded in 2012, has grown into one of the leading handbag brands in India.  The House of Tara has taken the industry by its unique approach by breaking the cliché of traditional handbag designs and making casual, stylish, and pop-designed bags. The brand has become one of the most recognized brands among youngsters who look for funky and innovatively designed handbags at affordable prices.  

9. Ladida

Founded in 2001, Ladida is one of the most authentic brands that does not use animal leather instead utilizes synthetic leather and faux leather to make its bags. trendy designs with appropriate color combinations make it the most premium brand for handbags.  

Ladida has become one of the top 10 ladies handbag brands in India which offers quality products with a good price tag. The company’s products are available on the top e-commerce websites like Paytm, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, and other retailers.

10. Peperone

Founded in 2010, one of the top handbag brands in India and leading manufacturers of accessory lifestyle products including ladies' fabric bags, men’s wallets, and handbags. At present, the company has evolved from a handbag company to a multi-dimensional growth-oriented fashion brand.

It now includes Donna & Drew and Peperone under its umbrella. It has attracted a large number of loyal consumers. The brand provides affordable class and luxury handbags with comfort, progressive styles, and exquisite color combinations.

11. Aquatan

Aquatan a new addition in the leather handbag range which has been growing very quickly amongst customers looking for new and innovative designs with genuine leather. The brand handbags are priced between a range of Rs.  1000 to Rs. 7000. With Aquatan you can find some of the best combinations of western and Indian designs.

12. Cathy London

Founded in 2013 Cathy London handbags are eco-friendly handbags inspired by the PETA handbags brand. with their motto ‘Fashion Without Cruelty’ Cathy London provides hand-crafted elegant bags with a range of  Rs.  700 to Rs.  3000. the brand promises longevity and durability without using animal hides or skin in their products.  

13. Charles And Keith

One of the premium handbag brands in India Charles and Keith has always stayed ahead with its styles and designs for the upper classes. With the range of Rs.  4000 to Rs.  10,000 this brand provides quality bags. Charles and Keith become of the recognized brand because of its combination of colors and sophisticated designs.

14. Dianna Korr

Diana Korr is well known as a leading brand in handbags. Diana Korr handbags are made up of faux-leather. These handbags are very popular among youngsters because of their fine finishing, vibrant colors, trendy design, and high durability. In a very short time period, they have placed themselves in a market-leading position.  With an affordable price range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000, they have an extensive collection of some of the most trendy handbags and are readily available on e-commerce websites and major retail stores.  

15. Fossil

Fossil has been considered the king of premium products and has been involved in producing world-class products like watches and handbags. With its unique designs and quality, Fossil has become a part of women's handbag sections. The brand product has a price range of Rs. 7000 and upwards.  The bags from this brand can be found at major retail outlets and also on e-commerce websites.

16. Furla

Furla is an Italian brand created by Aldo Furlanetto in 1927. The brand endures Italian craftsmanship, refined style, and innovative designs at its best. in today’s time, Furla handbags are considered as some of the finest and preferred bags in the market. Apart from handbags, Furla also provides glitter clutches, metallic mini bags, petite wallets in multiple color variants, stylish bucket bags, totes, hobos, colorful satchels & much more.

17. Kanvas Katha

Kanvas Katha bags are made from cotton, contributing to the protection of the environment while you look totally in-vogue. Kanvas Katha bags are popular for their complementing colors and contrasting shades. The brand works with designers who want to create their own look and provide the youth with an affordable price range between Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000.

18. Woodland

Woodland Leathers is a leather clothing and accessories brand based in London UK. The brand provides high-quality leather products to customers worldwide and stocked in-store and online.  

Established for nearly 50 years this small family-owned business supplies today's leather customers with practical and affordable items from wallets through to style bags and many ranges in-between. The brand products are generally popular for their classic iconic designs.

19. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a very popular international brand in the country that has been delivering the best premium handbags for its customers. Kenneth Cole is popularly known for its best designs and most stylish looks. With a price range of Rs.  1000 to Rs.  20,000 it provides some of the most stunning handbags that have left many people in awe and wonder.  

20. Forever Glam

Forever Glam by Pantaloons is voted as India's Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand. Pantaloons has always been one of the most loved large format fashion retailers in India.  It is considered the fastest-growing large format retailer in the country. The brand handbags are known for their high-quality fabric, durability, and vibrant colors.

21. Leaderachi

Leaderachi is recognized as the brand which provides pure leather bags in the price range of Rs.  1000 to Rs. 7000. The brand products are made up of natural leather and hand-made products. The brand is popular for its sophisticated looks, styles, and vibrant colors.

22. Micheal Kors

Michael Kors is one of the oldest corporations in the world and was founded by Michael Kors in the year 1981. Michael Kors handbags are made from rich materials with a matchless design that is simply Michael Kors. The handbags are popularly known for their signature designs and vibrant colors and combination.

23. Stella Ricci

Stella Ricci A keen eye for the trend is a global brand that has made an impact on its audience with its sophisticated looks. Classy, sturdy, and durable Stella Ricci is on the runaway and brings it right into your closet this can be the next brand to invest in as the handbag’s price range between Rs.  1000 to Rs.  4000,

24. Steve Madden

Started as a Shoe Company, Steve Madden has now become an international brand delivering thousands of its products all over the world.  Steve Madden is one of the top handbag brands with iconic designs and chic patterns, vibrant colors, and an exclusive look. This brand has a price range of Rs.  3000 and upwards.

25. Viari

Based in Chennai Viari is a very famous brand that produces some of the best genuine leather bags in India. They are known for making some of the most trendy and stylish bags that are appreciated by many people. Viari is considered one of the genuine leather bag producers with a price range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15,000.


From making garments to accessories Mango become a very popular brand for Indian women. The brand is considered one of the most fashionable bags in the history of fashion. The handbags are popular because of their unique style, durability, and craftsmanship among the upper class. The price range of this brand is Rs. 6500 and upwards.

27. Bagsy Malone

Bagsy Malone started by Carole Marie Malone in 1911, another international brand that is preferred by women all over the world. The brand is known for its premium quality and the flawless craftsmanship makes you stick to this brand. The handbags of this brand have amazing colors and they generally have sling straps that look enchanting and elegant. You can get the best formal handbags with a price range of Rs. 250 to Rs. 2500

28. Dress Berry

An in-house brand, Dressberry was launched by Myntra in 2013. The brand is popular for its latest fashion and premium quality products. The handbags are made from Vegan Leather that makes the bags look more seductive and mesmerizing. The handbags are available in various patterns like printed, tassel, cut out, and studd. The price range of the brand is between Rs. 500-1500.

29. Mast & Harbour

Mast and Harbour Founded by Myntra and Jabong in the year 2013. The handbags are made up of synthetic leather that makes the bags better. The brand is known for its overwhelming color choices and fabrication. The brand can be found on e-commerce websites like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, and Flipkart.  

Handbag Brands in India
Handbag Brands in India

These are some of the handbag brands in India that reflect the choices of the Indian woman.  With the stepping of new handbag brands in India, we have some of the best brands of handbags for women that offer numerous choices and unmatched quality and style at the best price. So try out a bag for your every look!

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