25 Facts About Hindi That Makes It One Of The Purest Language Of The World

The most precise and extremely methodical Phonetic language!

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Hindi, which is derived from the most ancient language throughout the world, Sanskrit. Simply, we can say that Sanskrit is the origin of the Hindi language. 

But, do you know what factors make Hindi one of the exceptional and the purest languages,  in front of various thousands of languages used in the World? Well, the reason you may have thought, will most probably be the convenience in the speaking and writing as well. 

The Hindi language is easier to learn than most of the other languages that exist. Even, there are many individuals, who belong to a non-Hindi-speaking nation, but still speak the Hindi language too fluently.

Facts About Hindi

In this article, you will get some of the Amazing Facts About Hindi, which will make you believe that Hindi is one of the purest and superior languages in the World. These Amazing Facts About Hindi are going to be the actual and practical facts about the Hindi language. 

So, without making any delay, let’s enjoy some of the Interesting and Amazing Facts About Hindi, which will surely make you like this language, even if you don’t like it. Following is the list of some of the Amazing Facts About Hindi. 

1) Approximately 77% of Indians can read, write, speak, or understand Hindi.

One of the Amazing Facts About Hindi, that 77% of the Indians know the Hindi language thoroughly. Although there are various languages in each region of India. Still, the majority of Indians are literate in Hindi.

2) In 1881, Bihar became the first state to accept Hindi as their official state language. 

Bihar was the first state to accept Hindi as their official language, even when India didn’t get Independence from the Britishers. This is also remembered as one of the revolutionary movements for Independence.

3) Hindi became the official language of India in 1965. 

To bring unity to the whole Nation, the Government decided to make Hindi an official language of India. Earlier, many of the states accepted Hindi as their official language. After this, Hindi is being spoken in each state of the country.

4) The first Hindi typewriter was launched during the period of 1930s.

Earlier, when computers didn't exist, people used typewriters to convey their message professionally. In the 1930s, the first typewriter in the Hindi language was launched. It is mainly used for Government works.

5) Hindi is the most widely understood language of India.

Throughout the whole country, Hindi is being understood by a majority of people. Even though many people can’t speak Hindi properly, still many of them understand the message in Hindi.

6) Hindi is a direct descendent of the ancient Indian Language “Sanskrit”.

This one from Amazing Facts About Hindi is one almost everyone already knows. Simply, it can be concluded that Hindi is the simple and derived form of Sanskrit.

7) Hindi has some similarities with the languages like Urdu, Bengali, Sanskrit, Nepalese, and Gujarati. 

There is nothing strange that languages like Bengali, Sanskrit, Nepalese, and Urdu are too similar to the Hindi language. If you are literate in Hindi, then you can easily learn these other languages too.

8) If you know Hindi, you’ll be able to communicate in Urdu also.

Hindi and Urdu are too similar to each other, and most of the terms are the same for both languages. You can easily communicate with anyone in Urdu if you are good at Hindi.

9) The alphabetical table of Hindi is called ‘Varnmala’ meaning ‘Garland of letters’.

The Hindi Alphabets and Consonants are arranged in such a way that, it makes some rhyme in it and if you’ll read it, it feels like having joy. That’s why it is too easy to remember it. 

10) In 1913, the first Hindi film, Raja Harishchandra was released by Dadasaheb Phalke.

This one from Amazing Facts About Hindi tells us about how the journey of Hindi Movies started. Raja Harishchandra is the plot of the future of Hindi Movies.

11) None of the alphabets of Hindi give an illusion even if they are written upside down or show any mirror image.

You might have noticed that some of the alphabets of English or any other languages may create an illusion to your mind when keeping it upside down or viewing its mirror image. But there is no single alphabet in Hindi, which can make an illusion for you.

12) All over the world, Hindi is taught in a total of 176 Universities. Out of which, 45 Universities alone are from America. 

This one from Amazing Facts About Hindi is a tight slap for those thinkers, who believe that the Hindi language doesn't have any standards, and only poor people speak Hindi. All over the world the Hindi language is taught to the students of various fields and makes them realize the importance of this language.

13) There is no need for articles like ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’ in the Hindi language. 

In Hindi, there is no requirement of writing the articles like ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’ to describe anything or anyone. You can directly describe anything in Hindi.

14) If you know Hindi, you can easily read the Nepalese language. 

As told earlier also, Hindi and Nepalese both are too much similar to each other. Both Hindi and Nepalese languages follow the Devanagari script. That’s why they are written in almost the same pattern.

15) Approximately 400 million people speak Hindi as their first language. 

All over the world, especially in India, a total of 400 million people used to communicate in Hindi as their first language. If you look for the Hindi speaker as their second language, then it’ll be several times more than this.

16) After English, Spanish, and Mandarin, Hindi is the most widely spoken language. 

This is one of the unbelievable facts from Amazing Facts About Hindi, that Hindi is the fourth most spoken language throughout the world followed by English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

17) Along with India, Hindi is also spoken in countries like Mauritius, Guyana, Fiji, Tobago, and Nepal.

The Hindi language is not only limited to India, it is widely used for speaking in countries like Mauritius, Guyana, Fiji, Tobago, and Nepal. In general, Hindi is spoken in almost every country in the world, but these are some of the most Hindi spoken countries.

18) In India, Hindi is used extensively in administration, legislature, and lower judiciary.

Administration, legislature, and lower judiciary deals with the problems and works for the local people. To make them clear about any notice or law, the Hindi language is extensively used in India.

19) On 14th September 1949, Hindi was made the official language of Hindi. Every year, 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Day. 

You might already be aware of this fact from Amazing Facts About Hindi, as you might have seen people start the preparation of Hindi Day a week before. The whole week in September is dedicated to the Hindi language, which is currently our National language as well.

20) Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which consists of 11 vowels and 33 consonants, from left to right.

You’ll surely know each of the 11 vowels and 33 consonants, if you know Hindi, or if you studied it from the basics. Also, as mentioned earlier also, it is written in a Devanagari Script.

21) The pronunciation of Hindi words is the same as how it is written; unlike English or any other language.

This fact from Amazing Facts About Hindi makes it different from the other languages. Hindi is pronounced precisely when it is written. That means there are no silent letters that exist in Hindi.

22) Words like ‘yoga’, ‘karma’, ‘khaki’, ‘pyjama’, and ‘mantra’ are taken from Hindi. 

Many words are derived from the Hindi words and now became some of the common English terms. These words are just a little modified form of the Hindi words.

23) Every day about 25 Hindi magazines and newspapers are published in other countries than India.

Hindi Magazines and Newspapers in India are common and have a high demand. But there are many countries other than India, where there is a demand for Hindi magazines and newspapers.

24) “Prem Sagar”, written by Lallu Lal (1805) is the first published Hindi book, which is based on Lord Krishna. 

This fact from Amazing Facts About Hindi tells about the first Hindi Book, which was published more than 200 years ago. Written by Lallu Lal in 1805, the book “Prem Sagar” depicts the story based on Lord Krishna.

25) Hindi is one of the seven languages that are used to make web addresses.

This is one of the unique ones from the Amazing Facts About Hindi. To make the web address, only 7 languages are used throughout the world. Out of those seven, Hindi is one of the languages used to make web addresses. 

These were some of the Amazing Facts About Hindi, which will surely make you consider Hindi as one of the Purest and the best languages in the World.

These Amazing Facts About Hindi will also make you realize the power of the Hindi Language. 

Due to the numerous Hindi communicators in India and some of the other countries, many of the International Unicorn Companies are setting up their businesses in the Hindi language as well, along with English and their local language, to get higher engagement from individuals who prefer to communicate in Hindi.

Also, the Government of India uses Hindi as their official language, along with English. There are more than 10 States and 3 Union Territories in India, who made Hindi their official language. Other than these, Hindi is the most important one of the scheduled languages of the Republic of India.

That’s all for the Amazing Facts About Hindi, which you’ll surely enjoy and also this article might give you some values with these Amazing Facts About Hindi.

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