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There are very few people in this world who have the courage to beat the impossible and go wonders in their life.

And the guest in this video is the perfect example of such notion. She is Rifa who is now a food blogger and she had a condition called dysgraphia, but this condition didn't stop her from anything in her life.

Be it success in academics or being a successful food blogger, and a food reviewer who has turned into a blogger. Watch the complete video to know more about food blogging and Rifa's amazing journey.

Video Link: From Dysgraphia To Amazing Food Blogger | Indian Food Bloggers

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It is really hard for someone to strive out as a champion when one is forbidden by the physicality. In the case of Rifa, it was her condition of Dysgraphia which means that a condition in which a person will have problem in writing down things.

But this didn't stop her. She gained 90%+ in her boards and even topped in her . Rifa is not just a genius, but a very hard working genius who didn't bow down to her conditions and fought hard to achieve everything she did.

The video sheds light on how she eventually started writing and how she evolved as a person and gained the confidence to study more and do so well in her examinations. In parallel, she followed her interest and stood out as an amazing food blogger as well.

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The video is also about her journey from a student, to a graduate and then a post-graduate. She didn't stop there and now she is quite loved as a Indian Food Bloggers on Instagram under the name of @ rifa.foodiediwani.

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Watch the complete video to understand the moral that if life gives one lemons, one should better make a brilliant lemonade out of it.

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