These Funny Intuitions Of Our Generation Becoming Parents Will Make You Go ROFL

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Jul 18, 2018|3 min read


“Jab tum maa-baap banoge na tab samjoge”.

We've all heard this saying from our parents once in our life. And it always makes me wonder what sort of parents will our generation become. Pouting mothers, casanova fathers, hookah in the center of the house and what not! Will we actually behave like parents or will exist just for namesake?

The amount of fright that lies hidden in this question demands a time travel. Feeding Trends will make you imagine yourself as a parent today. Check out if or not you have the same funny intuitions coming up.

1 - Love Story Of The Parents:

Imagine when your kids will ask you how you met each other, you will be like “I swiped right on her picture, we met, we made out and then you were born and after that we decided to get married.” Sounds so unromantic. Isn't it?

2 - Flying Heels:

Moms will get more opportunities to hit their kids, with their party wear shoes by then. Everybody (including kids) will have to wear helmets inside the house too because flying high heels will be really very dangerous. Moms will be moms in the future too.

3 - Fear of Dad :

No fear for having a girlfriend, coming home late, spending too much, or telling lies will exist. But future dads will definitely end up beating their son for not making the perfect Patiala peg or not rolling the joint properly. So many seeds in the weed bro!

4 - Oriented Market Lists:

No dal, aata, aaloo, tamatar worries! Market lists will be prepared like - 20 cans of beer, 10 bottles of whiskey, aaloo bhujia, nachos, few bottles of vodka and oh! Diet Coke. Canned foods with ready to eat stuff, will be stocked in cupboards. Future checklist sounds amazing.

5 - Who’s Sharmaji Ka Beta:

The future will definitely not save us from the Sharmas, but imagine on what grounds we will compare our sons to theirs? “ Learn something from Sharmaji ka beta. He had a breakup last week and has made new girlfriend also.” Like always, Sharmaji ka beta will then also be the most wanted creature on the planet.

No doubt, parenthood is the best feeling in the world. We all become the most mature and experienced person whenever required. All of a sudden we’ll be enlightened about all the good and bad in the world, trying to protect our kids every now and then.

Being parents we will realise our responsibility but will be little less strict than our parents are. But this doesn't mean that we will not try all the tortures that we have borne as kids.

How will you treat your kids?





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