60 Fun With Friends Quotes That Makes The Bond Special

F for fun and F for friend!

Sonam Ghaengat

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Friendship! Do I really need to mention the definition of friendship? I feel you all must be aware of it since your birth. But I just need to share my version of friendship and what is friendship according to me. 

Friends are someone without them we could not even imagine our life. Friendship is not just a word but a bond that is beyond every relationship of the world. 

Friendship is the bond and relation that is created by us, not by our birth and the friends are the people whom we choose to stay and live with rather than having a relationship with because of our parents. The only bond is created by the heart, not by blood. Yes, this is friendship in my opinion and you all must be agree with it.

F for Friends and F for Fun could be referred to as synonyms as all the fun we have is only around our friends. A friend is the one who filled our dull moments with the light of fun and happiness. They have every possible solution for almost every problem.

Here I have mentioned 60 Fun with Friends quotes that will definitely help you to express the fun you have with your friends. So go through it and use them as captions of your funny posts and pictures as well.

1. “If we can communicate just with facial acts then yes we are best friends.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

We cannot disagree with this one as there are only friends with whom we can share all the things without any words as they understand each and every action. 

2. “First there are ghosts then witches and then my best friend.”-

Yes, this is as true as comparing our friends with ghosts is not a bad idea and this is why it has been included in our list of fun with friends quotes.

3. “The reason behind my silly smile, shameless acts, stupid behavior, and all the mess created by me is you and only you.”

Undoubtedly best friends are the whole package of fun, moments, and full of life and if we considered them as the reason behind our happiness then we are not wrong as fun with friends is an essential part of our life.

4. “My mother asks me to stay away from weird people but if I do so then I will left with no friends.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The next quote in our list of fun with friend quotes is this one. This is only about your weird friends and your love for being with them.

5. “All the credit for making my life not less than a roller coaster, goes to my friend.”

Yes, definitely our life is a happening and happy ride because of our funny friends. So it won't be wrong to give them all the credit.

6. “Might be you are not the best thing that happened to me but must be the weirdest thing.”

How could we agree with it that our friends are the package of weirdest acts? Yes, they are. This is why it is on our list of fun with friends quotes.

7. “God might be in a silly mood when he made you.”

This is very true in the list of fun with friends quotes, as the degree of silliness our friends have, has proved that god was in a silly mood while making them.

8. “If we have some kind of mental disorder then yes we are best friends.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Moving ahead in our list with this one. Well, this is a fact that if you and your friends have the same kind of mentality and thoughts then only you guys can be friends.

9. "Doing silly things with you is the best therapy ever.”

No matter how big your problem is, your friends are always there to cheer you up. Friends can mend everything in our life. By just spending some funny moments with them we can be happy.

10. “If we are best friends, we will not judge each other but will judge everyone together.”

If we are best friends then we cannot judge each other as understanding each other but being in a friendship and for having some fun we will judge other people together.

11. “I used to be an innocent kid then my best friend arrived.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The credit for making us the wild, weird, and silly one from an innocent being, our friends have done all the efforts for doing so. This is why this quote has been included in our list of fun with friends quotes.

12. “If only I insult you like hell then I only love you, my friend.”

In the whole universe, it is only our friend who can insult us but deep down has a state of respect for our feelings and emotions. They love us that is why they have all the rights to insult us.

13. “Sometimes I look at your face and think, how could I do such a weird mistake?”

This line is enough to tease your friend. This is how we can make fun with him. Fun with friends quotes list is incomplete without such kind of quotes.

14. “Dear best friend, Thank you for making my life heavenly hell.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Friends are the people who make our life like hell with their annoying, silly, and weird acts but at the same time make us feel in heaven with beautiful and funny moments.

15. “The one who saves your ugliest pictures to wish you on your birthday, is your best friend.”

The most annoying thing about our friends is that they wish us by posting our ugly pictures and making fun of us.

16. “To never buy food for me to every time eating my food, you have become my best friend.”

This is so true that a best friend not only buys food for you but eats your food also and these memories cherish your whole life.

17. “I am always ready with a knife in my hand, so don’t you dare to make other friends.”

Possessiveness is not only required in love but is required in friendship too. This is why I have mentioned this line here in the list of 60 fun with friends quotes.

18. “We are together and there is not a big thing behind that but there are so many little things behind that.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Yes because friendship is not only about a single thing or memories but is made up of so many little funny things, reasons, and memories.

19. “Best friends are studying together, it means 90% gossip and 10% study.”

Moving forward in our list with it as the friends are meant to be sharing things with each other and while sharing conversations one cannot expect studying together.

20. “Behind every successful man there is a woman, but behind every weird person there is his best friend.”

Again forwarding the list with this funny one. A person could not be enough funny and weird without his friends.

21. “Spending time with your best friend is the ultimate therapy to many of your sorrows.”

No matter how much sad you are? How bad things are going? Your friends will be always there to give you the therapy of laughter and fun and to lighten up your mood.

22. “Friends are the one who saves you from getting in trouble but best friends are the one who joins you in the trouble.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Friends are not always meant to save you in the odd ones but real friends make you stuck in such a situation and later join you in the same for having funny moments with you.

23. “This the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to respect her nonsense.” – Charles Lambs 

Well described by Charles Lambs, the truest friends not only speak rubbish with an open heart but also listen to your rubbish talks to make you feel wanted. This is why this quote has been included in our list of fun with friends quotes.

24. “Best friends do not get offended when you greet them in an insulting way but they will greet you in a more insulting way.”

Yes, friendship is not meant to be feel insulted because of your friend but to give it back to him in an even more insulting way. Because grudges can only weaken your bond but to open-heartedly face, the flaws of your bond can only make you stronger and stronger.

25. “Best friends buy a cake on your birthday not to make you eat but to wash your face with cake.”-

Birthdays are not that much happening without friends and only with friends, we can celebrate our day to the fullest. All the funny moments can make your birthday even happier. 

26. “My life was going normal and boring, then my best friend arrived and made my life hell happening and wild.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Could you imagine your life without these funny munchkins, a hell No! The friends are the ones without them our life can be dull and boring. All the funny moments spent with your friend can change all this dullness.

27. “Feeling lonely! No worries, just call me because you have all the right to disturb me.”

There is no doubt in whom would you call first when you feel all lonely? Obviously, there is only one whom can we disturb all the time without thinking a moment.

28. “Hey best friend! Thank you for bringing out my wildest, weirdest and happiest side.”

No one can ever know us as much as our best friend could know. He is the person who can bring out the real us and can create the most memorable memories with us.

29. “Friends are the people who know you really well and like you anyway.”- Greg Tamblyn

The next in our list of 60 fun with friends quotes is this one by Greg Tamblyn. He has correctly stated the friendship of two people and how they treat each other.

30. “Love is blind; friendship tries to not notice.” – Otto Von Bismarck

Fun With Friends Quotes

Absolutely true words by Otto Von Bismarck, People used to say that love is blind that is quite true but in a friendship, people try to avoid their friends’ mistakes.

31. “Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.” – Virginia Woolf

Another one in our list of fun with friends quotes is very appropriate words by Virginia Woolf about friendship. She said that a person, when he feels blank and lost goes to the temple or the priests to know the solution but I prefer to go to my friends as they are my power to release my stress.

32. “I thought my friends are a blessing of god but no they are the result of my sins.”

The list is going ahead with this one to have fun with your friends. Tease them with this line by putting this line as the caption of your friend’s picture.

33. “From having my WIFI’s password to having the key to my happiness, the one who has it all is my best friend.”

True words as the only person who knows our passwords of almost everything is our friend.

34. “Stop getting attention from my parents as I don’t want to spoil them with your company.”

What is most annoying? Our parents praised our friends. But inside only we know how ******* they are.

35. “If I am allowing you to do the stupid things alone then we are not the best friends.”

Friendship is all about giving company to our friends in all their funny, silly, and special moments. Being stupid is compulsory in a friendship. 

36. “Smartest part of me not allows me to be with you but craziest part of me allows me to live along with you.”

There is less possibility of friendship between two smart people but there are huge chances between two crazy people to be friends.

37. “Me and my best friend together in a house! Oh, our families’ bad luck!”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The chaos, fun, and ultimate craziness are created by two friends when they meet, and what happened if they live together in a single house? The unlimited chaos and fun will definitely happen in that house.

38. “I know you are the most stupid person on the earth but still I have chosen to see with you in front of people.”

The next one is very funny in our list of fun with friends quotes. The stupidity of our friends cannot stop us from hanging out with our friends. This is why we don’t have any issue with their stupid and nonsense things.

39. “I have to be your friend for a lifetime because I am too tired to find a new one.”

This is just to tease your friend as he is already aware of the fact that they would be our friend for life no matter what the situation will be.

40. “We are destined to be friends because our families could not handle us as siblings.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The next one in our list of 60 fun with friends quotes is this one. Our families won’t be able to handle two disasters together this is why we decided to be friends.

41. “Imagine our phone has fallen, we got panic and now imagine our best friend has fallen, we would die laughing.”-

It doesn’t mean that our friends are less important for us, it is just our phone is more important for us and laughing at your friend when he got falls is compulsory in a friendship.

42. “If you are telling me, your secret then it means you are telling it to me and my best friend.”

Yes because best friends don’t hide anything from each other. Friendship is not about spending funny moments with each other but it is also about sharing and everything. 

43. “Creating silly moments with you is my part-time job.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The very next in the fun with friends quotes. A friend always prefers to spend and create silly moments with his best friend so we won’t be wrong if we consider it as their part-time job.

44. “Hey best friend thank you for being the Joker of my life and to make me crazy and funny all the time.”

You won’t find any better caption than this funny one. It is the best way to say thanks to the craziest person of your life.

45. “Friendship is not about status but is about how comfortable you are to disturb each other.”

Analyzing each other’s status is not the friendship thing but disturbing your friends is. This is why we have included this quote in our list of fun with friend quotes.

46. “Not by blood but by heart, not our relatives but not less than our family, yes they are our best friends.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Blood relations are not the guarantee of having a lovable person but our close and best friends are. Best friends are not less than a blessing and more than our family as we can share our feelings with them that we cannot share with a family member.

47. “We together are not less than a mess, we enjoying our company is not less than a gang, and we celebrating together is not less than a party.”

Best friends and fun are the synonyms, and having fun with your friend is compulsory. To experience the best of a friendship you must be aware of the flaws and waves of friendship.

48. “Friend is the person who asks you to clean your dirty face but a best friend is the one who makes your face dirty.”

Yes, this is true because friendship is all about having fun with your best friend. From making you look the worst in the crowd to making your presence the most worthy, it is only your best friend.

49. “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes immensely true words by the writer Ralph, old friends always bless us with their presence in our lives and we always accept them in the most stupid way and still feel happy.

50. “We know our friends by their defects rather than by their merits.” William Somerset Maugham

Fun With Friends Quotes

If you are considering their qualities while making them your friend then it might not be a perfect one but if you are accepting them with their defects and flaws then trust it would be last forever.

51. “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? Thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis

The very next in the fun with friend quotes is by writer C.S. Lewis. He correctly stated the meaning of friendship. Truly friendship starts when a person starts to see a person like him.

52. “Friendship is not possible between two women, one of whom is very well dressed.” – Laurie Colwin

The writer correctly said that two women who are good enough cannot digest each other’s attractive appearance hence they can’t be friends.

53. “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, damn! that was fun.” – Groucho Marx 

In the list of 60 fun with friends quotes, this one is the funny one. Best friends believe in making their friends comfortable in every difficult situation by joining them.

54. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” – Bernard Meltzer

Fun With Friends Quotes

Only best friends exactly know who we are? and what is our worth? This is why they choose to be with us despite knowing our defects.

55. “This is the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have her nonsense respected.” – Charles Lamb

Fun With Friends Quotes

This is the rule of friendship to accept the nonsense of your friend and to respect their nonsense. So yes this is why we have fun together.

56. “Sometimes I think, ‘What is a friend?’ Then I say, ‘Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” - Cookie Monster

Could you ever think about sharing the last cookie with someone? If yes then yes that stupid is your best friend.

57. “A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets.” - Lauren Oliver

Moving ahead in the list of fun with friends quotes with this one by writer Lauren. Lauren has delivered the message of keeping each other’s secrets unrevealed.

58. “I will come to meet you with either chocolate or with a slipper, it all depends on you, my dear friend.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

The only responsible person for our acts is our friends and the way they behave. We can either share our chocolate with them or can beat them with a slipper.

59. “My friend is only one of his kind because god had broken that mold in which he made him as he also knows he is useless.”

The next quote is a good one to have fun with your friends. Not only us but God also knows that our friend is useless and this is why he has made a single person like him.

60. “You never dare to take me for granted because I am with you to make you feel not for granted.”

Fun With Friends Quotes

Ending the list of fun with friends quotes with this one because friends are not meant to be taken for granted. They have an extremely special place in our life.

Although the list of fun with friends quotes has ended but the colors of friendship are infinite. You will feel each and every phase of your friends because there is no going back to when you became the best friend of someone. 

I have tried my level best to deliver the original funny element of friendship and hopefully, it will help you out in expressing your feelings for your friends.

So it is a bye, for now, will meet soon with another one.

Till then happy surfing!


Sonam Ghaengat

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