7 Types Of Girlfriends Every Bro Has Met While Dating Until He Gets Serious

Bro, your sufferings are universal.



Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


The Valentine's season has just passed. The tantrums are over. No doubt you must have swiped right on someone or the other. With the increasing dating culture in India, we come across many funny, innovative and perfect (hypothetical) personalities to date.

After seeing my best friends' dates I have enough stuff to share with you all and let you know the types of girlfriends you might get to date.

1 - Sushil And Sanskari:

Such types of girls are too sweet to be true in today's age. They can also be called the virginity protectors because if you even try to touch them, their reflex action will be “ye sab shadi k baad”. Your mom might fall in love with her.

2 - Kamadevi:

If you ever dated an excessively horny girl you definitely know the pain of protecting your “izzat”. No doubt every man loves a bold and confident girl, but so much of boldness might make him feel uneasy and unsafe.

3 - Bro-gf:

If your girl loves to watch football with you and eat burger sitting on a couch dude she is not your girlfriend. I mean she is your bro-girlfriend. And you are the Luckiest man on earth, for you don't need to pretend before her. Be a messy as you want.

4 - Extra Emotional:

You must be knowing how expensive tissue paper could be if you ever had an extra emotional and sensitive girlfriend. You can't even think of breaking up with her else the world will suffer a tsunami. Can she help us meet water crisis? Yes, she can. Her eyes are full of tears round the year.

5 - Detective:

If you are being spied by girlfriend I have all my sympathy for you because you are the most “pidit prani” on the planet. Your girlfriend can't even let you pee in peace. Se has eye on everything you do, right from your texts to your sleep.

6 - Bollywood Babe:

Her morning starts from dancing in the towel on 'mere khwabon mein jo aye’ and her day ends on 'aaj fir tum pe pyar aya hai’ then you have a Bollywood babe in your life. You don't need to go to movies as life is full of entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. It must be fun living with her, isn't it?

7 - Shanti Devi:

Such girls are very rare but if you have one, never leave her else your life will be ruined. Who would want to leave a calm girl who never questions you, never gets angry and never says anything even if you hurt her? Angel in disguise! Keep her safe!

If you are single, then I'm jealous of you. But if you are dating, then your girlfriend must be someone from the list presented by Feeding Trends.

And if she's different from the above list, then do mention and let us know which type of girlfriend you have or had in the comment section below.

Happy dating!





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