Growth is tough when you don’t know what you’re growing in.

May 17, 2022 15 min read
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Every day I try a little harder, most days I do mainly the same things. The things I do mainly may not change much but I learn a new way of doing something or feel myself pushing a little harder. I see these things as being the framework for other things I do. Yesterday maybe I found myself frustrated at tasks I was doing but I found myself pushing harder on other tasks. I look at life like stretching a balloon over everything I do and while I may not be pushing as hard in one area, I'm pushing harder in another, till these areas of space and fillings become a greater percentage of the subconscious.

We build the subconscious at the rate that the subconscious is greater in size than of the conscious mind's action capability. Your conscious mind is everything in your life that you fit into your “active world”. When you use your conscious mind as your greatest tool, you fill your world with the activities that lead you to success. You succeed at anything when you build the framework into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will action you towards what you’re built to do. You build yourself towards the world you know. There’s no rain in the deserts and when there is it's sparse enough that it doesn’t lead to the creation of forests. This is equal to a person's mind who is locked within a mindset that keeps them from venturing through jungles and forests in thought and in return keeps them from experiencing a life outside what they know.

We never realise where we’re growing because we always have to be looking in the opposite place for growth to happen. You learn how to read fluently when you stop looking at the letters and see sentences instead. Everything we grow in always has to be what we’re holding, for anything the imagination imagines, grows. With everything we learn we’re drawn to learn something more, and the more we can learn that reflects the original thing becomes stronger and more of a pulling force within our lives. The things we learn are essentially Atoms in our life that create the elements of our lives. The more Atoms you hold, create your material world that gathers the electrons and protons, which are the pulling forces within your thought process.

The body is made of the physical Atom and the mind is made from the forces of the Atom. Atoms make up the world and the mind of man has complete control of the world through the mind being the forces within the Atom. The mind in the creation of its surroundings and everything that is contained within the mind, even all the surroundings, are all reflected from a mind that paints a picture onto the canvas of life around him and can alter his surroundings to match his desire through the correct actions of thought and action of a physical composure.

Life is but a field of energy that contains a stillness of life, where trangquelant life lives and the mind of the man alters this dimension of life as he draws his conscious mind onto the surface of life, like a cd being written by the lazer mind. Life is on a continuous movement through the galaxy and we see what is held in our vision. Gravity acts as the pull of the world to you. your mind is what creates gravity and it’s this force that you feel pulled down by, this is the speed at which we move through the galaxy. Life moves towards the point of creation, where we began at the end and always move towards the beginning. Where the painter had to have the image of painting the picture before ever painting on his canvas. The image in his mind was painted on the canvas before he began painting and through every moment that passed, he chose his own painting but that the painting was complete before it began.

Life always moves from the point that was the end of something, towards the beginning where it is the idea you’re working from. This is how the framework of the subconscious mind works. The fact that the painter knew how to paint was the bare essentials of the masterpiece. The framework always begins when the knowledge held is what is required to build that kind of picture in your life, so even though you feel you know enough to live a new life, you would only find yourself creating the next steps when you’ve finished creating the steps to progress you forward. Everything you learn is the building of something you go on to learn, you can take this way of thinking and turn it into the possibilities you hope for, by adding something in your life that reflects you to one day being able to do or use this fluently. You learn anything fluently when you paint pictures in your imagination that see you as having put in the steps. You have the ability to overcome the conventional way of thinking that 10,000 hours will get you to the perfection you wish for.

If you can look at the beginning process of something you do and see 100% commitment, then from that you build the drive to create the next step, this next step is more condensed, with fewer errors but no less commitment. When you can create a solid base of drive within yourself that's built with few to no errors, you create possibilities in your life that draw you to be able to accomplish other tasks alongside the one you’re mastering.

For a person to learn more than one thing at a time, is only possible when you have a level of mastery in one and the other is where your attention goes. A person only has the concentration that is given from the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is a planet while the sun and the rest of the solar system are the subconscious minds. The planet that makes up your conscious mind is only as capable as the education on that planet and the ability to use the knowledge.

We excel in our possibilities when we direct our conscious mind to master one thing at a time and then use the mastery of one thing, to boost our mentality to encourage us towards greater tasks alongside feeling greater about ourselves, because we get to see our progression. progression carries the thoughts to be more capable of reaching the life you wish for when you treat learning like a gymnast trains his body for his contests.

The mind is where action stems from, the mind is also an antenna for the connection of ideas into the world, and the world is the screen that displays our thoughts matched to our knowledge and capableness. To learn the truth is to hold the truth as your own knowledge and with the truth, you dictate your own truths. You become more true to yourself when you attract what you wish to attract through your conscious thoughts, but you attract what your subconscious sees of you.

The fight of a man is the fight for what he gets, to what he actively seeks in thought. The world reflects what you shine into your world and it’s this reflection you either gather as wanted refection or unwanted reflection. While we might find ourselves having what we don’t want to be reflected on, we also find it much easier to reflect what we want of ourselves in our direct actions. The opposite is true as well. When we see what we want being reflected at and around us, we find it less easy to reflect in our actions the things we know to be more strengthening.

It’s the strength of repetition that carries a man through easy and hard times to always look like building times. Build habits that make you work on yourself when times are good and when times don’t seem good. The harder the world is on you, the easier it is to learn great deals, when the world is easy on you, it’s hard to work on building further strengths.

Everything goes through seasons and it's how much energy you store within your capabilities, that carries you through your seasons. The lack of stores a person holds relates in a reflection of years taking shape on the person. A person only needs to learn how to make it rain when the rain hasn’t been for too long and know how to store his abilities in the hands of others who need these abilities in trade of other varieties.

The pulling force of a moon within you is the force that activates your abilities to shine and cultivate your gravity towards your desires, by shaping your desires to reflect things that bring out waves of current, that lead you to pull yourself to do new things while strengthening the old ones.

Life becomes a mission when you target yourself as on a journey. Your journey is created by your imagination toward the life you wish to live and it’s these missions that give you the feelings you vibe with. There’s always a limiting factor separating you from moving on, this is like a house being surrounded by a fence and you’re moving with only insight that leads you towards the gate and then into the next part of your journey. Every step you come to in life has to be seen and directed through insight and your insight is built from the knowledge you have gained while working towards what gets you going.

The mind of a man moves with a limitless freedom in all directions, like a light going on in a room and everything is lit up, but you need to capture every part of that vision and direct every inch towards what you wish to see. The mind is captured in imagination when the man frees himself from direct thought.

The imagination is a planet with the possibilities it holds. the conscious mind is the streets and cities of a planet, while the subconscious is the solar system. The Atom is the man himself and his thoughts are the forces of the Atom that directly affect the world he lives in. The wants of the person become the water, electricity and destinations with everything in between.

The possibilities a man holds, are the capabilities he has of turning his Atom into an elemental force within life. The more structured you create your life that reflects the life you wish will eventually surround you with this life when you have gathered enough elements of that you desire.

Nothing can stop a man who’s determined. You can run around in a blacked-out room long enough that you eventually find the door and with each turn you make, you learn something new along the way. The man who does not quit builds the world to his dimensions.

The mind is a magnet for the life it holds, the world is drawn to the mind that is magnetic to its surroundings like a light going on attracts other life. The world finds itself greater by the impact of a mind that has a magnetic pull, for the pull, pulls in the other minds that are similar and in turn creates a wave of life capable of creating and shaping the land around it.

The sight of a person if filled with delights, finds themselves drawn toward these delights. The more delights you offer in your presence, the more delightful you’ll find your surroundings to be.

create the idea that every part of you is useful to another, by the way, you have cultivated this of yourself, as every inch of you is that way because you cultivated the thoughts that lead you to create yourself in this way, and that is the most valuable offering you have as an idea.

A person is an idea of themselves and with every thought a person has, they become that thought as they put action to the thought. Your eyes are made for your thoughts to have a visual flow into the world you wish to see.

A person is capable of a limitless possibility of thought directions and it’s the conscious actioned thoughts that create who you become. You only need to master one thought, when one thought is at a level of mastery, you then have your conscious mind freed up to then create mastery in another thought.

When we establish a level of mastery of thought, we have this thought as a baseline. This can be seen when you see someone capable of something that they don’t look like they'd be able to do, and this is because they have created a level of mastery in this and only need to now reflect their level of mastery and not all the other things that they initially had to build so as to create their level of mastery.

The more baselines someone can hold onto, the more impact they have on the life they wish to lead.

Creating a baseline leads to the manifestation of capableness displayed through your surroundings. If you create a level of mastery in music, you could be anywhere doing anything and you’ll naturally find yourself surrounded by other musicians. Every level you can create a level of mastery in will naturally surround you by others who share these same talents.

Creating a baseline knowledge that reflects the sun to shine, will always keep the sun shining. Creating this baseline requires that you wish to always have the sun in your life, for you can imagine what you give toward this process and it’s apparent by how you drive your thoughts into the life you live.

No man ever summited a mountain he did not first climb in thought. You have everything surrounding you while you climb your mountain and you can never slip because the life you create has your back because you pull that life forward with you always.

No mountain ever stood tall, that someone did not climb and become even taller. The movement of thought that leads you to act upon your mountains, is the want to live as you choose and not have chosen for you.

What you fill your thoughts with, fills your world. When you can’t escape what you’ve created, you can only create something new. Your world has everything that you hold onto and all the possibilities you can gather when you act upon your world.

The world that surrounds you is equal to a dream and it’s the actioned thought that turns the dream into a reality. anything is possible unto you to make it possible but the second something becomes impossible, you have the ability to create its possibilities. You can be a sailing boat on an ocean surrounded by water and stay dry. Anything is possible when you create the possibility. The world translates anything you can imagine steps into.

There’s no mountain you can’t climb or ocean you can’t see to the bottom of. Everything as far as the imagination can travel, so the body can too. So the only limitation is knowledge held where it can’t create an action or creates a locked door. You don’t give street maps to an astronaut looking to explore the galaxy.

A person has in his capability the ability to control the weather and this is the process of concentrated ideas that lead to the creation of clouds that are released or held back, with temperatures being in your grasp too. These thoughts are cultivated through a strong belief in his capableness. This is a skill a person creates and uses to the extent of direct need. You can’t desire the weather to change but you can action it by actioning yourself to it.

Building focus that is capable of creating anything has to first rid itself of everything, to the point a man is but an empty field before building a city that touches the heavens.

The mind of man is either his friend or his enemy, for no enemy or friend is ever found without first creating that of your thoughts. Your home you live in is your thoughts and these thoughts dictate your home life. You can teach yourself autosuggestion but these skills need to be backed up with actions that lead you through the path of thoughts so that these thoughts lead to fruits growing in your life. Growing these fruits leads to greater strengths in your character.

The mind is a magnet for thought and thoughts are a magnet for action, but action is a stimulus of other actions and needs similar actions to reflect off. The mind will attach itself to anything you hold in thought enough times and with each continued thought, the mind writes this into the subconscious mind, where the subconscious has the ability to shine on these things like a torch on what you’re capable of.

You open every door you’re willing to write chapters to. Every door is but a chapter away from walking through. Your chapters have to lead you to act on your abilities so as to keep you writing in this thought process.

The mind is the idea of itself and when this idea is expressed, it is captured by what it’s expressed over. The mind is capable of travelling to every corner of the universe and it’s down to the user to control these thoughts to find actions capable of affecting the world you live in, to the point you have an impression on your world around you. We all want to have an effect on something within our lives and if you keep repeating this in your thoughts, this will lead you to find a way in which you can have an effect on your world.

Two people are separated by thought and create the worlds they see, these worlds only affect each other when they are directed at each other, apart from this, these two worlds could be on different planes of existence.

The mind of man creates the maze in which the world he sees, gets laid over these ideas. Where his ideas differ, the world must differ in this same way. Where something can’t be found in thought, it can’t exist in the world. If you never bring something into your life, it will never exist. Keep this thought and attract what you wish by the knowledge that everything that enters your life, is there because you created it and the more strength you have at creating something will make it more of a baseline within your world, where it appears everywhere or at least most places. You can turn what you see, into what you wish to see by applying the correct knowledge to your surroundings. The idea is that there are always doors in front of you and it's your choice which doors you walk through and this will be reflected by what you find on the other side.

With every task you action of yourself, you move toward mastering something. When you complete tasks that don’t end in some sort of mastery, you then add these actions to the idea of your capableness which reflects itself by how you would imagine someone working for you and if they never completed a task, then you never paid them, which left an impression that wasn’t in favour of any outcome. The more tasks of this kind you complete will leave you feeling incomplete as a person, even when you’re run off your feet all day every day. You need to create a level of mastery in what you do so that your mental ability is that of someone who finds joy and passion for what they do because they have the feeling of climbing a mountain every day to where they see further and feel more accomplished. Two people can do equal amounts of work, yet one will have a workload that feeds itself to move forward and the other will be like a man moving a bucket of earth to where many buckets of the same earth exist.

Knowing what moves you forward reflects itself on how you feel. The body is held in the same force fields as the solar system, where the mind is the field of force capable of watching a building being built or building that building. The mind observes its surroundings with the ability to have an effect on the parts it witnesses. Every home has to be filled with every homely possession and a keen observer of his surroundings will create that which he wishes to have an effect on. Every idea of inspiration was first fed by an image of inspiration gathered by another. With every step a person moves in the idea of inspiration, he contributes inspiration to the process. What the mind holds as it creates, is what it offers in the creation of what is delivered, If you can paint a picture and through the painting of the picture you hold in your thoughts the thought of climbing a mountain, then the painting will hold the inspiration of this idea even if the piece of art doesn’t display a mountain. The foundation of imagination is combined to the thought that created that part of imagination.

When a thought is travelled and captured in actions, it offers its observers the possibilities of equalled actions. When we can observe the actions we wish to take, it makes the process a river of possibility toward the outcome you wish to inhabit.

Every action a person takes is the building of habit, the more you can create habits of success move you towards success. An action of success is that of someone who continues to move in a direction of the thought of success. Every thought a person has, undisguises itself when taken. An act of success is that that keeps success in thought. the thought of success rolls onto the beaches of imagination in the fashion it was created. if the thought of massive success was the motion of this wave and you put massive amounts of massive actions, then your success will be massive. Your thoughts relay themselves in what you receive in return. You succeed when you don’t accept anything less of yourself.

You always create exactly what you keep creating in thought. Creating the thoughts of success requires the tranquillity of every other thought. You’re more tranquil in other thoughts when you create an action in your day that silences other thoughts. You’ll find it much easier to accomplish tasks when you create habits that store your thought processors.

The processor of a computer is the habit creator of the computer and the software is the knowledge, the files are feelings or thoughts. The user is himself the strengths and uses his computer to how it best defines his character. Malware is conflicting thoughts but when targeted can be deleted. The user should always keep a clean system by how he operates his life. A life of precise actions leads to a life receiving of precise actions. No person creates the whole machine but some have the ability to run the machine in certain tasks they process.

We are the thought of what we do and these thoughts grow the more we act on them. The bigger we become in thought, the bigger effect we have on the world we live.

Today I was an idea, tomorrow I’ll be a road to where I go, and one day I’ll be a home where life lives all around me.