Throwback Time For Haryana Hurricane Kapil Dev On His Birthday

The hero who inspired Sachin and MSD.

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


Happy Birthday Paaji!

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj is said to be one of the all-time greatest all-rounder cricketers in the world of cricket. Paaji's mercurial rise as a cricketer culminated into India’s so many victories. He’s well known for his fast pace bowling, which was both lethal and effectual. He was one among the cricketers, who could shift the momentum of the game in minutes. In fact, he had been the childhood hero for many of us.

6th January marks the birthday of the legend, who started playing cricket when he was just 13, and is a reason big enough to have a major throwback!


India bagged the prestigious trophy at ICC World Cup 1983, with the stupendous performance of Kapil Dev. It was for the first time that India marked its victory at World Cup and that too, under Paaji’s captaincy!

This was just a trailer from our side, film is yet to be released. The other major throwbacks are:

1. Bowlers Of His Time Whom He Finds Interesting

Although, it all depends how you’re playing and how you use the ball, your confidence plays a major role in bowling. Even a street bowler could take the stumps. But Kapil thinks Sir Richard Hadlee and Wasim Akhtar are two bowlers who could do lots with the ball.

2. Love For Golf Besides Love For Cricket

After his retirement from cricket, he continued his sportsman spirit by choosing Golf as his next sport passion. He used to say that, this game didn’t involve a raucous crowd, so he can play a silent game, smiling and giggling at his own mistakes. So, don’t get surprised if you see Kapil Dev on the Golf Course anytime.

3. Most Liked Game Venues Outside India

It is a real treat for any player, to win in a foreign country. Similarly, Kapil Dev loved to play cricket in Johannesburg and Melbourne. However, Lords was his most favourite, as he picked up the 1983 Trophy for India.

4. Favourite Holiday Destination In India

No matter, you are young or old, you would always love the beautiful beaches and this makes Goa so desirable. So unconditionally, it happens to be Kapil Dev’s favourite location. Especially, in the Christmas-New Year week, with the Sun Burn Festival attracting people from all over the world.

5. Work For The Nation Through A Charitable Trust

Khushii is Kinship for Humanitarian Social & Holistic Intervention, headed by Kapil Dev. It is an organisation which works for the poor. It provides them education, helps them to get to find jobs, teaches them to work and earn a living. It is ten ties more significant than winning the world cup!

6. Ownership of Porsche Panamera Makes Him Standout

Paaji is not only famous for his extraordinary commentary, but also because he, owns the top of the line Porsche Panamera. He bought the sports car just after the launch in 2009, for everyday use.

7. Drinking Milk For Building Health Earned Him Buffaloes

By seeing his dedication and playing techniques, his family showered full support for the game. To make his child stronger, Kapil Dev's father bought two buffaloes for him and reared them up. This was to contribute in his efforts by getting him pure milk to drink, showing complete distrust to the old milkman. Amazing parenthood!

8. Most Troublesome Thing He Faces While Touring To Another Country

I guess, every one loves home and food cooked by mom. Similarly, as he has mentioned that he loves home meal, rather than eating in fancy restaurants. And this makes food the biggest trouble while traveling to other nations. Whenever he’s home, he always picks the aloo paranthas and palak paneer from the homes’ menu.

9. Books Written By Him That Makes Him An Author Too

Surprised? How a cricketer can be an author? They have such a busy and tired schedule; how can they end up writing? But he is Kapil Dev. He has authored three autobiographies - By God's Decree (1985), Cricket My Style (1987) and Straight From My Heart (2004). You must add them to your reading list!

Not just this, he’s also an owner of two restaurants - one in Chandigarh and other one in Patna. Both the restaurants are named as “Captain’s Eleven”. So, he’s an All-rounder cricketer, An Author, A Golfer, An Entrepreneur and Childhood Hero.

We need a biopic on the life of Kapil Dev as well. Indian cinema, please!


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