Don't Let Your Sex Life Be Like A Blind Man Watching Porn By Missing The Fun

Protection is better than cure!



Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


When it comes to a relationship, we all relate it to romance and cosiness, but there's fun outside the bed too. No, you took me wrong! I'm not asking you to go for a golf with your girlfriend. Outside the bed here means exploring new horizons with her.

And to help you create your memories more exciting, the world has the widest range of condoms. In fact, we don't have so many flavours available in chocolates or candies, as many as we have in condoms. The ministry of the broadcast can be accused of lack of awareness!

But, safety before driving is a must. You must be aware that there are so many ways to make nights more fun. Feeding Trends realises this need. Gotcha! Drive her crazy!

1 - Flavoured Condoms:

When we talk about variations in our sex life, we need to explore the depths. Condoms have a variety of flavours to choose from. Sinful chocolate to tropical flavours, your girlfriend can have them all! But save some money for real food too as ice cream flavours are also sexy.

2 - Dotted Condoms:

The other widely used condom type is the dotted one. And much to our surprise, even extra dotted condoms (courtesy to Durex) have come in the market. Now you just can ruin your relationship with sex, more precisely dirty sex.

3 - Ribbed Condoms:

If dots fail to satisfy her, go for the ribbed ones. The 'Pleasure me’ pack by Durex is the best if your girl is a bit less sensitive down there. Tickle her inner ecstasy. Give her moments she can't talk to anyone about but cherish forever.

4 - Time Delay Condoms:

If you are the one who loses it faster, then this is the best thing for you. The ‘Extended pleasure’ condoms will be the best choice for you. You can firmly believe that there is no time for love and no time for fun. Your girl will be so proud of you. She can scream and yell as loud as she wants, whenever!

5 - Extra Lubricated Condoms:

Dryness down there? Don't worry! We have a variety for you too. Extra sensitive condoms made from natural rubber will make your sleep better, for you won't have to worry about lovemaking. You can even try the lubes for a pain-free as well as private experience.

6 - Durex Jeans Condoms:

Don't be scared. These are not made out of denim. These are called so because these condoms easily fit your pocket. So now, you'll always keep things handy. And it is ultra thin. You won't feel any latex over there. Best for those who hate wearing condoms but want to spice up their sex life.

For the healthy co-existence, you must keep your fights clean and bed dirty. Lovemaking is an art which you both will master eventually. With our full guide for you to play safe and contribute less in the population of the country, you will be master of this trade too! (Thank condoms and me later!)





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