15 Poems By Faiz Ahmed Faiz That Mesmerizes The Reader

Love, protest and country, he has it all

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Faiz Ahmad Faiz was a poet and novelist from Pakistan. He was among Pakistan's best-known Urdu artists. 

Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poems

Faiz's poetry has always exhibited a polytheistic character, both geographically and chronologically. It found refuge among various local ancient practices, as well as further afield. 

He has been characterized as "a man of extensive experience" outside of writing, having worked in education, an army general, a reporter, a trade unionist, and a journalist. These are 15 beautiful poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz that we are sure you will love.

1. Aaj Bazaar Mein Pa-Ba Joulaan Chalo

Aaj Bazaar Mein Pa-Ba Joulaan Chalo | Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poems

The basic message of this Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem is simply to understand. The poem's brilliance is encased in a lexicon of symbolism, allusions, metaphors, and figurative language. 

The poem's topic is resistance in the face of submission and acquiescence. In a constrained soul, there is a yearning to be freed of constraints, exploitations, and injustices. 

He somehow doesn't allow his grief to overshadow the goal he has established for himself: to battle for the oppressed, which is a common theme in Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry.

2. Aaj Ik Harf Ko Phir

Aaj Ik Harf Ko Phir | Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poems

The Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem discusses the search for a word, a word that “bewitches or one filled with rage”, and a word that “if uttered would turn lips black”. 

Once again, she expresses his rage and his anger, and a need to express himself, which is what he did through his poetry.

3. Bahaar Aayi

Bahaar Aayi | Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poems

This is one of Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poems that discusses the message of love, where the lines discuss a need for love, and for another. This love is symbolized through Spring, a season of blossoming and joy, however, looked at negatively and sadly. 

Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry discusses themes of regret, sadness, anger, and while this poem is not as specific to injustice, it is still discussing losing oneself and their love.

4. Bol

Bol | Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poems

A similar message to speak out, and be a voice to the voiceless, is the primary message of this Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem. 

His works generally have similar topics, discussing the importance of bringing people together, and that “speaking out”, and our voices are what are free, and that we must use them to battle the injustices in our world today.

5. Hum Log

"We, the People of India" are the first three words of the Indian constitution. 

This poem reflects the journey with dreams of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity that our country has taken, and is reflected through this Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem.

6. Hum Dekhenge

The topic of this Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem is that authority contestation is unavoidable and unstoppable. 

It addresses how people who have been in the right always have moral standing, rather than those who currently are. It battles against the people in power, fighting for freedom and fairness in an unfair and unjust world.

7. Kab Yaad Mein Tera Saath Nahin

This Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem again shows the importance of love, however, discusses a love lost, creating an effect of sorrow and distraught, similar to a lot of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry.

8. Mujhse Pehli Si Muhabbat Mehboob Na Maang

Once again, this Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem discusses love and love lost. Lines like “there are sorrows in this world, far beyond the pleasures of love” show this message, one similar to his other works. 

This is a great piece to truly understand the beauty of Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry.

9. Nisar Mein Teri Galiyon Ke

As we can see, every verse of the Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem 'ar Mein Teri Galiyon Ke,' echoes that love. Love for his country, Pakistan. 

The poem, in all of its intricacy and substance, acts as a reminder of his love for his country, Kashmir, and the important role it plays in his heart.

10. Shaam

This Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem titled “Dusk” describes nature and the world around him, however, with a negative outlook on that world. The lines could symbolize the chaos around us, described by lines like “the last breath of every failing doorway” and “anoints his body with ash, his brow with sindoor”. 

Another great work of poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz that anyone would love.

11. Woh Buton Ne Daaley Hai Waswasey

By combining conventional love and protest, Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry mesmerizes his readers. In this poem, “buton” is an emblem of brutal power rather than a symbol for loving, worldly deities. 

This message is amplified throughout the poem, similar to many of this other poem's main themes.

12. Ek Naghma Karbala-E-Beirut Ke Liye

This poem about Beirut is inspired by this own experiences in the city. He moved to Beirut after becoming the editor of Lotus, an Afro-Asian journal. 

He loved this experience there, becoming friends with the radicals in the city and finding himself in the center of worries and fantasies. Faiz's poetry penned in Beirut shows part of this.

13. Shahraah

In this poem, Faiz Ahmed Faiz uses the symbol of a “long, desolate highway”, going on to connect this to a life without love, and the grief that it brings. 

With lines like “Like a grief-stricken woman, in her desolate home, dreaming of her absent lover” we can see this message throughout.

14. Aarzoo

This shorter Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem shows his “desire” to be with the one he loves, and to, metaphorically, return from his grave to do so. 

The poem shows his want to escape from his reality, the “path of annihilation”, and is a beautiful piece of poetry.

15. Mere Milne Waale

This final poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is translated into “those who seek me”. He described his home as a “house of sorrow”, entered by darkness and gloom from those who seek him. This poem, while, short, is a magnificent piece, and one you must check out.

And here are some of the best Faiz Ahmed Faiz poems that you absolutely must check out. Faiz received the Lenin Peace Prize and was considered for the Nobel Prize in Literature for his incredible works, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poetry will be remembered for centuries.

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