It Takes A Lot Of Ups And Downs To Achieve A Single Milestone

Can't keep calm- it's our first trendversary!



Jul 18, 2018|4 min read


Hola reader!

First of all, Feeding Trends wants to thank you for your enormous support and love because of which we made it through all the flip- flops and today we are celebrating our first anniversary or in FT style 'our first trendversary’.

No, no, we didn't smash tomatoes at the park next to our office. But we rejoiced, in the same manner, to squeeze the laughing juice out of time.

We all started as a small community of around 15 people, who wanted to do something like feeding the crowd. And having done so, we are a family of 1k people today. Yes, my dear reader, you are also a part of the FT family, because you made us what we are today!

And it's a milestone for us. We all complete milestones in our day to day lives which make us feel happy. We take pride in saying that we did it.

Here are a few milestones which make Indian youth feel at the top of the world. These are worthy enough reasons to celebrate your trendversary!

1 - First time you rode that bicycle of yours

Without the supporting wheels or dad holding you from behind, you rode that bicycle down the lane for the very first time. It was a huge milestone. I used to boast about it in the whole class. Did you?

2 - The first time you draped the perfect saree

That feeling of draping a perfectly pleated saree is of another level. Even your mom appreciates you with a smile on her face. But try to look into her eyes, as she says, 'daughters grow up so quickly’ and bursts outs in tears.

3 - The first time you gave a perfect presentation in office

Remember the first perfect presentation you gave, and your boss gave you that 'I just want to hug you’ look? That was a milestone! No doubt boss might have burdened you with work after that, but bro, you nailed it.

4 - The first round chapati you prepared

I've yet not achieved this one. But I'm sure your Mumma must have been very proud of you! She might have also scanned you with her doubtful 'who helped you?’ look. But only your rolling pin knows how hard you tried.

5 - The first move on after the breakup

It's not at all easy to get over the person you've loved. But if you were able to do this, then it's no less than achieving a milestone. You need a strong will power for this and its worth celebrating.

6 - The first time you quit smoking

If you managed to quit smoking, then you've achieved a milestone towards living a happier and healthier life. Thank yourself for this gesture of self-love.

7 - The first time you chose to start something of your own

Just like we did! It has been a year since Feeding Trends was conceptualised. The milestone that everybody has is very similar to what we have. We have arrived at our trendversary!

Likewise, there are so many firsts in our life that come and go. We forget to cherish them and to celebrate them.

So what if you fell down from the bicycle and hurt your knee?

So what if you couldn't drape the saree properly and you could barely walk in it?

So what if the chapati looked like a countries map? At least you tried.

One day you will cross the milestone.

That day shall mark your trendversary.

Don't forget, we all learnt how to walk after falling down a hundred time and the first proper step you took was the second milestone you achieved.

Second? Then which was the first?

The way you fought to get out of your mother's womb. That's when your journey of achieving milestones started. Don't let this journey end.

Happy first anniversary! Happy trendversary!

Share your 'first time’ milestone experiences in the comment section and inspire others to share their trendversaries!





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