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Like a Rockabye

Victoria Mineva

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The song “Rockabye” is my mantra indeed. It is the truth for my current life. I find music as life, and I listen to one concrete song that connects with my soul many times.

I have written before about my downfalls in business terms. But today, I will write about the other types of failures that move me forward.

In my life until now, I got many failures — both personal and professional. I still face them, but they bring me no depressive feeling because I am too old to waste even a day for depression. Two hours are good, maybe. :)

I am not sure how long more I will live, so I accept every challenge with pride, solve it and move on. That is the way my life went and will go.

I built my character with my experience.

My love affairs are not my strong suit. I had five serious breakups with different male types and numerous one-sided loves that I do not want to count.

Usually, the reasons were my consuming emotions of unrequited love because I was lonely. It doesn’t matter anymore because I leave out of my life the romance drama.

I do not need this thing if I go constantly broken and distracted by my higher purpose.

Many people say love should be easy. It is not like that, love should be challenging, mutual, deep, sincere, and a together fight for it. That builds a deep bond that lasts forever.

If true love with a man happens to me in the future, it would be good. If it doesn’t happen, it is also great. I will learn more and keep going.

After all, I am too focused on giving a positive example for work and a meaningful social presence. My daughter should not have the life I did. She should be loved and chase her dreams at an earlier age, and not like me — in my middle age.

It is never too late for humans to follow their dreams, but it is better to achieve more while people are alive.

However, love failures gave me a lot of experience. I observed many males and understood somehow how their mind works and how to see early they have no interest in me as a person. That is life-saving before I go too deep into someone who doesn’t know what he wants from me, himself, and life.

The times I fall deep for a male thought me self-awareness and made me experience many feelings. I observed my emotions, inspected them through writing, and I accepted myself better with the flaws and good sides.

I became more perfect, and wiser than before about human feelings. These realizations make me feel thankful I got all the romantic disappointments.
I am grateful for the pain, sadness, horror, abusive behavior, etc., because they showed me that people are not shallow.

When I was younger, I was taught by my family and society that there should be a simple life in the same place with comfortable people without many feelings. That was what others did, and they thought it was the top of their life’s cake, but mine was not.

Now I know every human has different emotions.

The people’s purpose for how and where to live, determine by their mind’s lenses and their heart’s fears. If personalities do not want to change, they will not. No one can make them do it.

But, I want to change and go into the unknown. I do it all the time, and you, like readers, and humans, can do it too.

Regarding my social failures, I am very proud of them. I learned better the Human Psychology used in Business, Sales, Teaching, Reading, Mind Manipulation, etc. 
I met one thousand liers, betrayers, and so on. I shared my precious time with them, but this will happen no more. There is an important thing people should consider when giving pieces of advice — if they are not sought, better not give them.

In my country, there is a saying: “The wolf’s neck is thick because he does his own thing,” and that is perfectly true.

Numerous times I tried to lift different types of people like a savior that they did not remember after. They did not lift because they were cowards behind various pretty words and lack of action.

Yes, everyone has hardships, hurt feelings, and painful memories, but is about choosing to move on after the numerous failure or not. I can go forward, so that means every human can.

When it comes to friendships or partnerships, they are free to walk by my side or not. I keep moving on by my failures until I die.

Will you go, or you wait to die?

Regarding different business partnerships, I also got some failing experiences. When I was pregnant, I used to be a second-in-command person in association with people with specific needs. I and my team members got an important presentation. It ended poorly because everyone was too busy with their things and forgot the importance of the live situation when it came to meeting with these people and presenting them on a national scale.

Guess what? I left this association then. For me, life is all about justice and equality in work and everything.

When I was a co-therapist in the Psychology group’s sessions, the clients, in the end, choose me than working with two therapists because of their lack of communication and similarity in a leading way.

People, as clients, feel everything very well when there are disagreements.

Final thoughts.

Failures in every field of my life made me the person I am today. Do not fear going into the unknown because you will survive.

The only fear you should accept is the Grim Reaper’s showing up. It is inevitable, but until that Scythe comes, fail, stand and move on.

Every step I made until now inspired me. I know I am over-emotional, but writing helps me control every feeling I have and makes me a better version of myself.

By the way, next week, I will take my Zumba instructor course. People should improve themselves all the time.

Thank you for reading, and I hope it will be of use.


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