We Live In 21st century But Believe In Superstitious 18th Century

Like, teen tikada, kaam bigada.

Ashish Verma

Ashish Verma

Jul 18, 2018|5 min read


We have received more superstitions from our ancestors than anything else. In fact, every generation that passes those superstitions from one too another adds more to it. It started with the breaking mirrors, but I see no definite end to superstitions in India.

No doubt we are a country of diverse cultures and everlasting beliefs. After all, our faiths are sprung in the form of lemon and green chilies, just to protect from evil spirits and our actions from not sweeping after the sunset because that would cause lack of wealth.

Likewise, here are 17 other superstitions, which will help you remember your ancestors.

1. Sign of bad luck when any black cat crosses your path.
2. Hanging lemon and 7 chilies which keeps away misfortune.
3. Mirror breaking law. This law states that if a mirror breaks, it brings bad omen.
4. Throwing coins in sacred rivers to get wishes granted.
5. Theory of adding 1 rupee to a sum of gifting money.
6. Peepal trees are the abode of ghosts and spirits.
7. No. 8, No. 13 are unlucky
8. It is good when crow shits on you, while you are going out for some work.
9. Don’t wash hairs on certain days.
10. Twitching of eye promotes gender inequality.
11. Continuous hiccups give a sign that someone is remembering you very earnestly.
12. If you keep your footwear upside down, it might bring a fight in your family.
13. Even moving scissors repeatably initiates conflict in the family.
14. Dog Whining is a bad luck.
15. Don’t sweep your floors after sunset; otherwise Goddess Lakshmi won’t come in.
16. Sacrificing death of goats relieves anger, fear moreover negative feelings.
17. Women in periods are prohibited to do religious or household works.

Ohh! I ended with number 17, which is a sign of bad omen or bad luck. But I know this is going to be a hit like 3 idiots.

The educated folks, who know that nothing is going to happen, still believe in them and follow them religiously. I am today trying to explain you the reasons behind the birth of these superstitions and the fact that their existence in our society was for good.

Long back, when our ancestors were living on this earth, logic was beyond human comprehension and so these superstitions were born. As science developed, the reasons came up.

For example, it is said that floor must not be swept after the sun sets because it will cause loss of wealth. The latter part was to make people afraid that the former part was to ensure that nothing gets lost in the dark because there were no lighting arrangements then!

Another example, women were not supposed to do work during periods. That was because they couldn’t be directly advised to take rest at that time. During periods the woman’s body suffers huge pain and weakness. And doing heavy work (which was prevalent then) is not allowed during periods.

And like this, all superstitions have reasons behind their birth! But the actual reason behind these superstitions is becoming esoteric. I mean only a selected group of individuals like you and me understand the reasons behind these.

How someone’s death can bring happiness?
How are ghosts residing in only on Peepal tree?
How can numbers decide the luck?

Still, there are many questions unanswered. I hope the researcher in you wakes up.


Ashish Verma

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