Flaws Are Beautiful

Flaws are Beautiful.

Prashasti Rai

Apr 24, 2021|1 min read


Flaws are beautiful,

Those tangled hair and the mascara coming out of the eyes,

Those bulgy clothes and slippers that are wide.

The skin without any plasters required,

Those luscious lips without any lipstick and soaked with a sip of wine.

Those ears that are perfect without any heavy metal or a thing that would shine.

The curvy waist that is not always perfectly toned and dances with the rhythm of air and that is so divine.

Those eyebrows that shine when the sun beats down and rewinds .

The lashes flooded with shyness and expressions for the most beautiful things to define.

The perfectly-imperfect neck that does not need to be decorated to show off itself and everything to add to the beauty that is flawed and still sings and rhymes.

Everything is perfect the way it is. 

Everything is startling the way it should be because it is the flaws and they are just beautiful just the way they are.


Prashasti Rai

Blogger/Writer. Live your life as most people won't so that you can live the rest of our life as most people can't!! :)



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