20 Facts About Leap Year Which Are Unusual Yet Interesting

1 extra day, 20 extra facts

Hosanna Balwani

Apr 13, 2021|4 min read


We all know how blissful it is to get an extra hour of sleep! But, have you ever thought how blessed we are to get an extra day, that is 24 hours, every 4 years! There are a lot of interesting facts about leap year.

Typically, a leap year is just a year with the 29th of February which leads it to the year having a total of 366 days but other than that there are some more interesting facts about a leap year that you really need to know. 

Facts About Leap Year Which Are Unusual Yet Interesting

Some of these unusual yet interesting facts are listed below.-

1) Every leap year is divisible by 4

This is the simplest and one of the most common ways to find out if a year is a leap year or not.

2) People born on a leap day are called Leaplings

That is something even I didn't know, but I do know two leaplings. Do you?

3) Getting Married in a leap year is avoided by people

It dates way back in Greece, that getting married in a leap year is considered bad luck. Around one out of every five couples avoid it.

4) Legally the leap day has no presence

No need to re-read, this day is not considered legal by a number of companies and countries.

5) There is a club for leap year

For people born on the leap day, you do not have to feel different or alone you can join this club exclusively for leap day babies or leaplings only.

6) Texas celebrates the Leap day

Just like independence or republic day, in Texas, there are parades and celebrations that take place on the leap day.

7) The Leap year calendar and solar calendar are different

It was originally discovered by the Egyptians that the solar calendar or the year according to the sun and the revolving planets does not match with the calendar that records leap years.

8) The first warrant of Salem trial was issued on leap day

If you don’t know, Salem conducted some trials which are known as the witch trials, and the very first warrant agreeing to these trials was issued on leap day.

9) The leap day cocktail

In order to celebrate and honor the extra or the leap day a bartender named Harry Cradock, who was from London created a special and different cocktail dedicated to 29th February.

10) The Julius Caesar angle

If we look at it originally and practically, the first-ever leap year came to notice via Julius Caesar but his calculations were wrong as it gave too many leap years.

11) Any year divisible by 100 is not a leap year

Yes, that is correct although 100 is also divisible by 4 yet the year that can be divided by 100/400 is not a leap year. Is it strange enough yet?

12) It was discovered by Pope Gregory XIII

The idea of counting the leftover or extra seconds as a completely another day was started by Pope Gregory XIII. If it wasn’t for him, you won’t even know what a leap year is!

13) You are 1 in 1500 if you are a leapling

It is actually true that the chance of a child being born on 29th February is one in around 1500.

14) Traditional Women Proposing

For a very long time proposing marriage by women on this day is considered auspicious and lucky by a lot of people

15) You pay if you do not accept it

Although, this day is not considered as a legal day by a lot of countries yet if you decline it you might have to pay a heavy fine for that.

16) The Record-Breaking Family

According to records, there is a family with children in three consecutive generations born on 29th February. If you ask me it is creepy and freakishly scary at the same time!

17) It doesn’t exist

Relax, you were not told lies your whole life, it is just in some cultures but instead, they relive a day i.e. in their calendars 24th February is twice so it is pretty much the same here and there.

18) Bad day

In some countries and cultures, it is considered as the day which brings bad luck and freaky weather patterns with it.

19) Great History

The day has a lot of events occurring, in America itself like the discovering of electricity by benjamin franklin or the sinking of the Titanic.

20) Prodigal daughters return

Not literally! But in countries like Taiwan daughters return to their home in February or it is considered bad luck and health for parents.

A lot of celebrities like Cullen Jones, Dennis Farina, and Dinah Shore were born on this day. If this is not enough to make you feel kinda happy, sad, and freaked out enough about the leap year then I do not have anything that might.

Enjoy and do celebrate the extra day we are rewarded.

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