Feeling The Freedom

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A walk to be free

Early in morning almost of 5 a.m. when a positive energy was spreading across Horizon in East, I started climbing the hill covered with lushed greenery, narrow peddlers’ pavement fenced by parrot colored elephant grass swinging in enjoyment over soothing and severing cold breeze and shining with Diamond dew. I had amazing and protective feeling by looking at canopy of high trees; few were circular, others were complete parallel to land and some were full of sky from which dawn Twilight was looking at me but shying to approach at land. How many kilometres I walked God knows, but feeling anonymous to me was alleviating me, a surge of new energy was occupying my aura. I left much pondering over thought of how? Why? And started just chilling and enjoying the Great empathetic feeling.

Feeling self

At the top end while looking in East horizon in the midst of delicate, delightful, look warm sunlight, I was embracing everything in my vicinity with open heart and by opening my hand along, I hugged everything tangible, intangible present at that time most valuable gift of universe. Vacuum of heart was flourished by golden eternal serene enchanting of deep heartbeat; amazing feeling was tingling in my stomach to satiate my thirst of being alive. I was a living stone breathing deeply whatever magic was here waving over vast ocean of time. The feelings of contentment, longing for a long time, unknown to me but soul was recognizing it as it was the basic nature of myself- was named “Freedom”.

Strings of music where resonating with eternal felicity, I forgot the earthly identity and I knew what I was missing? I just wanted to be free from all attachments- illusions of grandeur of me-myself, said relations, all strings binding in vague necessities. I desired to be free from desires, slavery of Taste, smell, visions which were obscuring my true nature and paralyzing my discretion power. I urgently needed to be free from lust, temper, jealousy, inferiority. I wanted to overcome subjugation of anyone who was hurting self respect over compulsion of earning for living. I wanted to relieve from all mental torture I was infusing on myself by name “LIFE” which was just delusions of growing desires, unquenching thirst of power and money, unwanted quests for justifying ego and slavery of cursory rituals- hypocrisy. I wanted to be just “me” free from another “me”. The arrows of question piercing through why I am bonded? Who bonded me? Why not to fly over word with free spirit? Why not I am allowing my basic virtue to overcome me like a lion to be once?

I decided to be one and my lord God Shiva opened the way of journey- brightest, easiest and internal. A light Touch of Love feather and freedom was flowing Inside Out and I was one, a free soul and an angel.

Treasure beneath surface

When everything was resonating in resemblance with cosmic world; I looked down the tiny village seeming beautiful beneath cirrus clouds. Long chimneys were smoking soot and every detail of small pavements was crystal clear opening the secrets. Latterly I was often confused finding the path. But at this height it looked easy. My mind was full of indecision and chaos; I couldn’t look at the bottom but once the waves and disturbances, haziness of questions and doubt silenced ocean of my beauty was clear. Unconsciously I was remembering the ShrimatBhagawat Geeta’s verse — when you look at the world by pulling out your mind of all strings, life will become sport and you be master.



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